Next Version of Palm OS Is Linux Based

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Tokyo software developer Access on Feb. 14 announced some definitive plans for the Palm operating system—and the future is Linux.

It was the first such announcement since Access bought the struggling Palm OS maker Palmsource last September, making it a wholly owned subsidiary.

The next version of the Palm OS is code-named ALP, which is short for the Access Linux Platform.

“We hope to be a big part of the mobile Linux momentum wave,” said Albert Chu, vice president of business development at PalmSource in Sunnyvale, Calif.

PalmSource expects to make the ALP SDK (Software Developer Kit) available to its licensees by the end of 2006, Chu said, meaning it would likely appear in devices by mid-2007 if anyone licenses it.

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Major components of ALP include a standard Linux kernel, a GIMP toolkit (GTK+), the GStreamer media framework and the SQLite database engine.

Source: eweek


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