Google online video store starts without a bang

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Google’s new online video store, announced with great fanfare two weeks ago, isn’t getting the applause typical of most new releases from the Internet’s most-used search engine.

The digital video store - at video.google.com- sells reruns of TV shows from CBS, PBS, the National Basketball Association and independent producers.

Media reviewers, bloggers and users complain that selections are skimpy and hard to find. Strict usage rules which prevent prime-time shows from being viewed offline, aren’t prominently identified, and some shows promised initially aren’t there.

Among those missing in action: Rocky and Bullwinkle, My Three Sons and Mannix.

“Embarrassing,” says Brad Hill, who runs the Unofficial Google Weblog.

Google says it is working to upgrade the site, which is in “beta,” or trial mode.

“We’re making changes every day,” says Peter Chane, senior product manager for Google Video. “The best is yet to come.”



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