Yahoo launches content service for phones

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Yahoo Inc. is expanding its presence beyond the PC, moving onto Web-enabled cell phones and other mobile devices so users can access their customized content while untethered.

Yahoo Go Mobile, a new service set to be launched Friday at the International Consumer Electronics Show, is the latest example of the growing trend of get-your-information-anytime-anywhere.

Many of the features and services that Yahoo has been amassing in recent years, beyond the e-mail already available on many so-called smartphones, can now follow its 400 million users wherever they go.

Anyone with a Yahoo account can have their customized data they now get through the Web portal load itself into whichever device they carry. The information - from news to restaurant reviews to personal contacts and appointments - will be synchronized through whatever data network they may be using - cellular or Wi-Fi, for example.

Yahoo Go Mobile will work on any cellular network, but for now, only on Nokia’s Series 60 line of smartphones. Support for additional mobile devices is planned.

Source: AP


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