A two-way firewall for Vista

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Microsoft is readying a new, highly configurable firewall for its upcoming Windows Vista operating system that is designed to give system administrators much greater control over which applications are allowed to run on the systems they manage.

The new firewall is called 鈥渢wo-way鈥? because it filters both incoming and outgoing network traffic, meaning that it can be used to block machines that are trying to connect to a Vista PC as well as applications on the PC that are trying to connect to other systems on the network.

Blocking outgoing traffic in this manner will give powerful options to Vista administrators, Wilson said. Using the firewall, administrators could, for example, ensure that their PCs use only a preferred instant messaging application. 鈥淚f you tried a different instant messaging application, then it would be blocked,鈥? he said. 鈥淚t鈥檚 really something that we鈥檙e targeting toward enterprise administrators in corporations.鈥?

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