Court Ruled - EMule Links Are Illegal

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An Israeli court ruled that links to copyrighted files are illegal.

The Israeli movie and music associations (the Israeli RIAA and MPAA) sued the leading Israeli file sharing sites lionetworks.net and lala.co.il in a demand to remove links to emule and bittorrent files containing copyrighted movies and music.

In a ruling made Sunday by a Regional Court in Haifa, Israel the judge wrote that the file sharing sites violate copyright law by providing direct links to emule files containing copyrighted material.

The judged also said that this ruling only applies to copyrighted material owned by these organization (movies and music only) and does not apply to other material that might also be protected by IP laws, such as software, book, pornographic movies and other kind of music and movies that belong to companies that did not take part in this law suit.

The ruling said that for each link posted by these sites, the sites operators will have to pay 20,000 NIS (~$5000), and also the sites will have to pay for illegal links posted by users unless they remove the links in question in a timely manner.

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