Oracle ‘Worm’ Exploit Modified

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Exploit code for a malicious worm capable of wreaking havoc through Oracle databases has been tweaked and published, prompting a new round of warnings that an actual attack is inevitable.

Two months after an anonymous researcher released the first public example of an Oracle database worm, the code has been advanced and republished on the Full Disclosure mailing list, adding additional techniques to attack databases.

“It’s still very theoretical right now, but I don’t think any DBA should be underestimating the risk,” said Alexander Kornbrust, CEO of Red-Database-Security GmbH. “If you’re running a large company with hundreds of valuable databases, a worm can be very destructive. It is very possible to use this code to release a worm. I can do this right now if I wanted to.”

Kornbrust, renowned for his research work around security in Oracle products, claims he has already created an actual exploit that uses default usernames and passwords to target Oracle databases.

Source: eWeek


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