Adobe unveils Lightroom; Aperture competitor

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Adobe on Monday will announce the public beta release of Lightroom, the company鈥檚 answer to Apple鈥檚 recently release Aperture. Adobe will release Lightroom as a public beta for the Macinstosh to get feedback from professional photographers before releasing the full version later this year, the company said.

鈥淲e see this as the efficient, new way for photographers to import, develop and showcase large volumes of images,鈥? Kevin Connor, Director Digital Imaging Product Management, told Macworld.

The Lightroom beta has an interface more similar to Aperture than any other Adobe application. In Lightroom control panels and tools fade into the background in Lights-Out mode, allowing the image to take center stage.

Photographers also can rapidly scroll through hundreds of images and Quick One-to-One Zoom allows instant magnification of the finer points within the image.

Adobe readily admits that Lightroom does offer some of the same features of Photoshop, but contends that the application also offers a completely new workflow for photographers.

Source: MacWorld


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