Five Things You Didn’t Know About Dual-Core Processors

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Dual core processors have been the subject of so much hype that perceptions about the technology seem to have trumped some of the realities.

Both AMD and Intel have posted Web pages in which they extol the virtues of their respective dual-core devices. That makes timely sense, since most industry watchers agree that 2006 is the year dual-core will become ascendant.

However, hidden in the such venues, and among numerous news stories on the subject, are some surprising and uncommon facts. Accordingly, we bring you five things you probably didn’t know about dual core.

  • Intel and AMD weren’t the first to ship dual-core processors.
  • Dual-core was forced on the industry by technical challenges, not proactively embraced .
  • Dual-core won’t necessarily make your computer’s clock speed faster, but it will boost your PC’s throughout.
  • Almost half of all PC users are still clueless about dual core.
  • Dual-core isn’t the last word on cutting-edge computing.

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