F-22A Raptor Aircraft Ready For Combat

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General Ronald E. Keys, Commander of Air Combat Command, has announced that the F-22A Raptor, the world’s only 5th generation fighter aircraft, surpassed a monumental milestone today when the United States Air Force declared that the Raptor has reached initial operational capability. The General made the historic announcement at Langley Air Force Base, VA.

The Air Force is now capable of deploying and supporting 12 F-22A Raptor aircraft anywhere in the world to execute air-to-air and air-to-ground missions. The Raptor is also qualified to perform homeland defense missions when required.

The F-22 Raptor’s unique combination of stealth, speed, agility, situational awareness, air-to-ground and air-to-air combat capabilities make it unlike any other military aircraft in the world, increasing a pilot’s ability to engage targets with unmatched awareness. Rated “Overwhelmingly Effective” by the USAF during Initial Operational Test and Evaluation, the Raptor is three times more effective than the F-15.

F22 Raptor

The F-22 Raptor is built by Lockheed Martin in partnership with Boeing and Pratt & Whitney. F-22 production takes place at Lockheed Martin Aeronautics facilities in Palmdale, CA.; Meridian, MS.; Marietta, GA.; and Fort Worth, TX, as well as at Boeing’s plant in Seattle, WA

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54 Responses to “F-22A Raptor Aircraft Ready For Combat”

  1. Francis Says:

    This is really interesting.

    I find the qualification of the aircraft funny. It reminds me of the color coded danger levels.

    How does one go about determining that a plane is ‘three times more effective than the F-15′? Also, what causes a plane to merit the 鈥淥verwhelmingly Effective鈥? USAF rating? Sounds like someone wanted to give it good press…

    Then again, it must be a really impressive craft!

  2. Carl Stronzo Says:

    Big whoop! I’ve got one of these in my bakyard.

  3. bearskin Says:

    it has been tested in simulated combat conditions against other modern aircraft. If I remember right it has a 3-0 kill ratio against the F-16

  4. Grim Chaos Says:

    I saw an entire special on the History Channel about this plane. It is quite impressive. In multiple dog fights with the F-16 and other models of planes this thing came out on top everytime. In an ultimate test it went against 3 other planes by itself and came out on top with out even getting a lock on by the other planes. Also, this thing appears the size of a small bird on radar. Truly, incredible and well worth the hundreds of millions they cost. imo.

  5. dbarbour Says:

    There is a simulated mission the Air Force runs at their targeting range in Nevada called “The Gauntlet.” The F-22 was the first aircraft to make it through “unscathed.”

  6. DrPhil Says:

    Um, the Raptor could have a 20-0 kill ratio against ten F-16’s for all I care. There isn’t an adversarial nation on the planet with a modern air force capable of engaging this or any other plane in the USAF. Truth be told, it’s a neat-o plane with very, very few real world applications. Unless it’s an air-to-ground bombing run against a truck full of suspected terrorists. Oh wait, we’re using UAV’s for that now. Sure is cool though.

  7. College Cheapskate Says:

    I came here from Digg and know absolutely nothing about fighter jets. Anyone have a link for more information on this thing?

  8. underd0g Says:

    Guess it uses some nice technology, but I would like to see these millions spend somewhere else, like cancer research or poor people

  9. eVo Says:

    The raptor is a great weapon. Against our own current aresenal, yeah.
    Like Dr Phil said “There isn鈥檛 an adversarial nation on the planet with a modern air force capable of engaging this or any other plane in the USAF.”

    there ya go college boy! read all about it!



  10. Steve Ng Says:

    For the future dudes. You never know how fast China gonna come up, and air superiority is the one area where superior technology is the most important factor.

    But then, that is probably the thinking of hawks. It is a tonne more useful to spend the moolah on saving the world.

  11. mark Says:

    great too see that the good ol’ US is spending hundreds of millions of dollars to build a better FIGHTER JET while millions starve..

  12. Thomas Stansell Says:

    Yeah, this airplane is a totally waste of money. We should just all hold hands and sing Kum Ba yah and then the terrorist and Chinese will see that we are all the same and mean them no harm. Then we will have no enemies because we all love each other so much. Peace in our time!! Peace in our time!!

    Any time a nation stands still, is nothing more than a sitting duck

    Peace through superior firepower. Gentlemen, that is the only way for peace at all.

  13. somefoo Says:

    What is a “homeland defense mission?” Stealthly bombing people that dont pay taxes or look too Arab?

  14. Jim Says:

    The war machine rattles on. God save us all

  15. Sam Says:

    Guys, please do a little research before you talk about things you don’t know or understand. There are several other planes in the world today that are equal or superior to the F-16. The only thing that makes us better is the superior training and flight time that our pilots get. The F-16 is a 70’s design that needed to be updated. Peace through strength is the only way at this point in time.

  16. FearTec Says:

    I give G’Dubya 6 months before he attacks another country with these babies, they need to test it right..

    Australia and great britton signed on to help develop these ($20 each) and in return can buy them at discount rates (cost + 200%), i bet we get the dumb’ed down ones (low res radar, limited computer etc) like the F16 planes sold to the saudi’s in the 80’s.

  17. Anonymous Says:

    Idol hands are the devil’s workshop. Yes, we should surely be spending more money on helping to feed the poor, heal the sick and clothe the naked (or ragged at least). We should be spending more money rehabilitating those who’s drug and alcohol issues keep them from being productive members of society. We should be spending more money helping to heal those who’s mental disabilities prevent them from holding a job or even being safe in society.

    We should also assume that every other country has better military capabilities (intelligence, weapons, armor, ships, aircraft, vehices, radar, etc) than we do.

    We should also assume that every country is taking care of it’s people better than we are and we should always be striving to do better. Apparently that’s something our government has chosen to ignore at the moment so we can spend all our money on fixing our mess over in Iraq.

  18. CZSanDiego Says:

    Idol hands are the devil’s workshop. Yes, we should surely be spending more money on helping to feed the poor, heal the sick and clothe the naked (or ragged at least). We should be spending more money rehabilitating those who’s drug and alcohol issues keep them from being productive members of society. We should be spending more money helping to heal those who’s mental disabilities prevent them from holding a job or even being safe in society.

    We should also assume that every other country has better military capabilities (intelligence, weapons, armor, ships, aircraft, vehices, radar, etc) than we do.

    We should also assume that every country is taking care of it’s people better than we are and we should always be striving to do better. Apparently that’s something our government has chosen to ignore at the moment so we can spend all our money on fixing our mess over in Iraq.

  19. Anonymous Says:

    >>>Australia and great britton signed on to help develop these ($20 each) and in return can buy them at discount rates (cost + 200%), i bet we get the dumb鈥檈d down ones (low res radar, limited computer etc) like the F16 planes sold to the saudi鈥檚 in the 80鈥檚.>>There are several other planes in the world today that are equal or superior to the F-16.

  20. raptorGT Says:

    My newly acquired uncle, Donald Rumsfeld, said I could take it for a trip. :-) What’s this button do? *WHOOSH!* *KABOOM!* ooooh! {giggles and claps} :-D

  21. Bob Says:

    For a start The F-22 is NOT the world’s only 5th generation fighter. For anyone in America who’s actually seen an atlus take a look at Sweden, they brought their 5th generation fighter into service about four years ago. And there’s this place called U-Rope over the atlantic somewhere that has this thing called Eurofighter which came into service a while back too. Even the Indian airforce got a 5th generation fighter before the USAF. It’s a modded version of the latest Sukhoi Su-30 with Israeli electronics and Russian engines with full 3D nozzle geometry as opposed to the F-22’s vertical only engine nozzle geometry, making it currently the most manouverable fighter in the world, including the F22.

    The F-22’s advantage over all these other 5th gen planes is its’ stealth capabilities. But the problem with the F-22 is that it is so expensive no commander would risk putting one in harms way for fear of losing it.

  22. David Baehler Says:

    I’m getting tired of people complaining about the USA spending millions of dollars developing aircraft when there are millions of people starving around the world.

    Our constitution demands that our government “protect our borders.” It doesn’t say squat about giving handouts to other nations who suck at managing their econimics.

  23. Dan Says:

    Bah, it won’t stand a chance against a robot, the lump of meat up the front can’t pull the high G’s needed.

  24. Werner Sauermann Says:

    David, I agree… I live in South Africa and see and hear all about Africa eveyday. If they need money they need to work for it like the rest of us.

    If your government has money to spend on the best toys money can buy let them. I just pray South Africa doesn’t piss anyone off cause we will see our arses in combat today.

  25. mr t Says:

    isn麓t the eurofighter and jas gripen 5 th generation fighters too?
    the gripen has been operational for years now.

  26. Bob Says:

    INteresting point David, the problem is that it’s your government and corporations that are keeping a lot of these countries poor in the first place. Why is it so hard for americans to understand that the only reason you pay $20 for Nike’s is that someone else is getting paid 5 cents a day to make them? If it wasn’t for this exploitation goods in the US would cost 4 times as much and most americans would be much much poorer as a result. David your wealth is based on the poverty of others, and your selfish ignorance is what makes ppl like Bin Laden want to blow you all up.

    IT’S CHEAPER TO BE NICE TO PEOPLE NOW and make them like you, than be mean to them and GO TO WAR WITH THEM LATER! Look at how much you’ve spent in Iraq, imagine if the US had spent that much over the last 15 years helping the region, Sept 11 would NEVER HAVE HAPPENED.

    But the US is still trapped in its’ wild west mentality thanks to attitudes like yours David. Sorry that you’re ‘tired’ of being a decent human being.

  27. Anon. Says:

    http://www.loop-net.co.jp/lingo/demos/flight/shockwings.html - definitely worth the load if you’re insterested in controlling one of these puppies, and has both f-22a and f-15. Definitely something you should check out

  28. Derrick Says:

    thank you bob for pointing that out i agree totally with your post on this topic. if i had the choice to spend americas money on what i wanted i would have started by helpin other countries and making alies. the only reason it states in the constitution the government protects our borders is because of what we have been doing and how we came about as a country. dont get me wrong if it ever came to defending american i would. but this ‘war on terror’ is bull crap. and you are all entitled to your opinions. thats what america is i have my freedom to believe what i want and how i want to as long as it doesn’t conflict with someone elses rights. and bob is right about our prices being low. it is because we are pretty much slaving other countries. now…i want all you people…to picture yourself in the position of a third world country. try to imagine yourself in iraqs postion or afghanistan. or any other third world country for that matter…and big bad american comes in with all there fancy shinny things…and starts bombinb you…and what not. how would you feel.

    i know i probably wont change any of your minds because you all love your president mr. bush and all. but at least i can try.

    had we spent our money that we had been using to fuel our war on other efforts. it would have improved peoples lives alot more. and for you selfish boys and girls…if you didn’t want to help other countries, then think of what we have over here…we could have been using the money from the devistation of katrina. or helping homeless using it to find cures for diseases. to try and stop drunk driving to make more fuel efficient cars.

    now im not saying that the world will ever be in peace there will always be conflicting ideas shown even in this little area of comments. but we can at least offer help and stop being so damn selfish. you know its not that hard to be a nice person. and for the religious ones in here…think of it as absolving of sins of sorts. instead of sitting on your ass and watching people suffer you can help out..even if it is in a small way. so bob i thank you very much for posting what you did. maybe it can get through to some people and make then realize that..peace isnt going to come through power.

    that seems to be a popular line on this site. and i wonder why that may be true…its because of people like you who believe that is the only way. i know conflict can be resolved without having to use force.

    I too am sorry that you are ‘tired’ of being a decent human being.

  29. Old Paintballer Says:

    Hmm, another digg.com reader here. It is apparent that nobody whining about this bird remembers history. Those ill prepared for war will never know peace except as the conquered subject of a tyrant.

    Technology trickles down, either directly or indirectly, to make our lives better. I’m sure someone is complaining about the spy satellites that provide weather data to predict storms and the secret communications network that became the internet.

    As an American (no hyphenated crap) I’m glad we have smart people, goals and a future to protect, unlike many Euro countries that are dying off, unable to sustain a population by producing less than the necessary 2.1 children per couple.

  30. troutpuant Says:

    great! A new toy

    Who the bushies are going to bomb next? France? Canada?

  31. Awareness Says:

    Perhaps the external strife we are experiencing in the world is a reflection of the internal pain and despair that we are experiencing.

    Being the richest country in the world certainly has not made us the happiest country in the world. We spend by far the most money on objects of war. Why is it that no one feels safe? How much money should we spend to feel safe?

    It’s like eating a pint of ice cream every time we experience sadness. When do we realize that nothing outside of ourselves can “make” us feel better, safer, happier, etc.

    Americans spend the most money, use the most drugs, drink the most alcohol. Why? What are we trying to cover up?

    We lash out at our own reflections in order to avoid a growing spirtual crisis that is outpictured as war, environmental destruction, poverty, sicknesss.

    Perhaps September 11th was an opportunity, a signal to be still. To let go of the constant chatter, the incessant doing, to sit still and be silent.

    To listen.

    To remember the divine.

    After every “disaster” we take a collective pause and remember.

    After the Tsunami, we remembered that we are part of One human family. Then we forgot.

    After Katrina, we remembered that we are part of One Life.

    Then we forgot.

    The signal may become louder and louder unitl we wake up. Until we embrace a new evolutional paradigm that is not based on crisis.

    The F-22A Raptor is ready for combat. So.

    What are we all so scared of…

    PEACE is already here. Let’s wake up to it.

  32. Thinkaboutit Says:

    For those who say we have no enemy for this or it should be spend on healthcare, realize that it is only this staying ahead of everyone else that allows us to have more peace for fear of our retaleation. It helps us maintain our freedom. Without the military we would be doomed.

  33. enforcerpsu Says:

    Looks like an incredible aircraft anw worth every penny. I think when all is said and done we will have a squadran of 200. It was supposed to be around 500-600 but there were budget concerns.

    To all the peace ninnies: too bad, you lose. Its a harsh reality to swallow but playing patty-cake with other countries does not protect your borders. Do you really think the rest of the world will ever accept the US? No. And if we have to use these planes to blwo up a few extremists, then so be it.

  34. Roy Says:

    To be followed very shortly by the F-35 =)

  35. MuchAdo Says:

    It amazes me how so many are willing to spout off about how we should spend this and every other speck of money of the poor old rest of the world who have it so bad. To them we need to spend all we can to make everyone else be happy and smile and exclaim “We like you!” All of our resources should be allocated to the poor, the destitute, the lowly dregs whom only we can help from their deperate situations. And don’t forget, we caused all in the first place.

    May I remind all those who so quickly forget… we cannot provide anyone with anything, we cannot go about saving the world, we cannot improve one single international life unless we have the capability to continue to exist as a powerful national entity. If we did as some would prefer and remain less-than-the-best with respect to our military capacity, then so begins our slide into obscurity.

    If you believe that the US is the root cause of all evil in the world then you are already too far gone to save. Oppressive and deplorable conditions in x’rd world countries are geometrically more a result of local conditions of resources and failed and corrupt governmental models than my consumption habits.

    People underestimate the value of stability in a nation such as ours. Stability is the primary guarantor that we can afford to even consider offering interanational aid. It’s the foundation that all other endeavors are built upon. That’s why our defense is mandated in the Constituion. But, I fear, those not faced with instability may not be able to grasp what that means. Our success may be our own worst enemy.

    It’s complacency at work, and there are those in far away places like China that are not ignoring the dynamic. Ever hear of Aegis?

  36. SnoopDougEDoug Says:

    What are we waiting for? Let’s bomb ‘em all!

    What’s that old saying, if the only tool you have is a hammer, every problem looks like a nail? Or something like that. The military-industrial apologists just love claiming we need this fighter to keep up with what? Sweden? Russia?

    If spending more than the next 6 countries combined doesn’t make us safe, maybe we should look at our strategy. Making friends costs a hell of a lot less than making enemies. The USA used to stand for democracy, freedom, and opportunity. The clowns in Washinton now think it means $$$ for them and f*ck the rest of the world.

    The amazing part of the whole scheme is how the rich white guys in power have convinced the poor white trash that they have more in common with the wealthy Bush clan than the non-white poor.

    It makes no sense to create these hideously expensive weapons systems and fork out billions to the top 2%. Anyone who bitched about Clinton lying about Monica should be incensed about GW getting us into a war against a country who had nothing to do with 9/11. But I suspect the apologist sheep will bleat out their litany of excuses.

  37. somefoo Says:

    I think America needs to stop taking money from my pocket to pay for this stuff. I don’t give a rats ass about poor people, they need to get jobs. My money is mine, and I don’t like it wasted on things like this. What can this fancy toy do that our other aircraft can’t do? It seems like a jackofalltradesmasterofnone. With our highly trained pilots and decked out F16,F15,F18,F14,F117, where is there a threat in the world that can can stand against that? Plus, don’t we shoot down threats from 30 miles away nowdays anyway?

    Its a neat, but expensive toy. We are not in a position to be spending money on expensive toys right now. I would prefere not to be taxed to death.

  38. Ryan Says:

    Hope it doesn’t scratch as easy as my new Apple ipod

  39. HELLO... Says:

    Now stop bitching about poor ppl not working. In some under-developed or developING countries, there isn’t much job opportunities. And even if they do get a job, they WORK and DO a hell LOT more than AMERICANS for a LOT, LOT LESS. THINK. It’s not as simple as “ooh, poor people. I dont give a shit bout them. They need to get their asses up and start working/get a job.”

  40. somefoo Says:

    F the poor people. If theres so many of them maybe they should band together and replace their governments and oppressors. So they are poor and weak, and I still don’t care about them and I still don’t like wasting money on overpriced military hardware.

  41. corkhead Says:

    blow all the peace loving hippies up ! they hurt my ears and eyes

  42. somefoo Says:

    I’m not a piece loving hippie. In fact I hate hippies, more than poor people even. But I do live in reality, and my reality is me with an empty wallet and the government has shiny new useless expensive toys. How can I afford cartridges for my own gun collection if the government takes my money for theirs?

  43. Refik Says:

    It looks awesome but I hope it will be only used in self defence.

  44. OB1 Says:

    Nice/ If we worked as hard solving real problems as we do building weapons we would have something. By spending as much as the next 15 economies combined on ‘defence’ we are merely extending the empires for the real rich. We need more developement of humanity rather than misery.

  45. Anonymous Says:

    as much as i love airplanes (and even this one, it’s the ferrari of aircraft you must admit) the general attitude for or against is way off subject. i choose to view things as simply as possible, so maybe I can help.
    There is only one thing truly important in life and that is that you have it. If you don’t have life, then you are DEAD. Sure, in some countries the glass may seem half empty and in others the glass is definitely mostly full. Regardless of what your glass has in it, be glad it’s not lying in smitherines on the floor.
    You are here. Breathe once and think about how it feels in your lungs. Do not take it for granted.
    As cool looking as I think this aircraft is and how I think it’s incredibly neat that it is electronically invisible, what is its purpose? It is not a tool to provide security by superiority. This machine is used to take lives, erase people from the face of the earth.
    If there was a man with a gun in your living room pointing it at your children and wife, would you stop to admire his beretta?
    More important than who spent what on what is the cold hard fact that this machine will be used to kill people. Truth be told some of the people it kills have killed others and may deserve to die, but I was not there to see their acts, so I’ll not have their blood on my hands.
    So, do me a favor and scroll back up top to take a look at this beautiful aircraft. This time imagine all the dead bodies that will result from the use of this aircraft.
    In death we are all even.

  46. Anonymous Says:

    Whats with all the god damn tree hugging hippies on here.

  47. EAGLE48 Says:

    The F-22A RAPTOR is not responsable for the politicions or our forign policy decisions. It`s the best instrument to inforce those policies. (IF YOU DON`T LIKE THOSE POLICIES THEN ” VOTE .”)

  48. EAGLE48 Says:

    Ho! And I`m only 13 years old!

  49. F22ADCC Says:

    This aircraft is far superior than anything I have ever worked on but i’ll always be a F-15C/D/E maintainer!

  50. JLR Says:

    There seems to be a couple of points that people keep missing or avoiding in this wayward debate. (WARNING: this is a long post)

    First, it seems some people state that “all” our money is going towards this one airframe…interesting. While we do have a significantly large amount of financing applied towards the F-22, it is only a scratch in the defense budget.

    Also, reading some of these comments, you’d think all of our money is only spent on defense. Admittedly, we do have a chunck of our budget applied towards defense. However, many of you say we should spend our money helping out these third world countries and on the poor. Apparently, you all like to spout off your rants without justifing your comments. Have any of you looked at our national budget? For our foreign friends that have posted, who do you think is the leader with the third world countries for financing humanitarian support? France, nope…Germany, not even close…maybe Russia, seriously? I’m sorry to disappoint you all but, no country sends more financial support and resources for other countries (and I’m not talking about Iraq) for HUMANITARIAN efforts than the United States. No one even comes close.

    But not everyone loves us…huh. Kind of defeats the point some of you were making in regards to we should spend more money so people will be our friends. The fact is, no matter how hard we try, sometimes people will still not like you. Some of it can be due to jealousy (as mentioned, we are the richest country on the planet) some can be from missinformation provide by select sources to a mass audience…ie the middle east. What ever the case my be, not everyone is going to like us and we have to be prepared for it.

    So, before you make a rant, all I ask is to be factual.

    This leads me into my next point. Because not everyone loves us, nor ever will, no matter how hard we try, we need to be prepared. The F-22 is one bullet in our arsenal to defend ourselves. Is it going to help us in the war against terror? No, however, that is not the only war we have to worry about. Some have already mentioned countries such as China, we also have North Korea who continue to rattle their sabre. (Before any of you even think about flaming on NK and that it’s the U.S. that’s causing the discontent, realize that a panel of Russian, Chinese, Japanese and American delegates have been trying to work with them with issues about their nuclear testing and the North Koreans essentially gave them all the “bird”.) Both of these countries have been building up their own arsenals. In these arsenals, they’ve been acquiring aircraft that rival our F-15s and F-16s. These 30 year old aircraft are no longer the supreme aircraft we like to think they are.

    F-22 allows a much higher ability of survivability in combat. If the aircraft survives, it means we don’t have to buy a new one. In turn, what price do you put on the lives of the pilots who will be flying these aircraft? I bet if you ask the moms/dads and wives/husbands of our pilots who will fly this aircraft, they will say that $380 million is a bargain.

    Also, look at the big picture with these aircraft. A handful of F-22s can perform the function of an entire squadron of F-16s/ F-15s (usually, 16 to 24 aircraft). Basically, we will be able to do more with less.

    Here comes the big picture…how much do you think it takes to sustain that entire squadron of F-16s? I’m not just talking about parts (I’m sure the parts for the handful of F-22s will cost as much as a squadron of F-16s). I’m referring to the 300+ maintainance troops it would take to work on the entire squadron of jets. On top of that, what about the support troops (finance, security forces, personnelists, etc.) to support those pilots and maintianeers? I heard that it takes approximately 200 people (pilots, maintaineers, finance, personnelists…etc.) to support one Air Force aircraft. Now times that number by 16, for the number of F-16s in a Squadron. It equals 3,200 troops. Take 200 times, lets say 5 (the number of F-22s to do the same job). It equals only a 1,000 troops. Not only have you reduced the number of pilots in combat (and there lives), you’ve also reduced by 2,200 troops the number needed to support those aircraft. How much in just personnel costs would the F-22 save in just one year? Remember that’s just for one Squadron. Multiply that with the entire fleet of F-22s. Then figure that “savings” over a 30 year time span.

    (If I lost some of you with the math, sorry, I don’t know an easier way to brake all of the above information down.)

    You see, while the up front cost can be hard to swallow, the big picture is that we are getting an ultimate fighter (which hopefully will help deter our enemies from doing anything foolish). One that in the long run will actually cost less, over all, for us to sustain. Basically, it’s a pay me now or pay me later concept. Normally when you pay later, you pay a lot more. The Air Force isn’t willing to risk that, in more ways than one.

    To the gentlemen that apparently has an issue with our taxes. Please, understand one thing, 50% of all of our nations taxes are paid by the top 1% incomes. In turn, 75% of all of our nations taxes are paid by the top 10% incomes. You see, the other 90% of us tax payers only contribute 25% of the nations taxes. The “It’s no fair” attitude about the subosed tax cuts for the rich isn’t cutting it with me.

    Also, apparently you’ve been listening to a lot of propeganda. The quote, “tax break for the rich” isn’t quite that. Did you know that the Bush tax cut gave the “rich” only a 1% tax cut on their income? However, we, the middle class, recieved (I believe) 3-4% cut on our taxes. And the lower class was in the double digits in their tax cut. While that 1% tax cut for the rich does compute to quite a large amount, rember, they pay 75% of our nations taxes. My suggestion to you is “quite your crying”. I’m sure our foreign friends on this board are paying a higher rate of income tax than any of us and their gov’ts still can’t afford the F-22.

    Finally, to the anonymous person who posted on 12 Feb…WHAT????

  51. Steve Weir Says:

    I cannot understand why the Australian government is planning to waste 15 billion on the F35. For a big place like Oz, the F111 should be upgraded with contemporary avionics and the 119 engines which power the F22 (see ausairpower.net for details), and we should buy a bunch of F22’s. Having heard that the F35 we are to get is a “detuned” version with lesser stealth capability I would immediately can the purchase. If the US can’t trust Australia who can it trust; in any case the F22 is a better plane and much more suitable for the long range mission requirement of Australia. Re the cost - we have plenty of money, and the other countries like Indonesia, China and India have Su 30’s. We need the F22 to scare any potential advesaries off. The F35 doesn’t have the range or capability to be the right plane for us.

  52. Jamie Turner Says:

    This is fucking sweet!

  53. Jamie Turner Says:

    That plane is awsome guys its gunna be pimp in a fight

  54. Xander Exile Says:

    Thats wicked!

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