Microsoft Aims At Googlebase And Craigslist

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Microsoft is preparing a new Windows Live Feature: Windows Live Expo.

Expo is an online social marketplace where you can exchange goods, ideas or information with anyone you choose, anywhere you want.

With Expo you’ll get:

  • Free ads that are easy to post
  • Browse through a wide range of categories ranging from merchandise, events, personals and services
  • Keep your dealings within a trusted network like your MSN Messenger Buddies, friends or co-workers; or open them up to anyone
  • Find listings just in your area, nationwide or anywhere in between
  • Add your listings to your MSN Space with one easy click
  • Get detailed maps and directions for things like garage sales, homes for sale or concerts
  • Communicate with people via MSN Messenger right from Expo’s site.


Unlike other classifieds service like Googlebase and Craigslist, Expo taps into the power of social networks. Expo builds trust into your experience because it lets you control who will see your ads. You can keep it strictly among your Messenger contacts, your co-workers, or your school friends. Or you can throw it open to the world at large. The choice is yours. And unlike most other classified services, Expo allows you to search listings in your neighborhood or nationally, whichever you choose.

Then there are the maps: Expo lets you use Windows Live Local, a new map and search service, to see the location of that house on sale, or the best route to the garage sale.

Learn more here


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