Mapping veins as a human ‘bar code’

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In Memphis, Tenn., a small medical supply company called Luminetx has developed a new method of palm-reading that it hopes will rival fingerprinting or retinal scans as a way to perfectly identify individuals.

The technology is based on an infrared scan of the blood cells running through veins, which is then analyzed by a computer.

Luminetx originally developed the technique as a way to help doctors and nurses find veins in patients needing injections. But now, through a new division called Snowflake Technologies, the company is marketing it to banks, credit card companies and even homeland-security officials as a high-tech biometric identification tool.

“Our vein structures are completely different, especially when you look at the palm,” said Luminetx Chief Executive Officer Jim Phillips, speaking at The Entertainment Gathering conference here Wednesday. “In a way, it’s like looking at a bar code. We convert your veins to a bar code.”

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  1. Mrs Palm Reader Says:

    This is what us palmists have been saying for years. It’s no secret that most of the major nerves end in the extremities of the body - the hands and feet. You can even read feet as well if you really want to!
    Nice article, thanks.

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