Verizon Prevents Treo Use As 3G Modem

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So you just bought a Windows Mobile Treo with EV-DO service and you want to use it as a modem for your laptop? Forget it. Verizon Wireless says you must buy a second 3G subscription and they have the technology to back it up.

Specifically, while the device, which has well-reviewed, comes with Bluetooth, Verizon has disabled the Bluetooth dial-up networking capability that would enable the Treo 700w to act as a modem for laptops. That means subscribers who buy the Treo 700w and a $50 monthly subscription for EV-DO service on that device must purchase a second subscription for $60 monthly, plus an EV-DO card to access the Web using a laptop.

According to Verizon, the Treo doesn’t currently meet requirements they specify for their network. Russ Brankley, director of data network services for the cellular operator, said that the company hopes to enable modem functionality for the Treo in the third quarter of 2006 and expects, but would not commit, to the fix being backward compatible with existing units.

“We have a history of taking care of our customers,” Brankley said.

Brankley also added that, while the capability might be enabled in the future, users will still have to pay more for the capability, although it likely will be less than the $60 monthly fee for EV-DO service. He said the specific fee will depend on the service plan the user selects.

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  1. Budda Magoo Says:

    This is because Verizon Wireless mostly consists of a bunch of greedy, grubby corporate assholes who’d steal pennies out of a dead man’s eyes. But I’m sure most people who’ve used their services have already figured that out, independently.

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