Rating system urged for adult Internet content

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An influential U.S. Senator warned the adult entertainment industry on Thursday that if it does not develop a rating system for its Internet content, Congress will.

“My advice to your clients is that you better do it soon or we will mandate it if you don’t,” Republican Sen. Ted Stevens of Alaska, chairman of the Commerce Committee, told Paul Cambria, general counsel to the Adult Freedom Foundation.

Cambria told the committee hearing that it was the first time his group had been invited to testify before Congress on the issue and he would take the message back to his clients.

“I take that as a message and mandate to my clients that we should do that,” Cambria said. “I might welcome a shot across the bow rather than one between the eyes.”

Tim Lordan, executive director of the Internet Education Foundation, said about 75 percent of Internet pornography comes from overseas, beyond the reach of U.S. laws. He said parents play a crucial role in keeping unwanted material away from their children and that a rating system would help.

Source: Reuters


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