PlayStation 3 price - $500?

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While there was little doubt the Xbox 360 was going to be a hit in the just completed holiday season, no one was real sure how consumers would react to the $399 price tag.

Despite the $100 bump over the launch price of the original Xbox, few seemed to mind. Now, with Sony’s PlayStation 3 looming, it appears another price threshold may be crossed before the year is out.

Sony hasn’t commented on specific pricing figures, though Ken Kutaragi, president of Sony Consumer Entertainment, reportedly told attendees of a 2005 corporate meeting “it’ll be expensive.” Analysts and many video game developers, though, suspect the system may debut with a price tag reaching nearly $500.

“[Sony] could now consider launching its PlayStation 3 at a price range of $399 to $499, with the $499 price point more likely,” said American Technology Research’s P.J. McNealy in a note to clients Monday.

Sony, as you might guess, didn’t have much to say about McNealy’s theory.

“We haven’t made an official announcement about pricing yet,” said Ryan Bowling, PR manager for Sony. “At this point, that’s all speculation.”

Source: CNN


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