Consumer group seeks testing of EMI copy protection

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A consumer group on Thursday urged record company EMI Group Plc to allow testing of its anti-piracy technology in light of the controversy that dogged Sony BMG over security flaws on its copy-protected compact discs.

Sony BMG, a joint venture of Sony Corp and Bertelsmann recalled discs containing anti-piracy software after customers sued in November, claiming the software damaged their computers by making them vulnerable to hackers and by disabling a user’s firewall and anti-virus software.

Now the Electronic Frontier Foundation would like to ensure that copy-protected CDs released by EMI, long a forerunner in the use of anti-piracy technology, do not have similar pitfalls.

“Music fans deserve to know whether EMI’s copy-protected CDs are exposing their computers to security risks,” said Fred von Lohmann, senior staff attorney with California-based EFF, which was involved in a class-action lawsuit against Sony BMG.

Sony and EMI are the chief users of copy protection for U.S.-sold CDs, Lohmann said.

Following the example of its efforts with Sony, the EFF sent a January 4 letter to EMI, home to artists like Paul McCartney and Coldplay, urging it to publicly declare it will not take legal action against computer security researchers who study its copy-protected CDs.

Source: Reuters


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