Lawyers Express GPL 3 Concerns

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The first draft of the new GPL is out and lawyers are beginning to form their impressions of this open-source license.

This first look at the GPL (General Public License) 3 came at the First International Conference on GPLv3 at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

This new revision of this seminal license tackles the issues of license compatibility, software patents and DRM (Digital Rights Management).

While the Free Software Foundation’s “goal is for the GPLv3 public discussion process to be as transparent and accessible as possible,” there will still be long debates on how the GPL should address IP (intellectual property) issues.

Patents, for example, have become a live wire issue for both open-source and proprietary software vendors.

Heather J. Meeker, an IP attorney and shareholder in the Silicon Valley office of the Greenberg Traurig LLP law firm, said, “It is not surprising that some of the most significant changes in the new version of the GNU GPL relate to patent law.”

“Many in the business community take the view that the quality of software patents needs to be improved—a ‘mend it, don’t end it’ approach.”

Source: eWeek


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