New Trojan Horses Threaten Cell Phones

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Three new malicious programs are hitting certain mobile phones, antivirus companies have warned. The Trojan horses, or programs that are disguised as legitimate applications, spread via Bluetooth or multimedia messages and can affect phones running the Symbian operating system.

The infection rate so far from the new malware is low, Symantec reported in threat warnings issued last week.

The Bootton.E Trojan horse was spotted last week by F-Secure and Symantec and is perhaps the most potentially crippling of the three to those infected. The program restarts the mobile device but it also releases corrupted components that cause the reboot to fail, leaving the device unusable.

The Pbstealer.D Trojan sends an infected user’s contact list, notepad, and calendar to-do list to other nearby users via Bluetooth. The third Trojan, Sendtool.A, sends malicious programs such as the Pbstealer Trojan to other devices via Bluetooth.

Source: PCWorld


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