eMachines goes all AMD on new desktops

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Gateway’s eMachines division has released four new desktops that could be further evidence of the effect Intel’s low-end desktop chipset problems have had on component choices.

The four new systems all use Sempron or Athlon 64 processors from AMD.

Source: News.com

Google: China decision painful but right

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Google Inc. co-founder Sergey Brin said his company’s decision to self-censor its Chinese search system followed a change of heart over how best to foster the free flow of information.

Google said on Tuesday it will block politically sensitive terms on its new China search site and not offer e-mail, chat and blog publishing services, which authorities fear can become flashpoints for social or political protest. Those actions go further than many of its biggest rivals in China.

“I didn’t think I would come to this conclusion — but eventually I came to the conclusion that more information is better, even if it is not as full as we would like to see,” Brin told Reuters in an interview in Switzerland.

Google, whose high-minded corporate motto is “Don’t be evil,” had previously refused to comply with Internet censorship demands by Chinese authorities, rules that must be met in order to locate business operations inside China — the world’s No. 2 Internet market.

“I know a lot of people are upset by our decision but it is something we have deliberated for a number of years,” Brin said from the sidelines of the World Economic Forum conference.

At least for now, Google will offer just four of its core services in China — Web site and image search, Google News and local search.

The voluntary concessions laid out on Tuesday by Google parallel some of the self-censorship already practiced there by global rivals such as Yahoo and Microsoft, as well as domestic sites.

Source: Reuters

Intel First to Demonstrate Working 45nm Chips

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Intel Corporation today announced it has become the first company to reach an important milestone in the development of 45 nanometer (nm) logic technology. Intel has produced what are believed to be the first fully functional SRAM (Static Random Access Memory) chips using 45nm process technology, its next– generation, high–volume semiconductor manufacturing process.

Achieving this milestone means Intel is on track to manufacture chips with this technology in 2007 using 300mm wafers, and continues the company’s focus on pushing the limits of Moore’s Law, by introducing a new process generation every two years.

Intel has announced two high–volume fabs under construction to manufacture chips using the 45nm process technology: Fab 32 in Arizona and Fab 28 in Israel.

NBA offers first ever live Webcasts of games

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The National Basketball Association, which has stood out among the major sports leagues as an early adopter of digital technology, will Webcast 40 live NBA games in their entirety to members of its NBA League Pass Broadband program.

This is the first time that the NBA has offered a full slate of live NBA games online. The league pass subscribers can view the games via NBA.com.

Source: News.com

Sun Releases Java Studio Creator 2

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Sun Microsystems Jan. 25 announced the availability of its Sun Java Studio Creator 2 development tool for visually creating and deploying Web applications.

In addition, Sun announced that Creator 2, which features extensive support for AJAX (Asynchronous JavaScript and XML) development, will be available for free.

Dan Roberts, director of developer tools marketing at Sun, said Creator 2 is aimed at Visual Basic developers, developers who have used fourth-generation languages, and new developers who want “to be able to build full Java applications that can be used with existing Java infrastructure.”

The focus of Sun Java Studio Creator 2 is on building rich Internet applications, Roberts said.

The new version is based on the latest release of Sun’s NetBeans open-source integrated development environment, NetBeans 4.1. NetBeans 4.1 provides version control support, code refactoring and improved support for Ant-based projects. Creator 2 also features a new set of JSF (JavaServer Faces) components.

Meanwhile, the product supports AJAX in different ways, Roberts said. “You can use it [AJAX] a couple of ways,” he said. “You can use JSF components to encapsulate AJAX APIs.” This enables users to create mashups by wrapping existing services to build applications. In addition, Sun is releasing a set of new AJAX components that developers can use to build applications, Roberts said.

Source: eWeek

Researchers Launch Anti-Spyware Site

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A corporate-backed Web site being launched by researchers from Harvard and Oxford universities seeks to become a clearinghouse for Internet users on spyware and other malicious software.

The site, which Google Inc., Sun Microsystems Inc. and Chinese computer maker Lenovo Group Ltd. are underwriting, will ultimately identify purveyors of such programs by name and provide information to help consumers decide whether a program is safe to download.

“It’s important for users to understand what risks they face and try to help them identify which software is likely to be problematic,” said Vint Cerf, Google’s chief Internet evangelist and one of the Internet’s chief inventors.

It is not entirely clear how the new effort, to be available Wednesday at StopBadware.org, will differ from resources already available through the Web sites of anti-spyware vendors and private individuals, including former Harvard fellow Ben Edelman.

Source: AP

Best Buy Eliminates Mail-in Rebates On Laptops

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Best Buy said today that it has begun the next phase of its two-year plan to eliminate mail-in rebates from its portfolio. First, at the start of the year, customers began receiving their savings instantly on notebook computers, rather than waiting for these rebates via mail. Second, the company has introduced a convenient online rebate submission process that enables customers to submit select Best Buy rebates online, through BestBuy.com/rebates. Both of these initiatives mark a significant step forward in improving the overall shopping experience for Best Buy customers.

Source: Yahoo

Yahoo! Back In The Search War

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After the statement made by Yahoo executive, that Yahoo lost the search engine war to Google, the web’s largest portal retracts these words and claim it is still in the game.

Eckart Walther, VP Products, Search at Yahoo! said that “There’s been a lot of conjecture and confusion today about Yahoo!’s commitment to being the world’s best search engine-talk which anyone who’s been following the evolution of Yahoo! Search would have realized is… just plain wrong.”

“We continuously innovating and finding new ways to help people connect to information and knowledge - part of our vision to help them find, use, share and expand all human knowledge. We’re working on literally hundreds of projects to improve search” Walther added, and also stated that “This commitment to being the best should be crystal clear from our investments in talented people, research, innovation and new products. Believe it or not, we are still in the early days of search. As all of us at Yahoo! agree, we’re in it for the long haul, and we’re in it to win.”

Microsoft to Open Windows to Please EU

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Microsoft Corp. said Wednesday it will license its Windows source code to comply with a European Union antitrust ruling.

The source code provides the building blocks of the operating system that competitors need to make products compatible with Windows.

The company’s chief counsel Brad Smith said called the move “a bold stroke.”

Microsoft has refused to license the source code in the past. Software developers still will have to pay for the code, which open source advocates will not be allowed to “publish for free,” Smith cautioned. The company had “just started to provide this information on both sides on the Atlantic” and regulators “want to see all the details,” Smith added.

Source: AP

Washington State Sues Over Spam, Spyware

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The Washington state attorney general’s office has sued a New York company and individuals in New York, New Hampshire, Oregon and India under state and federal anti-spam and spyware laws, saying they induced computer users to download software that weakened their computers’ security.

The lead defendant in the lawsuit, filed Tuesday in U.S. District Court, is Secure Computer LLC of White Plains, N.Y. The company’s president, Paul E. Burke, who lives in the Bronx, and Gary T. Preston, of Jamaica, N.Y., have made more than $100,000 since summer 2004 selling software known as “spyware cleaner” over the Internet - software they advertised using mass, misleading e-mails and pop-ups, the lawsuit said.

State and federal officials have been trying to combat the spread of spyware, unwanted programs that sneak onto computers, can bombard users with pop-up ads and drain processing power to the point of rendering computers unusable.

State Attorney General Rob McKenna said Tuesday night that this is the first lawsuit filed under Washington state’s new anti-spyware act, which the Legislature passed last year, and one of the first spyware lawsuits in the country.

Source: AP

Google offers fee-based online ad analytics

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Google is partnering with Seattle-based Zaaz to offer a fee-based service for advertisers who need more support, consulting and training than they can get from the search giant’s free analytics service.

Zaaz will offer high-end data analysis and marketing services including accuracy audits and data collection best practices, forecasting models, competitive analysis and site optimization.

Google is still working to resolve issues related to signing up customers for its free Web analytics service, which was launched two months ago and is based on technology it acquired when it purchased San Diego-based analytics firm Urchin. Customers reported service outages and problems accessing their accounts at the time.

Google said anyone seeking a new Google Analytics account will need to request an invitation.

Source: News.com

Google agrees to censor results in China

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Online search engine leader Google Inc. has agreed to censor its results in China, adhering to the country’s free-speech restrictions in return for better access in the Internet’s fastest growing market.

The Mountain View, Calif.-based company planned to roll out a new version of its search engine bearing China’s Web suffix “.cn,” on Wednesday. A Chinese-language version of Google’s search engine has previously been available through the company’s dot-com address in the United States.

By creating a unique address for China, Google hopes to make its search engine more widely available and easier to use in the world’s most populous country.

Because of government barriers set up to suppress information, Google’s China users previously have been blocked from using the search engine or encountered lengthy delays in response time.

To obtain the Chinese license, Google agreed to omit Web content that the country’s government finds objectionable. Google will base its censorship decisons on guidance provided by Chinese government officials.

Source: AP

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