Microsoft to Launch Internet Research Lab

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Microsoft Corp. is creating a research lab devoted solely to developing Internet technology, as part of efforts to move products to market faster and better compete with rivals such as Google Inc.

Microsoft Live Labs, announced late Wednesday, will be a partnership between Microsoft’s MSN Internet product group and its research arm. Unlike traditional Microsoft Research labs, which are given leeway to take on academic-type research into far-flung fields, the goal of Live Labs is to create new products and tough competitors.

Microsoft hopes the collaboration will result in useful products that are also cutting-edge, said Gary William Flake, a Microsoft technical fellow who will head up the project.

Source: AP

Google caches aren’t copyright infringement

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A Nevada federal court has ruled that the cached versions of Web pages that Google stores and offers as a part of many search results are not copyright infringement.

The case rose when an author sued the company for providing a version of a story that he had written, posted on his own Web site, and then removed. However, the court said that the author had not used an available Web setting on his page that would have prevented it from being archived.

The court also said that Google’s cache amounts to fair use of the works being copied and transmitted, and the company’s database qualifies for a “safe harbor” provision of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act, which protects databases, ISPs, and other online service providers that don’t exert direct control over what content is posted against copyright liability.

Source: News.com

Skype could provide botnet controls

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Internet phone services such as Skype and Vonage could provide a means for cybercriminals to send spam and launch attacks that cripple Web sites, experts have warned.

Moreover, because many voice over Internet protocol applications use proprietary technology and encrypted data traffic that can’t easily be monitored, the attackers will be able to go undetected.

“VoIP applications could provide excellent cover for launching denial-of-service attacks,” the Communications Research Network said Wednesday. The Communications Research Network is a group of industry experts, academics and policy makers funded by the Cambridge-MIT Institute, a joint venture between Cambridge University and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

The group urges VoIP providers to publish their routing specifications or switch to open standards. “These measures would…allow legitimate agencies to track criminal misuse of VoIP,” Jon Crowcroft, a professor at Cambridge University in the U.K., said in a statement.

Source: News.com

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