Yahoo! Co-Brands Verizon FiOS

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Verizon on thursday replaced Microsoft’s MSN with Yahoo! as the default Web portal for its FiOS Internet service. FiOS–known also as a fiber-to-the-premises network–offers far faster broadband speeds than standard DSL.

The company is offering a variety of speeds–ranging from 30 megabits-per-second downstream and 5 Mbps upstream, for $180 a month, to 5 Mbps downstream and 2 Mbps upstream, at a cost of around $35 a month. FiOS subscribers will also get many Yahoo! premium services at no additional charge.

Yahoo! spokeswoman Nicole Leverich said that the company was willing to offer the free premium services in order to sign up additional broadband users. “It’s very important for us to reach those consumers who demand higher Internet speeds, and are at the forefront of technology,” said Yahoo! spokeswoman Nicole Leverich.

Source: mediapost


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