Google Windows Apps Coming to Linux

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Google and CodeWeavers Inc. are working together to bring Google’s popular Windows Picasa photo editing and sharing program to Linux.

The program is now in a limited beta test. If this program is successful, other Google applications will be following it to the Linux desktop, sources say.

The Linux Picasa implementation includes the full feature set of the Windows Picasa 2.x software. It is not, strictly speaking, a port of Picasa to Linux. Instead, Linux Picasa combines Windows Picasa code and Wine technology to run Windows Picasa on Linux. This, however, will be transparent to Linux users, when they download, install, and run the free program on their systems.

Source: eweek

Yahoo! Releases OSS Ajax and Design Tools

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Today Yahoo! released the Yahoo! User Interface Library. This library is comprised of a number of dynamic HTML utilities and controls for building rich web UIs and Ajax applications. They are made available under an open-source license. In addition, Yahoo! released the Yahoo! Design Pattern Library. This collection of design patterns for Web interaction is intended to provide Web designers prescriptive guidance to help solve common design problems on the Web. Both are free in both senses of the word.

Source: slashdot

Oracle snags open-source database company

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Oracle said on Tuesday that it acquired open-source database company Sleepycat Software for an undisclosed sum.

The database giant said Sleepycat’s Berkeley DB database will complement Oracle’s existing line of databases for embedding within applications. The software differs from Oracle’s flagship enterprise database software.

The purchase of Sleepycat, which has been rumored for weeks, gives Oracle another open-source product to complement its proprietary database offerings. At an investor conference last week, Oracle CEO Larry Ellison reiterated the company’s strategy to generate revenue from a combination of open-source and proprietary software.

“Sleepycat’s products enhance Oracle’s market-leading database product family by offering enterprise-class support to customers who need to embed a fast, reliable database at a lower cost,” Andrew Mendelsohn, senior vice president of Oracle database server technologies, said in a statement.

Source: News.com

New Magnetic Microchips To Replace Transistors

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For the first time researchers have created a working prototype of a radical new chip design based on magnetism instead of electrical transistors.

As transistor-based microchips hit the limits of Moore’s Law, a group of electrical engineers at the University of Notre Dame has fabricated a chip that uses nanoscale magnetic “islands” to juggle the ones and zeroes of binary code.

Wolfgang Perod and his colleagues turned to the process of magnetic patterning (.pdf) to produce a new chip that uses arrays of separate magnetic domains. Each island maintains its own magnetic field.

Because the chip has no wires, its device density and processing power may eventually be much higher than transistor-based devices. And it won’t be nearly as power-hungry, which will translate to less heat emission and a cooler future for portable hardware like laptops.

Computers using the magnetic chips would boot up almost instantly. The magnetic chip’s memory is non-volatile, making it impervious to power interruptions, and it retains its data when the device is switched off.

Source: Wired

Microsoft to take wraps off Office Live in preview

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Microsoft Corp. said on Monday it is set to begin testing an online version of its popular Office software in a first step toward shifting some of its computer-based products to the Web to fend off rivals such as Google Inc. and Yahoo Inc.

Starting on Wednesday, the world largest software maker plans to offer a “beta” or general test version of Microsoft Office Live for free to help work out any potential problems prior to a full-fledged commercial release later this year.

Office Live offers small businesses the ability to create and manage Web sites and maintain corporate e-mail accounts while working with the desktop versions of Microsoft Office such as Excel spreadsheets, Word documents and Outlook e-mail.

“We are making online services available for small businesses to create (big business-like computing) for them without the management requirements,” said Jeff Raikes, president of the Microsoft Business division, in a statement.

Office Live will be available in three tiers of service.

The basic version, supported by online advertising, will be free and offer up to five e-mail accounts with 2 gigabytes of storage using the company domain name along with standard Web design and management tools.

The other versions of Office Live are subscription-based. Microsoft Office Live Collaboration offers online project management tools based on Windows SharePoint Services technology for companies that may already have a Web site.

The third tier, Microsoft Office Live Essentials, provides up to 50 e-mail accounts, more advanced Web design features and management tools and a package of Internet-based applications to help manage customers, projects and documents.

Source: Reuters

Google partners with BearingPoint

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A partnership that’s expected to be announced Tuesday between Google and professional services provider BearingPoint, formerly KPMG, aims to make searching across corporate and internal desktops and databases as easy as using Google’s Web search page.

BearingPoint has thousands of consultants trained to help companies–including many Global 2000 businesses–install, integrate and customize the Google Search Appliance and the Google Desktop for Enterprise software, Chris Weitz, managing director for BearingPoint, said on Monday.

The Google search appliance is used to let employees at corporations, federal agencies and other organizations search for documents in internal databases and other sources that may be spread across different locations and that tend to be unstructured data hidden from Internet search engines. The Desktop for Enterprise software lets people search for data on their desktops.

BearingPoint will offer companies customized search technology tailored for specific industries, like pharmaceuticals, banking, high-tech and aerospace, Weitz said. The company also will provide software plug-ins for the Google hardware, as well as customized security integration, sales and support, he said.

Source: News.com

Google acquires Measure Map

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Google has acquired Measure Map, a site that lets people see how much traffic their blogs are getting, according to a post on the Google Blog on Tuesday.

As Jeffrey Veen of the Google Measure Map Team puts it: “I have to admit I’m addicted now. I bet I check my stats a half-dozen times a day, anxious to see if anyone has linked to me or see what posts are most popular today.”

No terms of the deal were disclosed.

Source: News.com

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