Microsoft: Upgraded Motherboard = New Windows Licence

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Microsoft recently made a change to the licence agreement saying that a new motherboard is equal to a new computer, hence you need to purchase a new Windows licence.

Here is what Microsoft has to say:

“An upgrade of the motherboard is considered to result in a “new personal computer” to which Microsoft® OEM operating system software cannot be transferred from another computer. If the motherboard is upgraded or replaced for reasons other than a defect, then a new computer has been created and the license of new operating system software is required.”

The reason Microsoft gave for this term is that “Microsoft needed to have one base component “left standing” that would still define that original PC. Since the motherboard contains the CPU and is the “heart and soul” of the PC, when the motherboard is replaced (for reasons other than defect) a new PC is essentially created.”

Microsoft sent a memo to its OEM partners asking them to enforce this new policy, every time they upgrade a computer for a client.

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215 Responses to “Microsoft: Upgraded Motherboard = New Windows Licence”

  1. Chris Says:

    that is bullsh*t

  2. Jake Says:

    Microsoft is bullsh*t, even more of a reason to move to Linux/BSD hell try out OSX.

  3. simon Says:

    They are trully evil

  4. Infidel Says:

    Yeah this is insane. I work tech support and can’t even imagine how I have to break it to all my customers - that they have to drop $200 on a new OS.

  5. Ed Says:


  6. DaveinDC Says:

    Rot in HE double hockey sticks, Billy!

  7. dummy Says:

    So buy the retail copy. This is only talking about OEM version. BIG DEAL!

  8. dave Says:

    Given a choice of paying for it again or installing Linix, I know my choice … if true this is truly greed incarnated …

  9. fuck microsoft Says:

    fuck microsoft

  10. Rico Says:

    Oh ffs. Do they allow you “deactivate/uninstall” from the old mobo and then move your Windows license? Thought not. So if you retire the mobo (or PC as they’re thinking) you still need a new license?!?!?!


  11. Anonymous Says:

    Since when is this new? I’ve always understood it that Microsoft restricted the OEM version of windows to the original pc. Still sucks I suppose, but lets get real… how many people buy an oem pc with upgrading the motherboard in mind? Most of those are so integrated that you’re better off buying a new pc than upgrading the motherboard. The only people this really hurts are small shops and those who home build decent computers and buy oem versions of windows with a piece of hardware to save a few bucks.

  12. Colin Says:

    wow, I think that’s twice the price of a brand new retail copy of OSX.

  13. Blackbeard Says:

    That’s okay. My buccaneers and I have some sobering news for Micro$oft

  14. Anonymous Says:

    OEM Retail Copy… If you’re using an OEM version of XP or any MS OS for that matter, than you deserve to pay again, because you’re a moron to begin with. Buy a retail version, and you can install it on anything you want. Every PC I come accross with an OEM OS on it ends up being a pile due to all the preloaded garbage on there, which ends up in a fresh install anyway.

  15. Mark Says:

    I encountered this same B$hit at the end of December when I upgraded a Celeron 2 to an AMD Newcastle. I had over time changed out the case, added new hard drives, opticals etc - so all I wanted was the faster board (and mmory). M$ screwed me on this deal and the OEM license was already set up this way. I had to buy a new XP-Pro (though I was ableto buy an academia upgrade bundle for about $80). Fortunately my old MB etc are still usable so I rebuilt the old pc in its orignal case and the xp install worked fine - it’s currently working as a 5th pc in the house for whatever I want to use it for ( movie playing client running VLC, mp3 player running winamp, guest pc for whatever or just a sandbox).


  16. Ninjaroo Says:

    Notice unless a motherboard is defective,
    Also to consider the processor as part of the motherboard is ridiculous.
    I replace my motherboard twice with the same processor, not other machine were created I was still using the same hard drive and os build.

  17. pist off Says:


  18. Anonymous Says:

    if OSx86 were available & supported for non-mac hardware, i’d switch today.

  19. STAVAROS Says:

    Time for Linux…..

  20. Anonymous Says:

    Linux, baby, LINUX!!!

  21. nemesis Says:

    As if Gates wasn’t rich enough already, and I wonder if he had gamers in mind when he appointed someone to make this bulls**t decision… considering how many upgrades are done constantly because of change?????

  22. joe Says:

    Guess Billy is having trouble making the payments on the estate. You need to buy a new computer OEM to get the Vista eye candy but you can not use it if you decide to change motherboards. I think it is great — less MS installations

  23. Somellama Says:

    I bought an OS, I should be able to use it any hardware i want as long as I don’t use it multiple times at once.. this takes “fair use” and flushes it down the toilet.

    Is it true?

  24. not_given Says:

    Screw You MS.

  25. Matt Says:

    This exact crap happened to me 2 weeks ago. I had to buy a new OEM copy of windows Xp. $97 worth of bullshiat.

  26. Someone Says:

    We need to start a petition to Apple that they LEGALIZE Mac OS X for standard x86 hardware.

  27. satan Says:

    fuck microsoft…..its all about the nigger pussy baby

  28. ProofPlease Says:

    Could someone post a link to Microsoft’s site that states this change? How do we know this isn’t just MS bashing?

  29. HebrewHammer Says:

    Excuse me satan, I did not find that humorous in the least amount. If you could please refrain from using racist comments about blacks it would be much appreciated on behalf of the Jewish community. We are the people who started your revolution and hero, Dr. Martin Luther King. I’ll be heading to court now, I have a whole list of people I need to sue. DON’T EVER FORGET THE HOLOCAUST!

  30. Ross Says:

    Sounds good to me. Now, lets see, one license for each core in each chip. Then, one license for each MOBO. Billy can really stick it to everyone, can’t he. It is only a matter of time before Apple releases the OS X on M$FT. M$FT continues to try to hold Office over Apple’s head but even corporate america is getting wise to that. Not everyone needs to do page layout when writing a letter is your job. So, it should be very interesting futrue for Apple.

  31. PitbulI Says:

    The OEM version of Windows is probably the easiest version to pirate so it was in their best interest to change some rules.

    I myself will buy Vista when it comes out but I’m not sure which verison. I heard there are going to be a ton of versions coming out which is sad. I just am hoping not to pay 500 dollars for the OS. Thankfully each OS lasts for about 5 years.

  32. Chris Says:

    This is why people have illegal copies!!

  33. You are a dumbass Says:

    It means you have to re-activate you moron.

    That’s a detected change because it’s almost like putting your copy of windows on a new machine.


  34. ShaSpleen Says:

    If this is true, then thats absolute bullsh*t.

    Oh and HebrewHammer, I don’t agree with what satan said, but you can lick my nuts

  35. rekka Says:

    ha! bless ‘em for trying. The greedy little basts

  36. Anonym Says:

    Complete B.S. - If I buy a computer from an O.E.M. manufacturer with the expectation that I will be able to upgrade the motherboard when I see fit, and then Microsoft decides to change the rules halfway through the game…thats unlawful. It is a bait and switch. Sue the bastards under Consumer Protection Laws. Add this nonsense to the trusted computing shit Microsoft is doing, and I might migrate to Linux permenently.

  37. DigitalBrian Says:

    If you dont like it, install Linux.

  38. LINUX4EVER Says:

    FUCK MICROSOFT! why pay for shit, when you can get something that works, does not get virus,spyware,etc, for free???!!!! how stupid can you be.

  39. Anonymous Says:

    This posting was not properly researched and should be removed before it alarms any more people. When I saw this going around as new news I nearly pissed myself laughing. This IS old news. I don’t know what you people think has changed.

  40. momomo Says:

    I thought with an oem license you could change components within 30days. If something messed up in 30 days like the motherboard you had to buy another copy of windows. This is exactly what I did when my sister motherboard and cpu got fried… I changed those compenents and purchased another oem license.

    I purchased a retail copy of WINXP 32bit ($250) because the licensing terms were a little looser. I also have a computer with oem license. Prior to using the retail copy I was using an single seat academic license. The issue I had with the academic cd is that it will not allow slipstreaming.

  41. Tom Says:

    This has got to be false and rumorfied.

    A mobo is in no way a new computer, merely
    a part in a computer. Duh. If this is true, just
    more reason for pirates.

  42. momomo Says:

    All I can say is do not buy an OEM license. OEM licenses are not equivalent to retail licenses.

  43. Sensate Says:

    If MS would update their OS more frequently, they wouldn’t be doing this. They can’t have it both ways–they give special OEM pricing to get marketshare, then they tell people that it’s bound to the computer. Megalame. And sad. This probably means Vista won’t ship ’till 2009.

  44. Joe Says:

    Guys, what the hell? Are you all 12 years old or something?

    Enough with the swearing, name calling, and newbie crap. You sound like a bunch of children.

  45. ForcedToBootleg Says:

    The solution couldn’t be more obvious. If you want to upgrade your logic board, you also need to pirate a copy of Windows. It’s as simple as that. I’ve never been an advocate for piracy, but if I ever got a lobotomy and started running Windows, there’s just no way to justify the expense of buying a second license for the same machine. Microsoft deserves the increase in piracy this policy is sure to cause.

  46. Linux Says:

    I’m running GNU/Linux on this laptop, and reading this article makes me remember two of the reasons why I switched:
    1) Linux is free
    2) Linux is not backed by a greedy company
    LINUX ROCKS!! Hell yeah! :)

  47. Bluejay Says:

    One of many links on the Micro$oft stating this policy.


  48. Jester Says:

    It’s lucky Billy Gates isn’t in the hardware business. We’d all have to buy a new machine every time he released a patch for his buggy OS!

  49. Anonymous Says:

    Sorry, but to the guy who said this - you have no business offering any kind of advise on this topic.
    A Microsoft OEM installation is 99% identical to a retail version. You are confused, and think the preloaded software is comming from Microsoft when it is not. Third parties load on the junk, and sell it with their systems. You cannot sell these versions in the way you can sell an OEM version (Microsoft COA, install disk & get started guide). You can only load those versions onto you’re OEM manufactured machines.

    Quite simply, an OEM license is for people who assemble thier own machines, or buy from smaller outfits assembling machines. It requires a hardware purchase with the license that is supposed to be tied to the license (IE: buy license, and video card. Upgrade video card, upgrade license). Microsoft has no way to enforce it, and no stipulations on what kinds of internal hardware can be sold, and want to ammend the situation.

    “OEM Retail Copy… If you’re using an OEM version of XP or any MS OS for that matter, than you deserve to pay again, because you’re a moron to begin with. Buy a retail version, and you can install it on anything you want. Every PC I come accross with an OEM OS on it ends up being a pile due to all the preloaded garbage on there, which ends up in a fresh install anyway.”

  50. Lilricky Says:

    I ask the same question again, where is the source for this story? It seems that microsoft is denying it. Come on aviransplace, come clean now.

  51. Boris Says:

    DONT USE OSX because the OS SUX.
    Macs are overpriced computers for stupid people that can’t handle more than 1 program open. Mac hardware is just a melted ball of plastic with the motherboard, etc. squeezed together, pernamently sealed with plastic. Mac users probably do not know that you can open a computer up and upgrade it, and like to see oversized trashcans bouncing up and down on the bottom of the screen. Mac computers make a burping sound when you eject a disk. They are totally outfit for business use. Thats what IBM is for: international BUSINESS machines, not Apple Mac OSX: operating system SUX (SUCKS).

  52. bill gates Says:

    This is really lame, It seems to me working with pcs for years that the oem pos computers are the ones that we replace the most motherboards in, I would say a dell mobo has a life of what 2 years at most. If this ever comes to self built pcs or the retail os then im done with bill and his crap.

  53. bill gates Says:

    O yea did i mention this is lame. And bill you have enough damn money give a little back your lame ass scroodge

  54. Zach Says:

    Calm down all linux nerds. Seruisly, I’m glad your not mainstream, but I’ve heard enough. Congratulations, you’re special.

    This article was made to get attention to this crappy little website. It happens all the time.

    And isn’t this already in place? How is this news?

  55. Ted Says:

    Boris, you’re an idiot. When was the last time you touched a Mac? 1984?
    If that’s your argument, then I counter with “PC’s SUX, because DOS is so freakin’ stupid.”

  56. Robby Says:



    Oh…. hang on. I’m using XP right now. Don’t use Windows if you don’t want/like it. Tards. Do not down what other people use, though. Some of us happen to like it.

  57. jsoucheray Says:

    [quote]# Boris Says:
    February 15th, 2006 at 3:57 pm

    DONT USE OSX because the OS SUX.
    Macs are overpriced computers for stupid people that can’t handle more than 1 program open. Mac hardware is just a melted ball of plastic with the motherboard, etc. squeezed together, pernamently sealed with plastic. Mac users probably do not know that you can open a computer up and upgrade it, and like to see oversized trashcans bouncing up and down on the bottom of the screen. Mac computers make a burping sound when you eject a disk. They are totally outfit for business use. Thats what IBM is for: international BUSINESS machines, not Apple Mac OSX: operating system SUX (SUCKS).

    You may just be the most retarded individual alive, other than Bill Gates. OS X does not suck. It is based on Unix, how can that be bad. Also all things that you have argued here against OS X hold no merit as ALL of them are OPTIONS that you can disable. Your ignorance in this matter is only made more pungent by your inability to understand that which scares you.

    I’m done.

  58. follow the herd Says:

    Wow, this entire thread is full of fucking idiots.

  59. Ang Says:

    Blah blah blah.

  60. Jimmy Says:

    Fuck you Microcrap. Even the lazy slugs who won’t learn something new will after anally rape them.

  61. petey Says:

    Heh, Blackbeard iz funnie.

  62. Cecil Says:

    To quote the Microsoft FAQ for Education Licenses:

    11. Rather than purchase completely new PCs, my organization performs in-place upgrades to the hardware on many of our computers. We often times only replace the motherboard, processor, and memory. Since the COA is still on the case and the OS is still installed on the hard drive, this computer is still licensed, right?

    ANSWER. Generally, you may upgrade or replace all of the hardware components on your computer and maintain the license for the original Microsoft OEM operating system software, with the exception of an upgrade or replacement of the motherboard. An upgrade of the motherboard is considered to result in a “new personal computer.” Microsoft OEM operating system software cannot be transferred from one computer to another. Therefore, if the motherboard is upgraded or replaced for reasons other than a defect then a new computer has been created, the original license expires, and a new full operating system license (not upgrade) is required. This is true even if the computer is covered under Software Assurance or other Volume License programs.

    Read the whole thing here:

  63. Anonymous Says:

    I read the article, and I’m mad. I read the comments, and I lol’d
    follow the herd is absolutly right, it’s comical how stupid 98% of the comments are..

  64. Anonymous Says:

    Just tellem its defective.

    Problem solved.

  65. Double 2 Says:

    “If the motherboard is upgraded or replaced for reasons other than a defect” surely you could just smash the old motherboard up, then you’d be covered! No worries at all!

  66. Spoon Says:

    Alot of you are being, well, juvenile.

    I use linux. I prefer not to be stuck to the whims of an “evil” corporation that can tell you what you can/can’t do with the product that you purchased. I believe the “free software” mantra. And I also rather enjoy using Unix over Windows. I understand that companies like Microsoft, need to generate revenue. If I purchase a single license of Windows, I should be able to do with it as I please. If I want to install it on another computer, under the basis that I don’t have the same license running on another PC; that should be fine. Sadly, with Microsoft, it’s not. I don’t care if it’s retail or it’s OEM. It’s all the same underlying OS. Same windows kernel. Windows XP is Windows XP. Retail or OEM.

    I bought the license. It’s mine. I should be able to move the license or sell it, as I please.

    If there was something similiar to this in the automobile world, people would not stand for it.

    For example, let’s say that the government mandates the tax on your car (with car being defined as the engine). Now, image that the automobile industry moves at the speed of the computer world. Meaning, that new engines are being “released” all the time. Each couple of months there are new strides. The one you have now gets 20 miles per gallon. A new one gets 40 miles per gallon, and makes your car faster, and run smoother. But, if you replace the engine, you’d have a “new” car. And you’d have to pay tax on that new car. By insurance rights, you have two “cars” Insurance on new cars? Or how about when you buy a used car, it legaly has to have no engine. Sounds silly? And so does this whole Windows license fiasco.

    And to all thats wondering, here’s your link to microsoft:

  67. Scott Says:

    OEM licenses have always been treated differently. I have always understood that you cannot use an OEM license on another machine, so what’s the big deal.

    Some might say - OEM or Retail, what’s the difference? The difference is price. If a retail license costs $199 and an OEM license costs $60, you have to understand the OEM license is more restrictive.

    Think of it like an airline seat. At $199 (economy), you cannot change your ticket. If you miss your flight, you’re out $199. But at $1500 (full fare), you can miss your flight and reschedule. You can change your time at the last minute. Full fare seats are exactly the same as economy seats in every way, except for the rights you have to make changes.

    Same with OEM vs. Retail software.

    Heck, most OEM computers (like Dell or HP) don’t come with a separate Windows CD’s anymore. Just a piece of paper saying you have a license.

    Cheaper licenses of the same thing are usually always more restrictive. Live with it.

  68. Aviran Mordo Says:

    @Lilricky: This post has the quotes from Microsoft itself. Unfortunately I can not link to the source since it was published on the Microsoft system builders web site which is a closed site and not freely available to everyone, only to registered MS System builders.
    However if you read Cecil’s comment (62) you’ll see that this is MS policy.

  69. Token Says:

    Hell, I have used Linux as my desktop exclusively for the last 3 years now, and honestly, this isn’t as big of a deal as everyone is trying to make it out to be. I did switch because Microsoft really pissed me off during a server upgrade (lawl i used to use w2k3 server and iis im a n00b), but you buy windows as part of the computer when you buy Windows with an OEM copy of Windows on it. The defect clause makes this more valid also, not really as big of a deal as people are trying to make it out to be. You don’t own Windows (even if you buy the retail copy), but this is extended much further for OEM copies. You pay for windows as a part of your computer when you use OEM copies. Don’t like it? Switch to Linux or buy a retail copy of Windows. Most computers come with OEM copies of Windows when you buy from a retailer like Dell or Compaq, THEY own the rights to your OEM copy. however, crying about it isn’t going to do anything. Plus, if you let Microsoft keep going in this direction, it will destroy itself, which is fine in my opinion.

  70. Frank Says:

    Hahaha .. I think this is a win for the ‘linux on the desktop’ movement. The OS cost associated with upgrading desktop computers will force maybe small businesses to look for alternate OSes immediately.

  71. rich Says:

    thats just as much bull as the RIAA i hate corporations! but oo no i need to replace my mother board i need to buy a new lisence now… or i could just use my old one any way what is wrong with people …oh yea were all greedy lil sons of bitches (or rich people are at least) can never have enough

  72. More Power Says:

    More power to them. They have the ability to sell their product and make money off of it. Anyone who does not like this should use Linux or OSX because these days there are alternatives, contrary to what some people might say. People are just scared to learn a new OS. So shame on the people who keep spending their money on a product they think is bad. By the way, if you like throwing your money away, send a little my way. Im sure Bill would not mind.

  73. Snap Says:

    I know 2 wrongs dont make a right, but by doing this MANY more people are going to feel fully justified in just running a pirated copy of Windows rather than pay twice for something.

  74. Blah Says:

    Relax! Every time you upgrade your mobo - it’s because the old one was DEFECTIVE….no biggie.

  75. Jay Says:

    So basically, I have to pirate Vista if I ever want to upgrade my computer.

    Good thinking, Microsoft.


  76. DontMatter Says:

    Then they wonder why people hack software and dont pay at all?
    Dum dee dum dee dum

  77. megalonzerg Says:

    This is why I still use Windows 98se. When I upgrade my computer or build a new one to replace it, I just install Windows 98 on it. I don’t need to go to Microsoft and beg for a bunch of numbers. Plus, Windows 98 runs the same software on the same machine at 10 times the speed of Windows XP and is much more tolerant of older programs. I am using a Sempron 3400+ on an Asrock motherboard with 512 DDR. I have USB2 and a SATA 160gig hard drive. The machine runs like lightning, and there are very few programs or games I am interested in that won’t work with 98, so I just get the ones that do.

    I have added a dual boot with Xandros, which is a windows-user friendly version of Linux. I now do all my web browsing and email using the Linux side of the machine, and expect to move more of my actual work to Linux as I get used to the different programs that all Linux installations come with. I will not buy XP or any newer version of Windows, unless they abandon their nazi attitudes and controls and issue apologies. Whenever hardware manufacturers stop supporting Windows 98 I will be ready to switch to the Linux world, and the Linux world will be ready for normal users who are not programmers. Xandros is a great step in this direction. It is not free like many of the others ($85 street) but it does have customer support and a monetary incentive to improve at a faster pace.

    As Linux keeps getting more user friendly, and Microsoft continues ever more rapidly to get even less user friendly, there is no question that it is time for the market to stop giving Microsoft free reign to do whatever it pleases by always buying its products. Even if you use Microsoft, make it clear to everyone you buy hardware from that you are wanting to see them continue support for Windows 98 and to increase support for Linux. This is the only leverage we have against the Monopolysoft stormtroopers.

    Thanks to those who contribute in a civilized way to forums like this - the monopolies rely on our ignorance and this helps to lessen it some.

  78. BOO Says:

    I think the HD would be more appropriate, since it CONTAINS the installed OS. LOL no way i’m gonna buy a new license when I upgrade my PC. But carefull guys when buying a motherboard, don’t get one with the damn TPM chips, because them MS will be able to tell if you used your key on a different PC, also, from now on, when activatiing an install of windows, MS WILL be checking your hard ware and confirming that the motherboard is the same as it was on a previeous install if there was one.

  79. Keyboard Kowboy Says:

    And Uncle bill wonders why people share his software for free!!!!!

    At $200 for xp pro when it was launched and if i change my motherboard i need to pay uncle bill again *cough cough* NO WAY

    “Hacking and file sharing are more than just crimes! they are survival traits!”

  80. Harvey Says:

    These comments are just classic.

    We have the linux team suggesting everyone install Linux instead of Windows for everyone - Sure linux is great, but I don’t think I would recommend anything other than windows for my mum and dad, just because it’s the standard.

    And then there is the people that are surprised by this “new” rule. If anyone has ever read an OEM agreement, you would have known how harsh it is. The “license bound to hardware” clause is not new, and I recall asking what constituted “hardware” years ago and getting a fairly vague answer from them. At least now we know what “hardware” is defined as

    Simply put, White box PC makers use OEM because it’s half the price of retail. When they are competing with HP and Dell, they can’t afford to use retail even if they know it’s not good value for the customer in the long term. Especially considering white box PCs are often good for a couple of major upgrades over their lifetime whereas the proprietary branded computers are ok for amall upgrades such as memory and hard drive.

    All in all, you can’t win. The OEM copy is reasonably priced but the license is not practical for people who like to upgrade. The retail copy is too expensive. And piracy is illegal. Sometimes I wish Microsoft would come up with licenses that were appropriate for the real world, and maybe people would be less inclined to pirate their software.

  81. RobberBarron Says:

    When was the last time any of you dickheads actually replaced your motherboard? For most of you whiners and whingers, it’s *never*, which makes all your whining and moaning completely irrelevant.

    It’s a few bucks, you tight arsed fucktards. Big deal! “Use Linux’ you moan in your impotent fury. Yeah right! When I can plug my video camera/digital camera/mp3 player/scanner/printer into Linux, and have it just work, then right on. Till then, shut up you fucking nerds. Just shut the fuck up.

  82. Krafty Says:

    I need to run Photoshop CS2 to make a living. What can Linux do for me today? Gimp is NOT equivalent. Apple upgrade needs $600+ for Mac version license. At least Adobe lets you deactivate your license if you want to move to a new machine!

  83. Mike Says:

    How childish. It is easy to tell who the amatures are. This license has been in place since XP was released. Are you guys just now getting around to reading the EULA? Where is the story in this?

    Have you heard much about this being a problem before? I think NOT! It would have hit the press LONG before this. If it has not been an issue since XP’s release, then why is it an issue now?

    How many of you are running bootleg software of some sort on your computers? A lot! You are the ones to blame for this every being part of the EULA.

    Oh, one more thing. The reason why you don’t see this with Apple is because they are not as easily upgraded like PCs are. Evertime you want a new Apple it comes with the OS installed and is included in the price of the new computer. Duh, see the similarity?

    Darn, I can’t get over how dumb this tread really is.

  84. Anonymous Says:

    # dummy Says:
    February 15th, 2006 at 2:34 pm

    So buy the retail copy. This is only talking about OEM version. BIG DEAL!


    You can’t buy a computer without it having Windows preinstalled unless you build the computer yourself. I doubt the average home user would be able or willing to do that. They take the preinstalled OEM version that came with the computer. They paid for that license so why shouldn’t they be able to transfer that license to any computer they want?

    MS is truly evil.

  85. cheater Says:

    So just get your OS from the MSDN subscription at work…

    Sheesh, it’s not like Winders costs anything to begin with. ;)

  86. HappyJoe Says:

    “I love It” What MS do not understand is the more they rip off the user then the more rebellious people become. Hackers feel more comfortable ripping off the giant. This is great news as it means when i search for a MS crack or patch i’ll find one. Keep up the good work MS

  87. Yuhann Says:

    Well, MS is doing this to keep their revenue inline with their expectation.
    They’re already making enough money and eventually the market is going to saturate (like Dell)
    So how do they boost their bottom line? by opening more avenues for $$

    1. Restrict the amount of installation per software (like this post is about).
    2. Implement annual licenses for software (forcing people to pay per period)
    3. Implement pay per use (constant revenue)

    Eventually this will backfire, I don’t know how long, but it will get them.

  88. Chris Taylor Says:

    THis is why all my copies of XP are still in there shrink wrap in my desk drawer. I have 3 machines that run XP Pro Corporate and in my drawer are 3 Shrinkwrapped copies of XP PRO and also my license for XP HOME that I dont use but I keep it anyway (MY laptop one of my 3 machines came with home)

    I do not recognize activation or hardware locking as legal. I do not recognize there right to dictate how I use my software and how Often I change machines and I never will. it is not there right. period.

    If I can not “bypass” software features to avoid activation or hardware locking I simply elect not to purchase it. period.

    I will never honor activation or hardware locking I consider illegal and no lawyer law or corporate critter will ever change my mind.

    I also plan to do everything in my power to MAKE THIS law.

    Chris Taylor

  89. Wrathernaut Says:

    So what if I buy my OEM copy of windows with a hard drive, DVD burner, or other piece of hardware? That’s what it should be “attached” to.

  90. double dingus Says:

    Why are you tards running XP in the first place? If you simply -must- runs windows, 2k is still where it’s at.

  91. Anonymous Says:

    “I also plan to do everything in my power to MAKE THIS law.”

    Haha, you arrogant shit. As if you could make any difference!

  92. rich Says:

    i can just “borrow” the a “new” copy from my friend, my friend called limewire pro who i also “borrowed” lol yea but then two wongs dont make it right , but it does make one hell of an excuse

  93. Trash Says:

    Frankly I dont like the microsoft business practices and for that I have migrated slowly but surely to GNU/Linux. Don’t like microsoft? DON’T USE IT and get over yourself. If you USE microsoft then stop bashing them. I don’t use them because I dont belive in their business practices but I am not gonna sit here with stupid comments about f-this and sh-that…just get over it and live your own lives…yeesh

  94. Roomba Says:

    just do not be a cheap fuck head and buy the retail version. you should get fucked for buying the OEM. As your computer probably is no longer original equipment. get it OEM?

  95. Kurrick Says:

    So sad “steal this, borrow that, ” If all the thieves and borrowers out there would just pay for the things they get it would cost allot less for just about every thing.

    All this did was set a standard by which MS can control there product.
    No diffrent than any other product out there.

    Last thing, only people i see doing the bitching are the ones who do the stealing and the borrowing to begin with. For you out there doing this. Just remember Karma does exsist and will collect its due.
    It the mean time let the business man out there keep practacing his business. No matter how successfull that busness man is.

    On a side note which one of you who are stealing software gave away 30% of you net income for one year, In the same year you LOST 30% of your net worth.

  96. Willie Dee Says:

    No problem, I’ll just warez it like I’ve done with Win 3.1, 95, 98, Me, XP, and soon, Vista. Never have paid for windows, never will.

  97. Anonymous Says:

    Anyone who has bought a OEM licence to a MS product knows about this it is nothing new. It is still B.S. I bought my OEM licensed software with a screw. It should be tied to that screw nothing else. When I retire my current machine XP will move with me and I will reactivate it because the old motherboard died (when it hit the trash can) so I replaced it. Simple solution to the problem.

    To the Linux people. Yeah switching to Linux would be the best solution but honestly nothing I need to run will run under Linux so until those apps move to it I can’t move to it either. I already use linux for my mythbox and can easily set up one for a firewall but other than that I can’t do anything else with linux. This little OEM licensing issue will only convert a few people at best to linux, but overall it won’t make any significant gains. People will either buy a new copy of XP or they will install the pirated version. That is really the bottom line.

    My biggest objection to the activation BS is when MS stops support for XP. What happens then? They could EASILY just say we will no longer allow XP activations and FORCE everyone to upgrade to whatever version of Windows is out there.

  98. Pir8 Says:

    This is why I steal windows

  99. mark Says:

    This will just spark more piracies cause of BS like this.


  100. Homer Simpson Says:

    Mmmmmmmm… 64 slices of who fucking cares.

  101. andrejoid Says:

    First of all, I am both a Windows and Linux user.
    I really hate fanatics who think Linux is the $hit and same goes for Windows only users.

    Both systems have their cons and pros.
    I like both systems for various reason. I believe desktop only user have no idea when they’re bashing one or the other. Systems are not only about interfaces; there are both great microsoft and linux server programs out there.
    If someone is happy spending hours or days setting up and tweaking their linux desktop to their liking or just to get the same functionality they get from windows right out of the box so be it. If someone prefers Linux for it’s security, stability and yes even simplicity to “configure once”, leave running stable for years without having to reboot even after applying security patches, so be it.

    I like both systems and they all have a lot to offer. I enjoy learning about computers and it’s always good to have alternatives to widen your perspective, or do things that would not be possible if you’d have to stick just with one system. Also open source community drives a lot of positive change in commercial software.

    As far as licenses go, choose what is right for you. Don’t expect OEM to be equal to retail version. Microsoft owns the system, you just buy a license for it. Their licensing policies may be questionable maybe even unfair, but there’s not a whole lot you can do about it. If you don’t like the OEM agreement, go retail or install whatever other system you want.
    And please don’t say all software should be free. It takes resources to write software both for either hobby or living.

    So, all you lamers advocating Linux and knowing maybe 10% of what both Windows and Linux systems are capable of, stop bashing because it is lamers like you that are hurting the Linux community the most.

  102. Dean Says:

    Why is it that so many of the anti-MS crowd are still running Windows? If you don’t like it, change!

    I mean, I too think the rule is bullshit, but unless you’re prepared to pay for the retail version, I’m afraid it may be necessary to suck it up and pay :(

    By the way, with my current CPU, I’m on my third motherboard, all different, but when I got this one, I formatted, and now run Linux-only, and am seriously considering my next computer to be a Mac.

    I won’t run a pirate version of Windows anymore, because it’s impossible to update it, and naturally, that’s a security problem waiting to happen.

  103. Tux9656 Says:

    All you have to do is take a saw and make a very small cut on to the edge of your old motherboard where there are no circuits running. The result is a “defective motherboard” that gets replaced with a new one. The old motherboard may still be in working order, but still contains a physical defect. I guess Microsoft isn’t as smart as they’d like to think.

    Merriam-Webster agrees. From Merriam-Webster online, a defect is an imperfection that impairs worth or utility. Granted utility may not be impaired, but I certainly would not pay the same amount for a motherboard with a cut in it as I would for one with no cut. Hell, even opening the box and removing the motherboard impairs worth. Open box items do not and will not sell for the same price as ones in the original sealed box. Therefore, opening the box causes the motherboard to become defective.

    Does the old motherboard have to be in use or just installed in the computer? I could certainly install two motherboards inside a computer case. Only one would be funtioning, the new one.

    You want to play dirty Microsoft? Then, let’s play dirty! You can dish it up, but can you handle it when it comes flying back?

    What’s the next step? You press your computers power button and all of the sudden a voice states, “You have chosen to boot Microsoft Windows. Please swipe your credit card to continue.”

  104. A.D Says:

    And if this is true ill be very happy, ive been wanting to learn how to use linux….and this will definately push me over the edge to pursue that wish and derail my procrastination to. Microsoft, youll be of your own demise.

  105. Anonymous Says:

    v bobrujsk bobrov

  106. Robert Smartypants Says:

    Anyone who upgrades to Linux for no other reason than to spite MS is an idiot, and a ignorant one at that; MS can couldn’t care less. They care about companies who switch to Linux to use for generic file servers and custom in-house apps written in Linux to avoid MS licensing. That’s what’s shaving off the low-end server sales of Windows 2003 from they’re bottom line; not the whiny babies who would rather play Suse solitare than Need for Speed - Most Wanted because they think they’re hurting evil Bill Gates. Get real folks. Linux is only free if your time is worthless. All sizable companies will behave as unethically as allowed by law when it goes aginst profits. That includes MS, RedHat, and Google.

  107. Aron Says:

    #104: I agree with you totally :] I like Linux AND windows, for different purposes of course, but when it comes to making a choice i’ll definitely go for windows.

  108. Locksmith Says:

    Well then i want my money back.

  109. Locksmith Says:

    I will hand in my windows95 and want my 200 bucks back

  110. Pineapple Says:

    I think I know why… they are losing money so they need every excuse to get money out of the user… lol maybe if they didnt make Vista the o/s for retarts they would make more money than xp… but i dont think so!

  111. Cahal Says:

    Another stupid idea from microsoft…. no other software company would pull this money grabbing pathetic bullshit. I hope they realise they are feeding the pirates and warez junkies….. I mean really why does Bill Gates need anymore money… unless he is planning to build Microsoft head quarters on Mars, stoopid twits….

  112. Dr Knowitall Says:

    You imbeciles need to learn to read.

    This articles refers to OEM licenses.

    Previously to qualify for an OEM version of Windows you needed to buy a hardware component from a list of specific components, ie HDD, Memory, Motherboard etc.

    What appears to have changed is that if you replace the component that qualified for the OEM license, you will need to buy a new license.

    This makes perfect sense to me.

    I think you guys have confused OEM licensing with Windows Activation which are completely different things!!!

  113. Jack Oneill Says:

    So is spilling Coffee all over my mother board or jumping up and down on it classed as a defect.?????????????

    Problem solved.

  114. WTF53 Says:

    Hmmm, I think this hurts enthusiasts the most. (Those that upgrade mobos on a regular basis, and tried to save money by getting the OEM license).

    Yeah, Linux or even BSD is an option, and I use it as well. But its highly dependent on how you use your PC. If you’re a frequent gamer of the most current games, then the few options you have may or may not work. (So you may end up dual-booting). Although one should seek equivalent alternatives, try WINE, then Cedega (if its a game) first.

    I have no problems running my favorite “Command and Conquer” games on a Linux box, or play the Linux ports of America’s Army, and Doom III. (Half Life 2 and BattleField 2 works, with minor issues, using the Windows-DirectX emulation layer called Cedega)…You can use the CVS version for free. (But you gotta put some work into it when you set it up, otherwise, buy the commercial version)

    I went with Linux because it offered me more than what Windows does. The flexibility. (and I enjoy helping newbies with it)…I also wasn’t able to afford licenses anymore (multiple machines at home).

    I do however, find this unsurprising from Microsoft. They have made various attempts to “encourage” people to upgrade to the upcoming Vista. This is all about trying to earn money from any segment that money can be extracted from….That’s all.

    I guess “desperate times call for desperate measures”. MS is gonna be finding it harder and harder to give reasons for people to upgrade to Vista.

  115. Sailor Enlil Says:

    As a few of the more rational people have said, this only applies to OEM licenses, which won’t be a problem for me since: 1. the computer I’m using which has an OEM version of WinXP Home is a Notebook PC (and changing its motherboard is simply out of the question, other than for major repairs) and 2. I got the Retail/FPP version of WinXP Pro for my self-built desktop PC (which has gone through at least 3 motherboard changes and 2 CPU changes since that OS’s first installation and activation).

  116. Locksmith Says:

    i want my money back

  117. deltabooy Says:

    Easy, drill a hole in the board to make it defective.

  118. psytech Says:

    huh? I don’t get it… I thought you can just download Windows for free from emule and other sites, why pay for it?

  119. Christopher Says:

    There is another problem that apparently Microsoft never thought of. What if the motherboard that is in your computer is not made anymore, and therefore you HAVE to buy a new motherboard, that is different from your first one?

    I had that problem when my EMachines computer’s motherboard died. EMachines no longer sold or stocked the motherboard for that model of computer, so they had to wheel and deal with a ‘rare parts’ dealer in order to get me a new motherboard, that would work with the drivers in my computer.
    This is going to become MUCH more common, since motherboard and ALL parts of computers are become obsolete so fast now.

    Even if it is an OEM copy, Microsoft should have an exemption where you call them, swear an affadavit that you are only using the OEM copy on one computer, and let you go from there.
    Motherboard replacement does NOT make a new computer, a new computer is one that is built totally from scratch, new motherboard, hard drives, CD/DVD Drives, Case, everything.
    Yet they should still let you call them up and say “I want to use my OEM copy on this computer” and get their permission to do so, period and done with, as long as you swear that you are only using it on one computer.

  120. Kaio182 Says:

    Era só oq faltava…

  121. Anonymous Says:

    All you need is a screwdriver to fix this problem. Just start taking parts off your motherboard…. oh no! It’s now “defective” I need to replace it!

  122. Software_Samurai Says:

    11. Rather than purchase completely new PCs, my organization performs in-place upgrades to the hardware on many of our computers. We often times only replace the motherboard, processor, and memory. Since the COA is still on the case and the OS is still installed on the hard drive, this computer is still licensed, right?

    ANSWER. Generally, you may upgrade or replace all of the hardware components on your computer and maintain the license for the original Microsoft OEM operating system software, with the exception of an upgrade or replacement of the motherboard. An upgrade of the motherboard is considered to result in a “new personal computer.? Microsoft OEM operating system software cannot be transferred from one computer to another. Therefore, if the motherboard is upgraded or replaced for reasons other than a defect then a new computer has been created, the original license expires, and a new full operating system license (not upgrade) is required. This is true even if the computer is covered under Software Assurance or other Volume License programs.

    Hmmm… What if I were to install an OEM copy of WinXP on, say, a USB Thumbstick, and then plug THAT into computer #1, boot it up, do some work, shut it down, then plug it into computer #2 and boot it up? Have I just breached the license? How will M$ handle this little pickle, I wonder!

  123. Andrew Says:

    hmm i think i could make my motherboard defective really quick with my freaking hammer… would this count? lol

  124. Al Says:

    IANAL, but it may be illegal for them to charge you to move your license to another computer. Software licenses are typically “for use on a single computer”. Regardless of whether changing the motherboard creates a “new personal computer”, you still have a license for use on a single computer.

    Also, it is clearly arguable in any court that upgrading a motherboard, while creating a “new personal computer” (under Microsoft’s definition, which I disagree with), also destroys the old computer. Finally it is easily arguable that although ‘Microsoft needed to have one base component “left standing? that would still define that original PC.’ in reality this doesn’t actually define the original PC whatsoever and Microsoft can’t simply assert that it does because the license system they’ve built needs this in order to function properly. People upgrade their motherboards and CPUs all the time. I’ve done it several times - to create a “new personal computer” I also have to attach the old motherboard to RAM, a video card, a hard drive, a chassis, a PSU, a keyboard, a mouse, and a monitor. I also have to install Windows on that new hard drive before Microsoft have any legal claim to a license for the new machine.

  125. Wedge Says:

    Hey I think of this as a windfall for the school systems. Adding $200 to the upgrade cost might make most people just pruchase a new computer and they can give to old one to schools.. Or maybe we’ll just fill our landfills faster with old pc’s. Bout the best spin I can put on it. Now off to the doctors to get my arm fixed.. I seemed to have fallen out my chair after reading this..

  126. Chris Says:

    1. Replace motherboard.
    2. Install XP with a legal OEM Product ID.
    3. Activate.
    4. If it fails, call the toll-free number and provide the activation code.
    5. Answer all the questions they ask, like:
    5A. “Why are you reinstalling?” - Old installation, wanted to clean up, bad hard drive, etc. Probably not good to mention the MB, just to avoid confusion.
    5B. “How many CPUs is this copy installed on?” Duh! Don’t say “Many” or “I don’t know”, say “One” thankyouverymuch!
    6. They should give you a new activation code. It’s not really a big deal. I have done this more than once. It has never been a problem and usually takes less than 10 minutes.

  127. james Says:

    read the eula moron! OEM software has always been that way!!! thats why you spend a few more bucks and get the retail version.

  128. fadumpt Says:

    Not all OEM pc’s are your typical “compaq” or “dell”.

    Where I work, we make part of our profit (which is little as far as building a computer) off of the OEM licensed software. We also don’t bog the system down with preloaded crap, only enough software so we don’t get the call “my dvd won’t play” or “it want’s me to download this adobe thingy”…

    Yes it’s been illegal to transfer your OEM license to a new computer, but this is saying “new motherboard” in your computer…is that different?

    but yeah, you call the phone number, make the Rep happy and you have an install. Now if Microsoft starts enforcing this…that’s another story….

    “Along with the $300 we are charging to upgrade your hardware to new specs, we also need to charge you another $200 for a new license of Windows XP, cuz your old license is invalid now.”

    “um….how about I just buy a $299 Dell then”


  129. REX Says:

    On one hand Microsoft complains about the amount of piracy that they encounter with their operating systems and on the other hand, they put out this utterly vile crap. Looks like every time I change a motherboard out on my system, it’ll be because of a defevtive motherboard. I think Redmond it getting quite a big head lately. One day it’s going to implode in on itself by going too far. I hope I’m around to see it .

    Screw you Microsoft!!!!!!!!!

  130. REX Says:

    Does this include NFR copies like the one I got at an AMD show last year??????

  131. _Mac_ Says:

    Just think when all the OEM vendors have to replace a motherboard under warranty. They will probably have to replace the chasi with the pid on it also to comply with MS. Makes no sense because you never enter a pid on an oem machine, the key is built into the oem disk & is pre-activated by the bios of the oem machine.

  132. fILENOTFOUND Says:

    This is all irrelevant…it is presently possible to back up your activation file and replace it at boot in DOS..or even change keys and applicable system activation files as well as Genuine advantage which is now cracked…so all there greedy schemes are pointless until they come up with a more secure OS.

  133. Anonymous Says:

    You have to look at this from a neutral standpoint, i was enraged when i saw this. but some simple thinking calmed me down. Yes, people with money can say “well just buy retail and its yours for good”. well thats all good and simple, but the reason people buy oem is because of there reliability and price. I dont believe bill gates is even ceo of microsoft anymore. so most likly this isnt his decision, if it is, ohwell hes old and dieing.

  134. Dohhh Says:

    That way piracy grow ! Idiots

  135. Anonymous Says:


  136. I _hope_I_win_Lotto Says:

    Cause if I do I will give half a billion so Linux can bring tech to the world for all to use thru open source………..think bill think…….

  137. namo Says:

    Linux, linux, blah, blah, All OS’s suck for one reason or another, if you like linux thats fine, but Im so sick of hearing about how “we all should switch to linux”, and it kinda makes sense that oem windows should only be intended for the original machine it came on. Microsoft is a money grubbing devil corporation though

  138. GhostOfAnOnion Says:

    Im not sure why everyone is so shovked and surprised. The OEM Licence of microsoft windows has always been licenced to 1 machine, Its just the legal definition of a PC System has now been grounded. It not new or differant this is the way it’s been since XP came along.

    So Go Buy a Mac… Or Install linux.. whatever, personally , from a proffesional standpopint I ring the Microsoft dudes and tell them I’m locked out of my pc and unless they give me a new key I’m about to call a lawer and have a bill for my time sent to their supervisor. Dosn’t always work but ussually in 15 - 20 minutes one of microsofts helpfull Tech Support staff is willing to give me a new validation for my system.

    By the way, as a Linux and Windows user I need to say one thing. Windows sucks, but linux blows

  139. Big Jigga Says:

    What the fuck. If you don’t run Linux then you’re a faggot. Period. Only closet faggots run Windows, and the biggest faggots use fruity Mac OS X. If I go to someone’s house the first thing I do is check their computer, and if I find they are running Windows or Mac OS X then I take a piss right on their keyboards. Then I piss on the monitor so when they turn it on, it explodes. That’s how you deal with non-Linux using faggots. Linux is for real men.

  140. tman Says:

    WTF!!! lightning hit my neighbour’s property last year chain link fence’
    went through the power lines,, fried out the motherboard’s of 2of my pc’s.
    This storm knocked out the whole suburb..
    Went to my local repair place, to by some replacements boards and there were some people in the store with the same story.
    I bet this is happening right now somewhere in the world as you are reading this…
    What did I read many years ago about Billy Gates money if you were to divide his fortune by the world population it would be equall to everybody paying him 14$ or something like that to him.
    Lets face it he won the monopoly game.
    Lets play a new game or something else LOL..

  141. weird Says:

    can’t wait for E17 Enlightenment! Still have my fingers crossed for the OS thats as stable as linux as pretty as OSX and has the software support of windows.

  142. Anonymous Says:

    Yawn. Always been the case for OEM licences. That’s why they’re abotu 1/6th the price of a retail license.

    Get a life people. Old, old, old news, just like all the other ‘relevations’ in this thread like; Linux is better (well, duh!), Microsoft is a virtual monopoly (well, blow me down, another big business), Microsoft want to make as much money as they can (oh my GOD, Noooooo … a business wanting to make money ? WTF?), etc, etc, etc.

  143. J.C. Says:

    …. well this certainly explains a lot. I own an HP PC I bought a few years ago ’cause it was cheap. So I tossed some upgrades in, etc. No problems. Then, about a month ago, I decided to upgrade the BIOS..

    Windows suddenly decided I no longer had a valid CD key.

    ….. because the BIOS was upgraded. The motherboard didn’t change.. but I had to buy a brand new copy of Windows..

    Screw you Microsoft. With their logic, if you change the engine of your car, it’s no longer the same car.

  144. MH Says:

    “for reasons other than defect” - easy enough to create a defect!! - orange juice or screwdriver to motherboard time! This is nothing new just MS are starting to get stricter on enforcement. Personally I use linux as it works better than Windoze for the work that I do.

  145. Scott Says:

    from the article:
    Microsoft sent a memo to its OEM partners asking them to enforce this new policy, every time they upgrade a computer for a client.

    I think that many of the comments here fail to consider the above.

    Perhaps there are some OEM partners that are:
    a) offering customers “trade-up” or “upgrade” programs to newer computers at discounted rates
    b) avoiding Microsoft licensing fees while “upgrading” client computers
    c) transferring licenses to upgraded systems, circumventing Microsoft’s licensing agreement
    d) operating in a manner that could be construed as unfair competition by other OEM partners
    e) all of the above

    My bet - one or several OEM partners requested that Microsoft clarify fair use of OEM licenses as a result of other OEM partner(s) business practices. While many of you view this as an attack against your rights as an individual consumer, I doubt that Microsoft is targeting end consumers with said statement.

    Software piracy in certain areas of the world is undoubtedly out of control. Hard copies of counterfit Microsoft products reach the end consumer. Invalid licenses of Microsoft products reach the end consumer. What would you be more pissed at?

    a) Microsoft publishing clarifying statements regarding the use of OEM licenses and distributing the statements to their OEM partners

    b) walking into a computer shop and buying a new computer and later finding out your copy of windows was invalid and that you have no recourse.

    Personally, I dont care if you use Windows, Linux, or a block of stone and a chisel as your operating system. I doubt that Microsoft is suddenly going to concern themselves about [], who represents a fraction of a fraction of a percent of Microsoft’s customer base, plugging in a new motherboard in their PC. I doubt the local police will arrive at []’s house after [] upgrades their motherboard. You can still activate Windows after a motherboard upgrade, although if you frequently clean install, you may be “troubled” by having to telephone Microsoft. Whoopie….

    Heck, If I could buy a Dell 400 today and use it for 2 years, then mail it back to Dell and get back a Dell 700 for a modest and nominal charge with a clean software install and some components updated…..

    The idea of the reduced price OEM license is to lower the overall cost of the system to place it in reach of the average end consumer. All of you reading this post are already “above” the average end consumer, albeit many of your comments do not reflect so.

  146. HARI OM PRAKASH Says:

    Shhhhhhhhhhhhh…………….. I m allergic to Bullsh*t!!!!!!!!!!!

  147. Kuru Says:

    one more reason why i’m happy with “my” prof corporate…
    runs very smooth since three years…

  148. Marcelo Says:

    God save Linux! Micro$oft, go to the hell!

    UMBUTU, KURUMIM, SLACKWARE, DEBIAN, all the REAL O.S. it´s better than your system!

    KURUMIN (portuguese) >>> http://www.guiadohardware.net/guias/03/

    SLACKWARE >>> http://www.slackware.org/


  149. Dimosthenis Says:

    Time to see another OS. Time to see Linux.

  150. michael Says:

    They just adopted this policy from eMachine. A friend of mine recently ordered a new motherboard to replace a defective one. Different brand (who knows what eMachine used - the new one is IBM), but same chipset. However, eMachine installations of XP won’t activate against a new motherboard unless it was bought from eMachine. Instead of buying an overpriced eMachine motherboard, or buying a copy of Windows, he let me upgrade his computer to Ubuntu. He has never been happier.

  151. Steve Says:

    “# Big Jigga Says:
    February 16th, 2006 at 10:28 pm

    What the fuck. If you don’t run Linux then you’re a faggot. Period. Only closet faggots run Windows, and the biggest faggots use fruity Mac OS X. If I go to someone’s house the first thing I do is check their computer, and if I find they are running Windows or Mac OS X then I take a piss right on their keyboards. Then I piss on the monitor so when they turn it on, it explodes. That’s how you deal with non-Linux using faggots. Linux is for real men.”

    OK please come to my house. I’m sure you won’t leave walking.

  152. HAVIC Says:

    Yet another ploy by Micro$oft to squeeze yet more undeserved dollars out of people

    Perhaps if their buggy software wasn’t so grossly overpriced then people might actually consider purchasing a legit copy from time to time

  153. Goody Says:


  154. Someone Says:


  155. John Says:

    Screw it that’s the last straw…I’m buyig a Mac and i’ll learn to like it.

  156. RamiK Says:

    I guess this is some of Vista/Longhorn leagl crap we are about to see as with every new MS-OS that came along in the past. I can’t understand why pepole that aren’t gamers use windows ? look, its very simple:

    pros: Free, Fast, Reliable.
    cons: Time-consuming (so indirectly not free), requires a lot of
    knowledge and experience, not good for word prossesing and
    spreadsheets - untill office 2007 reach every house and
    office in mid 2007, Open-Office will remain not fast
    enough for large file prossesing (Office 2k7 will use Zipped
    XML based files just like OO so their preformance issues will
    be identical and will be resolved by the improvmants in
    computing power). not many games.

    pros: Low-Cost, Fast, Easy, Reliable, Usable.
    cons: not fully compatible with PC hardware,Not many games.

    pros: wide-spread,usable,compatible, almost all games are made
    for windows and non of the good ones are exclusively
    cons: cost, preformance, some issuas of reliability (-worst problems
    with linux but linux users mostly know how to handle
    themselfs much better then windows users so you just don’t
    hear complaints, MAC has almost no problems, target for
    viruses and hackers - windows is a big target and as such is
    is targeted by every 14 year-old wanabe, althou linux is much
    more easly hacked being open-code (if everybody knows the
    cookie is in the jar, do you really think the owner of the jar will
    move them before someone will steal one ???).

    In the end all of this dosen’t matter ‘couse pepole use what their used to from their office - ms-windows; gamers will play on the
    system that delivers most games - windows- to prove this look at the pepole who use macs and you notice most are graphic desingers
    and alike; linux users are IT pros or “home programmers” and
    such enthusiasts that find in linux the same appeal a child finds in
    lego - it’s challenging and fun to mess around the os for some just
    like its fun for others to mess around the car engine.

  157. Timt49 Says:

    i have an original cd of xp pro oem (pre sp1). when i do a reinstal i use the product key that came with it. but the cd that i install from came with my hp laptop because it included sp1. i’ve used that cd to slip stream in sp2 and then went from there. my desk top has been thru numerous motherboard, hard drives and video cards. it’s always changing. recently i changed motherboard and 2 hard drives (raid 0). installed xp and activated it over the internet (3 times, 1 hard drive was bad) after replacing the bad hd and reinstalling. it activated just fine over the internet. (4th time) i do remember having to call them once or twice. i tell them motherboard upgrade, the old one died and there’s no problems other that reading and entering a long string of characters….

    the old motherboard ends up someplace else along with the old hardware.

  158. Sir Spinsir Says:

    Doesnt make sense to me. The OS goes on your hard drive, and finds new hardware when you install a new Mobo. The only time you would need to reinstall and worry about being prevented from activating because you have new hardware is if you swap or reformat drives and have to do so.

  159. Morel Says:

    Who pays for MS software in the first place?

  160. Doghucat Says:

    Had to call MS a couple times now when i replaced motherboard and I always tell them the previous board went bad no matter why I am having to reactivate and have had no problems with MS what so ever.You can make this as hard or as easy as you want

  161. Maddog Says:

    More stupidity i never ever see

  162. Patella of Doom Says:

    This is the most tard filled thread I’ve ever seen. It’s OLD NEWS! lolz…

  163. CD2oo6 Says:

    wat tok cock is this??? bullsh**ting la microsoft

  164. timtim ta tim Says:

    Yes, use linux….. no software, no games, no compatibility, limited hardware support. but oh yeah no spyware.. wow! now you can’t run photoshop and all the killer games, but at least while youré staring at your blank linux screen doing absolutely nothing, you won’t get any spyware wow :-/

  165. Another Says:

    Hmm I think see a pattern First Vista is going to have stronger DRM at Kernel level. Then Vista requires HDCP Connections through to display to View HDVD in HD. Next Halo2 for the PC will only work on Vista because of blah blah blah requirements even though Halo2 for Xbox works on a sub 1gig cpu and windowsxp under directx 8 etc.. Now all OEM motherboard upgrades will require a new License (and yes the new license for a mobo upgrade is new though the major hardware upgrade requirement has been their all along but in the past MS has stated that a Major upgrade entailed a mobo, cpu and HD upgrade or some other major upgrade changing segnificantly parts of the machine within a specified period of time to cause the reactivation of the OS) the very year vista is supposed to finnally ship.

    Sounds to me like MS is trying to hedge their bets by forcing people to rebuy the license with a motherboard upgrade which will surely generate quite a few new license purchases but once Vista comes out what happens? Will MS and OEM’s still offer new XP licenses or say well were not offering XP anymore but you can upgrade to Vista for X$ more, how many would refuse seeing as they have really no choice? It would give MS a faster and guarented source of Vista upgrades.

    Downside it would require MS to drop OEM and retail licenses for XP at Vista launch time or shortly afterwards OEM is not really a problem as they move to the new OS as it ships to them but retail is something MS generally doesn’t end support for a while after the release of the new OS so this would be something new and something that if MS does would prove that this is what they intended all along to force an OS upgrade onto OEM owners who make up a good chunk of PC machines in the public today.

    A thought that came to mind while i was reading the posts but it does make sense when you think about it.

  166. domjdizzle Says:

    another reason to pirate the damn crappy ass software to begin with…

  167. matt Says:

    Thats the first ever news Ive heard from Microsoft thats made me want to change to something like Linux, I upgrade my motherboard about once every 2 years but keep everything else along the way and now I have to buy Windows again even tho my perfect copy is on my shelf??????

    They are going to create pirates out of normal users.

  168. open system user Says:

    time to consider OPEN SYSTEM, LINUX, UNIX, MAC OSX etc.

  169. The Doctor Says:

    Don’t you think Microsoft’s looking tired?

  170. Someone Says:

    These is about the Windows XP OEM and not for the XP Retail versions

    How many guys have bought a Computer with a XP OEM OS installed ??

    Not me :)

    Maybe someone must change the Headline of the article to something more appropriate

    New Mobo = New Windows XP OEM license (if you have)

  171. Necrosis Says:

    Not many of us but still lots of folks buy OEM copies for their systems.

  172. Fred Says:

    This is the very reason Vista will become Big in the Piracy world…

  173. Pyrate Says:

    Not to worry - All will be fine, there will be plenty of copies to go around. The harder they try the the easier for us pirates.

  174. timtim ta tim Says:

    Mac OS X is not an “open” system. Plus, you have to buy Apple’s 200% overpriced hardware to get it, which makes it an even worse company than microsoft, but people fail to realize that since they’re too busy bopping to their gay iPods. You’re stupid if you buy Apple.

  175. arlekin Says:

    Such license type is illegal in many countries.
    I’ve paid for this OS and i will use it as long as i want.
    Because i’m not buying right to use it on one machine, but right to use it for myself. No matter how many motherboards i will change.

  176. Drummerboy Says:

    The is regarding “OEM” licenses only (manufacturer-installed/provided). If you buy the OS in the store this does not apply. This has been the case for a couple years at least. I believe this is more against companies that try to move licenses from one system to another or upgrade their servers. Microsoft does not care that much about home users. There are plenty of other reasons to hate M$.

  177. Basuraiga Says:

    This is fuck. Die Windows die!! Linux Arise!!

  178. Name Says:

    Excuse me satan, I did not find that humorous in the least amount. If you could please refrain from using racist comments about blacks it would be much appreciated on behalf of the Jewish community. We are the people who started your revolution and hero, Dr. Martin Luther King. I’ll be heading to court now, I have a whole list of people I need to sue. DON’T EVER FORGET THE HOLOCAUST!

    What is this crap about?

    Holocaust is history…grow up and move on.
    The bad guys paid…end of it.

    Stop the crying.

  179. tj Says:

    all you complainers are dumb. listen this article doesnt matter unless you build your motherboards. and most of you all dont. and who cares if u got XP already shut the hell up.

  180. Sam Says:

    I read the the above postings and see that many people advocaats Linux to replace MS operating system. The idea is good but it may be difficult to attract home users to do so in the present moment. The reason behind it is a simply one but it seems very few people wish to have it mentioned. and the reason is COMPUTER GAMES. If anyone goes to the market and take a look, one can see that nearly all the computer games are written based on MS operating system and it is difficult to find one written in Linux. As the purpose for many home users to buy a home computer is to play computer games in addition to do works, how can one persuade these people to change their operating system to Linux if computer games for Linux is so scare in the market. I suppose it is only when cross platform computer games or large quanty of games that can be played in Linux system were available in the market, the downfall of MS operating system will come. Otherwise, it will be difficult for Linux to grow in the home market.

  181. Dooj Says:

    So in summary we have a Small Problem - if, as the post suggests, Microsoft count the replacement of a motherboard as the creation of a new computer - but will except replacement due to a defect –>

    Here are some definitions of defect, the first by the Oxford Dictionary:

    1) a shortcoming, imperfection, or lack
    2)The lack of something necessary or desirable for completion or perfection; a deficiency

    I generally will only change motherboard if faulty or has a ‘defect’ =>ie a LACK of support for a new technology..

    IF I NEEDED TO I WOULD BREAK MY OLD BOARD TO FULFILL LICENSING AGREEMENT. THERE - IT IS DEFECTIVE NOW FOR SURE, ARE YOU HAPPY? - it is a pity, but I’m wanting to REPLACE THE BOARD ANYWAY NOT REPLACE WINDOWS!!! actually having seen what a retail version costs i could build a complete new box and put linux on it for less… IF MICROSOFT EVER FORCE ME TO NEEDLESSLY BUY AN IDENTICAL PRODUCT FOR NO REASON OTHER THAN $$$… I’m FINISHED and you will get NO more $$$ from me EVER - I have bought THOUSANDS of your products over the last 10 years as OEM - AND I WILL CEASE MY BUSINESS WITH YOU and RETRAIN for UNIX/Linux/MacOS and ACTIVELY SEEK TO MIGRATE MY CLIENTS so that you receive no future revenue from them. IN THE NAME OF RIGHTEOUSNESS SO DO I SWEAR!!! ok ok RANT OVER!

  182. Chris Says:

    MEHH greedy bastards, with the new validation stuff and now this bloody greedy wankers they need to be shot

  183. islander Says:

    It amazes me that so many postings here lack any clear intelligence in response or thought. Read a book, pickup a dictionary get out of your house. Consider it a favor to those with intelligence that you refrain from posting your ignorant, racist comments. By doing so you help to increase the perception that the human race is more intelligent than the comments you leave behind.

  184. Felix Says:

    This presents a potential problem for me.

    I built my own computer, and bought an OEM licence because I am my own OEM.

    What happens when I want to upgrade to a PCI-Express mainboard, or upgrade to a Socket 939 or M2 mainboard? I am still a legitimate user with a legitimate licence, and all other components are the same.

    The WPA hardware checking system was sufficient. There is no need to ream people who build their own PCs or cash-strapped educational licencees. Many schools can barely afford Windows site licences.

    Of course, you could always tell Mr. Product Activation Man that your old mainboard is broken. Social engineering always prevails.

  185. sparky404 Says:

    Microsoft do NOT own the hardware that you choose to place your operating system on and therefore cannot possibly dictate that you to buy a new licence for new hardware, if you have bought a licence then you indeed own that licence and you should be able to place the licenced operating system on any hardware you want providing that it will be the ONLY running installation at any one time.

    This should also be the case for pcs bought with the operating system pre-installed because the vendors are advertising their product with the operating system and not without it; when you buy one of these pcs, you are issued a product key and told that the operating system installed on your new pc is licenced to ONLY you, therefore you have bought a licence for the operating system inclusive with your new pc. if this is not the case then the vendors really are to blame for this mess for false advertising and telling you that you hold a licence when you dont really………

    Its common knowledge that hardware fails from time to time or needs upgrading when software and operating systems require more from the hardware as patches,bugfixes and upgrades are applied. This should not have anything to do with your licence even if it was bought bundled with a pc OEM style.

    OEM / Retail makes no difference, you have purchased a licence!

    Whether you take that licence to other hardware makes no difference PROVIDING thats its the only running installation at any one time.

    Microsoft are only the owners of the operating system and DO NOT OWN the hardware that you have installed it on…………..

  186. Mauritius Says:

    Hmm seems that is the only solution for Microsoft for making money as it sure is loosing it’s market and will continue loosing over linux. They are just preparing the dark age of microsoft and making people who are supporting them pay more money (Grab as much as they can when there still is time) I guess one day microsoft will end up with just a few user. Squeez microsoft squeez !! suck as much as you can, grab as much money as you can and make people still using your products Suffer, the death countdown of Microsoft is running fast.
    Guess what microsoft server will now have a unix shell in its new server and that will be runing on a Microsoft Kernel !!! lol Runing a unix enviroment on a crippled Kernel, if ever you run unix application which were bug free and crash free on that emulator
    it will sure crash now !!!! beware guys

  187. Paqarrizi Says:

    HI All
    i have instal my computer with windows xp sp2 retail with license from microsoft and now i have problem with it.
    Because my sytem was corrupted and i have format computer and i have save wpa.dbl and wpa.bak,after format i have backup wpa.dbl and wpa.bak on sytem32 through safemode.that did not work.
    PS.I did not change anything on hardware.
    can anybody help me to fix this problem

  188. Paqarrizi Says:

    HI All
    I have instal my computer with windows xp sp2 retail with license from microsoft and now i have problem with it.
    Because my sytem was corrupted and i have format computer and i have save wpa.dbl and wpa.bak,after format i have backup wpa.dbl and wpa.bak on sytem32 through safemode.that did not activated windows xp sp2 retail.
    PS.I did not change anything on hardware.
    can anybody help me to fix this problem
    sorry for it but i have chhange text

  189. Chad Says:

    The only reason I wanted to upgrade my CPU and Motherboard was to be able to upgrade to Windows Vista… I guess Windows doesn’t want me to do that… Oh well I suppose I’ll stick with XP…. nothing wrong with it anyway.

    Microsoft just made this rule because Vista is coming out soon and they would rather everyone buy the Full 200$ version rather than the 100$ upgrade. It may not be illegal, but it is unethical to treat their customers like this.

    I don’t care whether you bought the OEM, Full, Upgrade, preinstalled, etc.. Version, if you bought Windows in whatever form, you should be able to keep it after an upgrade!

  190. olly Says:

    u all nerds and crazy

  191. olly Says:

    ur all naughty nerds from cuzo

  192. cuzo Says:

    ur r all very naughty nerds that need to be punished
    PS ph 47771289 for good time

  193. Brad Hayman Says:

    If you upgrade from 1 platform ie pIII to p4 or significant hardware changes you can use sysprep but you must first set computer section in device manager to standard PC and use the revbuild mass storage switch in sysprep to give you significant disk or io changes.
    I have 1 preped image that can be used on IBM, CompaQ, Dell of any other Clone

  194. Mac Says:

    I’ve got a Mac, 3 PCs with OEM and /or full retail Xp on the PCs. Yesterday I put Linux Suse on one PC. Then I went to NewEgg, ordered a new mobo, proc, etc. When my order arrives, Linux will be installed. I cannot justify the hassle of getting their permission to use what I purchased according to their rules.

    Windows clearly has more options (quality software) than either Mac or Linux but the decisions they are making regarding license has driven me away from them after working with Microsoft since 1984 by using their products. It has been a slow process for me to absorb that when I lay down the cash for a product (software) they take the money but retain ownership of what I just paid them for. I can no longer support that concept of business.

    Granted, MS has a problem with illegal use of software. Could $299.00 per copy of retail Xp have anything to do with that? That is => than the cost of an average mobo, proc, ps, etc. combined. OSX was $120.00 on the Apple Store when it came out and $99.00 dollars days after it’s release at many other stores. My copy of OEM Xp was $150.00. Linux OS purchased retail is around $50.00, free for some versions.

    What is needed is to break the monopoly on main stream computer usage. Mac is a great product. Xp is a great product. Linux looks good but I am to new to it judge it just yet.

    In my opinon, Microsoft is doing damage to itself with inflated cost and extreme restricitons on how you purchase is used. You have to be very dissapointed to walk away from something that works well but that is what I am prepared to do. I have contacted Microsoft support before, since they now out sourse this I could not understand what the represenative was saying.

    I encourgage Linux to keep up the good work, refine your products more and more. I encourage Mac to keep up the good work, you have a great product. I encourage Microsoft to keep up the good work but to realize that no matter how good you are, there is a limit to what the consumer will tolerate regarding cost and restriction of use. I also encourage the mainstream hardware companies to support Mac and Linux better. If we all had a standard, think of the increased market share!

    Lets make computers fun again and sell the product based on quality and usage, not legal threats. If it is hard for me to have a hobby, then I just won’t have that hobby anymore.

  195. Steve Says:

    You are exactly right Mac!

    Microsoft is a monopoly, engaging in anti-competitive practices and price fixing. This was proven in a court of law, to have been going on since 1995. If you want proof, go to a Microsoft system builders seminar. They have one in about every region of the country about once a year. I was at one, a little over a year and a half ago, when I discovered the - change the motherboard = buy a new license - policy. When the nice spin-control lady behind me tried to tell me how “reasonable” all this was, I interrupted her and replied ‘Ma’am, that is obscene’ She had no answer to that. If you ever read all the legal mumbo jumbo in the license, you will discover that you did not buy a license like you thought that you had. You only purchased a lease, with no enforceable fair use rights. I consider that to be deceptive marketing practices as well.

    Microsoft seems to consider every serviceable used computer to be one more PC that they need to make obsolete. They even build-in deliberate planned obsolescence features to ensure that your PC will get slower and slower the longer that you use it. Two examples; 1. Put in a scratched up CD or DVD and try to play it too many times and it will get slower and slower until finally it will never work again, unless you know the work around to reset the bug in the registry. 2. When you defrag your hard drive, the Master File Table MFT never gets defragged, unless you know to buy one of only two or three after-market defrag programs that will do it at boot time.

    I have been using and repairing computers since 1979 when the floppies were 8 inches across, there were no video monitors and only a “fast” 300 baud teletype printer for output. When I build a computer I build it to be useful, efficient, reliable and upgradeable for 8 to 10 years, not 3 to 5.

    I call myself a Microsoft Disgusted Solution Provider because most of my customers think they want to use Windows. To make Windows fairly secure enough to use reliably for business you have to add seven to eight more layers of security. That is so lame, that I consider that to be yet another deliberate planned obsolescence feature as well.

    You ought to read the new license you have to “agree to” to become a Microsoft System Builder “partner”. It makes you become the exclusive fiduciary of Microsoft. I consider that to be a conflict of interest. When a customer is paying me their hard earned money to work for them, my fiduciary duty is to them alone not some Micro-monopoly mega corp in Redmond. I refuse to steal from them, I refuse to pay $200 for an OS or Office Suite either. I have switched to Open Office v2 now and have been learning how to deploy Linux for the last few years.

    Enough is enough Mr. Gates, I’m gonna keep telling the truth on ya until enough folks can figure our what kind of company it is that you run. You remind my of a next door neighbor boy that I considered to be a friend until when he had to move, he tore down the tree house that we had built together in my yard. Play nice now Billy, and stop with the bait and switch. I have watched you deliberately break every operating system that you have sold since Windows 3.1 at the end of the product “lifecycle.” Windows 3.11 it was the last Win32’s “update”. Windows 95, it was the last online windows update available. I saw that one coming, I already had a Windows 98 CD in my hand when I hit the “update” button only to watch it crash my well maintained system. ‘It’s been 7 years, this is the one’, I said to myself. I remember when you stole the enter button away from Netscape back in the good old days of the “browser wars.” They should have sued you on that issue alone. Nowadays, it’s the “Digital Rights Management” DRM Wars. Not all of your customers are blind, stupid, lazy sheep. You can only fool some of the people some of the time.

  196. trafford Says:

    I had a right dingdong with them over the phone about this , and accused them of stealing from me. At least Dick Turpin wore a mask.

  197. Anonymous Says:

    microsoft owns you it must die work on it

  198. Anonymous Says:

    All you have to say is it is a hardware change. No probs. I do it all the time at work.

  199. gp Says:

    Mac and steve, agree with u 100%

    This is lame. The so called biggest brains dont know how to control piracy of their sw, making their users suffer. As long as either motherboard, harddisk or cpu is the same, it should not be regarded as a new system.

    Move to linux or other os. Lets start supporting them. The more we use them, more programs will be written for those OS, and more hardware support. Lets leave MS-OS and its bugs to MS and bill

    Pay 200$ for a sw you can only use for 2 or 3 years that too no lease!!

    My windows 98, cannot install it anymore! the lease has expired so did my investment. What if i wanted to use it to just surf the web in one of my system? Should i upgrade to vista??!!!

  200. TooShy Says:

    I too have been building systems since before Windows was invented. I fought against it, because of all the problems Windows brought with it. PreWindows machines almost never failed unless there was a hardware problem. Load them and walk away. However, due to demand, Windows came and conquered all. The thing that I learned most about Microsoft during their upgrade periods is that they don’t care how any of it effects you. They reign supreme. You must comply to them if you wish to continue. They have recieved billions of complaints down through the years and as far as I can tell it hasn’t affected one discision they’ve made. It’s their ball court and their basketball. If you want to play, it’s their rules. It’s nice to have this outlet to moan and groan about the pain as we wipe the traces of vaseline off our behinds that Microsoft left from their last pass through, but it changes nothing. Microsoft will screw you anytime it wishes and you must yell, “THANK YOU SIR, MAY I HAVE ANOTHER!!!” This will continue untill Linux is able to run Windows programs and it’s platform is close enough that Windows users can switch over without training or downtime. The day that happens, the giant will fall. Until then, you’ll just have to lick your own wounds or have someone else do it if you can’t reach them. Preferably a Dell employee. They’re getting as bad a Microsoft…, but that’s another story….

  201. Proko Says:

    Would this work? I have a home network operating, four PC’s plus a server all running legit XP OS. One of the PCs is somewhat outdated but it would be a shame to just throw away its XP license when I upgrade the machine. Can I make an image of that PC’s harddrive, using something like DriveImage, then extract the image to the new PC’s hard drive. Assuming I can, then is there anything stopping me from extracting the same image to other PC’s??

  202. funculo Says:

    im just a beginner and new to this , i had to replace my motherboard did not know that you could not use your own,key code etc , i only know this because i keep receiving from microsoft to renew my windows xp because it is not genuine anymore, what do i do now there asking me to pay $216. st5uff that?

  203. M$ trash, Says:

    Geniuin protection?

    Come on….

    Cracking microsoft software, is like cracking a f@# egg.

    Just delete the dll and exe for wga prot.

    took me 1 minute.

  204. Edwin Climaco Says:

    That is clearly a ripoff. I’ll stick with Windows Xp.

  205. No catch free stuff Says:

    Just tell them is doesn’t work
    That’s what i would do

  206. eddy Says:

    fuck microsoft

  207. Ben Says:

    Imagine. If it were a car, and your engine died, in order to change your engine and drive the car, you would have to retitle the entire vehicle.

  208. Pheonix Says:

    Besides “Fuck you Microsoft”, I would also like to send a “Fuck you” out to all the motherboard manufacturers. Fuck you, I hope you all go fucking bankrupt you sawed off sadistic sons of bitches. I only use Windows 98SE, and I never paid for it…Bitches.

    Every goddamn time I try to find a motherboard that supports windows 98SE, I end up spending a fuckin week tied to my fucking computer chair in front of the goddamn screen, with 60 browser tabs open at once, dreaming of a time when I could actually find a GA-8KNXP replacement board for my main system. And I end up on Ebay buying some used piece of shit MSI 865PE Neo2-PFS boards from some idiot in China or Japan, and have to pay extra for shipping on top of that. Bastards. Fuck you Bill Gates.

    Fuck it, while I’m wasting my fucking time here laughing at all the lame ass idiots who like to bitch and moan about licenses I’ll never use, fuck all the online retailers also. I really hated searching their sites for socket 478 and not finding shit, just because they want to push the new crap out. My goddamn computer may be “old tech”, but how many of you fucking morons are even running at 3GHz. My system has been running at 3.65 GHz on air cooling for years. Fuck, I’ve even had my system overclocked up to 4.2 GHz just for the fun of it (and on air cooling only pricks). How many socket 775 pieces of crap would you fry before you could say that???Fuckers.

    And no you one fucking asshole sitting there with a smirk on your face, my 8KNXP died for other reasons, not because I overclocked it, you smug bastard.

    What the hell: Fuck all of you fucking jerkoffs who won’t take 2 minutes to throw in drivers for Win98SE anymore. I’m not buying all new shit just so I can do the same shit I’ve always done (play games with my kids on my lan at home). I think it’s pathetic what you miserable fucks are trying. And people wonder why the U.S. has gone to hell, if it’s not stupidity, it’s greed…………

  209. Pheonix Says:

    And to all the fucking diehard Linux fans who feel the same way I do about Win98SE, Fuck you. I’d rather be stuck writing batch scripts in ms-dos than wishing all my favorite games and programs were ported to Linux. I started on a TRS-80 writing programs to amuse myself as a kid, and I remember how annoying that was…

  210. magdy nabeih monuir Says:

    antivirus /by update activation of software

  211. Anonymous Says:

    viva!!!!!!!!! Captain Morgan….

  212. Captain Morgan Says:

    Bill Gates waitng for you to die fast man, leave us alone on earth.

  213. Captain Morgan Says:

    I have never paid and never will pay for any Microsoft software or OS, always get it for free, always free on line, jajajajajajajajaja.

  214. Dr,N.Mani thoi singha Says:


  215. Face Says:

    you dont have to buy a new lisence i had a laptop and a desktop
    and i put windows 7 home premium from my desktop
    to my laptop and activated it on my laptop and desktop fine just type in
    slui 4 in search box in windows 7 and activate it via phone

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