iPod-ready jeans

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Call it the 21st Century watch pocket.

Denim giant Levi Strauss said on Tuesday it had designed jeans compatible with the iPod music player, featuring a joystick in the watch pocket to operate the device.

The Levi’s RedWire DLX Jeans for men and women, which will be available this fall, also have a built-in docking cradle for the iPod and retractable headphones. Pricing was not immediately available.

Levi’s is not the first company to feature iPod-friendly apparel, although it may be the first to make iPod-compatible jeans.

Source: Reuters

Time Warner gets $300 mln Google promotion credits

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Time Warner Inc. has received about $300 million in promotion credits from Google Inc. as part of its previously announced deal, a top executive said on Tuesday.

“Google has given us promotional dollar credits to drive traffic to the tune of about $300 million,” Jeffrey Bewkes, Time Warner chief operating officer, told investors on Tuesday at an investors conference.

AOL can use the credits to bid for advertising search terms on Google.

Source: Reuters

Thousands Of Military User Accounts Unauthorized Or Abandoned

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Up to 20 percent of the computer accounts used by the U.S. military are unauthorized or abandoned, providing a major opportunity to hackers and foreign governments who want to spy on the United States, according to a senior military official.

An ongoing audit of user accounts in the armed services has uncovered an epidemic of expired and unauthorized accounts, including 3,000 in DISA (Defense Information Security Administration), 1,500 in the U.S. Army’s Korean operation, and thousands more spread throughout the military services.

The weak account management, in addition to slow patch distribution, could be exploited by hackers to gain access to military systems, and has prompted a wholesale review of the military’s IT infrastructure, according to Lt. Gen. Charles Croom Jr.

The account audit was prompted by a general “stand down” by the U.S. Department of Defense’s military’s information assurance groups in November 2005, said Croom, who is Commander of the Joint Task Force – Global Network Operations within the DOD.

Croom was addressing an audience of military and civilian cyber crime experts at the annual DOD Cyber Crime Conference in Palm Harbor, Fla.

Source: eWeek

Digg This - Wordpress Plugin

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From time to time this site is getting hits from Digg.com, so I’ve decided to write a small Digg this plugin.

Digg this wordpress plugin is a plugin that detects incoming links from Digg.com to your wordpress post and automaticaly display a link back to the digg post, for people to digg your story.

You may download this plugin for free.

Submit to digg browser button
I know this is not related to wordpress, but I couldn’t find a better place to put it do here goes.
I got several requests for creating a Submit to digg button. So for all of you diggers, just drug the Submit To digg link to your bookmarks toolbar: Submit To Digg
Now every time you want to submit a page to digg, just click this link (on your bookmarks toolbar), and it will automatically post the page URL and the title to digg.

Microsoft Commits to New Versions of Office for Mac

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Microsoft Corp.’s Macintosh Business Unit (Mac BU) today announced at Macworld Conference & Expo 2006 a formal five-year agreement that reinforces Microsoft’s plans to develop Microsoft Office for Mac software for both PowerPC- and Intel-based Macs. The Mac BU outlined several upcoming improvements to Entourage 2004 for Mac and said it plans to build converters to read the new Microsoft Office Open XML Formats. The commitment agreement and product announcements emphasize the cooperation between the two companies and serve as significant indicators of Microsoft’s ongoing commitment to the Mac platform.

Microsoft Releases Two Critical Updates

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Microsoft has released two security bulletins. The first Bulletin (MS06-002) is rated critical and fixes a Windows vulnerability in embedded web fonts that could allow remote code execution.

The second is an office security flaw (MS06-003), which fixes a vulnerability in TNEF decoding in Microsoft Outlook and Microsoft Exchange that could allow remote code execution. This vulnerability also rated as critical.

At this time Microsoft did not released a fix for the second, newly discovered WMF bug

You can get the updates via Windows update or download directly from the above bulletins.

Apple introduces first Intel-based computers

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Apple Computer Inc. said on Tuesday that it had introduced new computers based on Intel chips, the first to result from its move to switch from IBM PowerPC chips it had used for years.

Apple Co-Founder and Chief Executive Steve Jobs told the annual Macworld trade show here that the company’s new line of iMac computers would come in the same shape and sizes as the existing G5 line of iMacs, with starting prices at $1,299.

“The new iMac is two to three times faster than the iMac G5,” Jobs said in a speech introducing a range of new products.

The new Apple iMacs are based on Intel Core Duo microchips and are set to begin shipping on Tuesday, the company said.

Source: Reuters

Apple Announces the iPod Radio Remote

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Apple today announced the iPod Radio Remote which combines the convenience of a wired remote control with new FM radio capabilities for the iPod nano and fifth generation iPod. The iPod Radio Remote is a convenient way for music lovers to skip tracks and adjust the volume of their iPod even when it’s in a pocket or backpack, and listen to FM radio stations while displaying station and song information on their iPod screen.

“The iPod Radio Remote combines two great features in one elegant product,” said Greg Joswiak, Apple’s vice president of Worldwide iPod Product Marketing. “The iPod Radio Remote is both the best remote control and the best FM radio listening
experience for iPod.”

In addition to the iPod Radio Remote and the over 2,000 accessories designed for iPod are the iPod AV Connection Kit and the new iPod nano In-Ear Lanyard Headphones. The iPod AV Connection Kit includes everything needed to connect the iPod to a TV for watching photo slideshows and video, or a stereo system for listening to music, and charges the iPod. The new iPod nano In-Ear Lanyard Headphones combine the best of the iPod nano Lanyard Headphones and the Apple In-Ear Headphones, providing convenience and style with comfort and sound quality.

Indian states monitoring cybercafe users

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The southern Indian state of Kerala will join two other states in requiring cybercafes to record the names and addresses of their customers in an effort to combat online fraud, virus attacks and terrorism, an official said Tuesday.

The new rules would require cybercafes to verify the identities of Internet surfers and record their home addresses and visiting times, said M. Vijayanunni, the top administrator of Kerala’s government.

“Our police are trying to learn from the experience of our neighboring states and monitor cybercafes better,” he told The Associated Press in a telephone interview.

Two Indian states - Karnataka and Gujarat - have imposed similar rules, hoping such records would help trace threatening e-mails or unauthorized credit-card transactions. Two other states, Tamil Nadu and Maharashtra, do some monitoring of cybercafes without having specific laws.

Several other Asian countries and cities, most prominently China, require registration at cybercafes. Italy is the only European Union country to require Internet cafes to record ID information, but nonmember Switzerland does require that customers show ID.

Source: AP

Winners of Last Gadget Standing Announced

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At CES in Las Vegas new products flow fast and furious, but which products are really destined to stand the test of time and become long time players in the industry? That’s the question that The Last Gadget Standing, an event held at CES each year, sets out to answer.

This year, in a fast paced, fun filled show, sponsored by PC Magazine’s Michael J. Miller and Robin Raskin, the online audience voted for the Pioneer Inno, a tiny handheld device which merges XM Radio with content you can save and buy; while live from the Sands Convention Center, the vote went to the Celestron SkyScout, which uses GPS technology to help identify any visible object in the sky.

Source: PC Maggazine

IBM, USPTO Trying To Improve Software Patents?

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Recognizing some of the criticism facing the patent system, it looks like the US’s largest patenter for thirteen years running, IBM, and the USPTO are trying to work together on a system that improves software patents, without having to reform the entire patent system through laws. The NY Times has more details — but it’s tough to tell from these two articles how helpful this will really be.

Source: Techdirt

AOL acquires video search company

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America Online Inc. has acquired the video search company Truveo Inc. as it seeks to make online video offerings easier to find.

The acquisition announced Tuesday underscores the importance of video in drawing visitors to AOL’s ad-supported sites, an important component in AOL’s year-old strategy of emphasizing free content over its declining access subscription business.

Source: AP

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