BLOCKBUSTER Online Doubles Free Rents

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Effective immediately, BLOCKBUSTER Online has doubled the number of free in-store rentals subscribers receive each month.

BLOCKBUSTER Online subscribers now get one free in-store movie rental every week, an increase over the two per month currently offered, along with unlimited online rentals, with subscription programs starting as low as $9.99 per month for the one-movie-out at a time plan.

“We know BLOCKBUSTER Online customers love the value and flexibility the free in-store movie rentals offer, so we decided to give them even more,” said Shane Evangelist, senior vice president and general manager of BLOCKBUSTER Online. “Now, if subscribers use all four free monthly in-store rentals, the value they receive almost equals the $17.99 monthly fee for our three-out movie plan.”

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One Response to “BLOCKBUSTER Online Doubles Free Rents”

  1. Mike Says:

    I am keeping mine at the status quo. I am staying with the 2 free movie/game in-store coupons, not the 4 movie-only coupons. I get enough movies from my mailbox, so I get the free video games instead.

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