Apple Responds to iTunes Spying Allegations

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According to Macworld and BoingBoing: ‘An Apple spokesman (reliable word has it that it was Steve Jobs himself) told MacWorld that Apple discards the personal information that the iTunes Ministore transmits to Apple while you use iTunes. […] Apple tells us that the information is not actually being collected. The data sent is used to update the MiniStore and then discarded.’ Apple also has a knowledge base articlehttp://apple.slashdot.org/article.pl?sid=06/01/12/1513223&from=rss, which apparently was available the day iTunes 6.0.2 was introduced, explaining the MiniStore behavior and how to disable it: ‘iTunes sends data about the song selected in your library to the iTunes Music Store to provide relevant recommendations. When the MiniStore is hidden, this data is not sent to the iTunes Music Store.

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Source: Slashdot


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