Symantec Provides Hiding Place For Rootkit

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Symantec has released an update to its popular Norton SystemWorks to fix a security problem that could be abused by cybercriminals to hide malicious software.

In the PC-tuning application, a feature called the Norton Protected Recycle Bin creates a hidden directory on Windows systems. The feature is meant to help people restore modified or deleted files, but the hidden folder might not be scanned during scheduled or manual virus scans, Symantec said in an advisory released Tuesday.

“This could potentially provide a location for an attacker to hide a malicious file on a computer,” Symantec said. The Cupertino, Calif., security provider is not aware of any attempts by hackers to conceal malicious code in the folder. “This update is provided proactively to eliminate the possibility of that type of activity,” it said.

Source: News.com


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