Google adds two “Mini” business search appliances

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Consumer Internet search leader Google Inc. on Thursday said it is introducing two new, higher-capacity systems designed to meet the growing demand to search for documents inside businesses.

The Mountain View, California-based company said it is now offering three Google “Mini” search appliances, used by small to mid-sized companies, including systems that can find up to 200,000 internal documents that sells for $5,995, and a 300,000 document search appliance selling for $8,995.

Search appliances are a combination of hardware and software that can cull through a wide variety of documents by office workers inside an organization, or used externally to allow customers to search through documents on a company’s Web site.

The two new devices work like the existing Google Mini search appliance introduced a year ago, which has the capacity to search 100,000 documents and sells for $2,995.

Source: Reuters


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