U.S. Grants Patent For AJAX

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The patent–issued on Valentine’s Day–covers all rich-media technology implementations, including Flash, Flex, Java, Ajax, and XAML, when the rich-media application is accessed on any device over the Internet, according to the patent holders.

A patent has been granted to a relatively unknown California Web-design firm for an invention its creator says covers the design and creation of most rich-media applications used over the Internet. The patent holder, Balthaser Online Inc., says it could license nearly any rich-media Internet application across a broad range of devices and networks.

Potentially tens of thousands of businesses–not only software makers employing its business processes but companies offering rich-media on their Websites–could be subject to licensing fees when they use rich-media technology over the Internet.

The patent–issued on Valentine’s Day–covers all rich-media technology implementations, including Flash, Flex, Java, Ajax, and XAML, when the rich-media application is accessed on any device over the Internet, including desktops, mobile devices, set-top boxes, and video game consoles, says inventor Neil Balthaser, CEO of Balthaser Online, which he owns with his father Ken. “You can consider it a pioneering or umbrella patent. The broader claim is one that basically says that if you got a rich Internet application, it is covered by this patent.”

“It’s kind of unbelievable that [the patent] has such a wide ranging use because it covers so many technologies,” says Bola Rotibi, a senior analyst at Ovum, an IT advisory firm in London. If the patent is enforced broadly, she says, “anybody who does anything with rich applications will have to pay royalties to the company.”

The patent, No. 7,000,180 or 180 for short, is entitled Methods, Systems, And Processes For The Design And Creation Of Rich-Media Applications Via The Internet. It contains 83 claims that encompass a wide range of rich-media Net application methods, systems, and processes.

How broad is the patent? Here’s what the patent abstract says it covers: A host computer, containing processes for creating rich-media applications, is accessed from a remote user computer system via an Internet connection. User account information and rich-media component specifications are uploaded over the Internet for a specific user account. Rich-media applications are created, deleted, or modified in a user account, with rich-media components added to, modified in, or deleted from the rich-media application based on information contained in a user request. After creation, the rich-media application is viewed or saved on the host computer system, or downloaded to the user computer system over the Internet.

Because he began developing the methods and processes more than a half decade ago, he believes he can prove his invention is novel and nonobvious, two requirements to get a patent, and can fend off any patent challenges from potential licensees who might contend the invention is neither new nor obscure. “Are we ready to defend our patent?” Balthaser asks. “Absolutely. We’re ready to defend it vigorously if we have to. But [litigation is] not the approach we’re taking in terms of licensing.”

Source: informationweek

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63 Responses to “U.S. Grants Patent For AJAX”

  1. Jose Says:

    I belive the U.S. patent have become a joke. please people do not grant patents just because they will give you a cut. Think in your country and the reason we are getting behind in technology is the copy rights and patents jokes

  2. Noch Says:

    There is NO way this patent can be enforced. A simple proof of something that came before it: Java Applets. They easily fall within the term “rich media delivered over the Internet” and yet they were available a decade ago (twice as long ago as the patent holder claims he “invented” this). Besides, this patent is as broad as me patenting the use of pixels on displays of all types.

  3. SirNuke Says:

    Ugh, the patent system is a mess. They are supposed to protect inventors, not allow people to be “finders keepers”. Fortunately, this patent [hopefully] won’t hold up in court.

    Someone should apply for a patent for the process of patenting common technologies and leaching off licenses while not actually producing the item the patent covers. Just to make a point.

  4. Anonymous Says:

    this retard didn’t invent diddle squat. i hope he never see’s a cent from royalites and gets run out of town big a mob brandishing burning brands and pitch forks.

    nothing but parasitic scum.

  5. NoBueno Says:

    This is ridiculous. Just another example of the U.S. Patent Office not knowing its ass from a hole in the ground. Worked in 1900 but not in 2000. Don’t they realize that this ‘patent’ includes 99% of the content on the internet? Patents stifle innovation.

  6. Wazza Says:

    Hmmm. If I read the patent blurb (and I’m no expert on this), it doesn’t sound like every internet page with rich content to me.

    This sounds like an online system for building rich-media content online. So, the way I understand it, you have to have an account on the server, log in, use services on this particular server specific to designing rich-media, save and publish your design. Not suggesting that there is no prior art for this, but it doesn’t sound as broad-sweeping to me.

    I agree with all other comments about how ridiculous software/code patents are.

  7. Anonymous Says:

    Wazza is being polite, the patent is wildly misrepresented by this article.

  8. drofnas Says:

    Gotta love the sue happy society I live in… Anything to try and get rich off of everyone else’s hard work.

    By the way did I ever tell you that I hold the patent on “Air”, I worked really hard on the concept of helping life flourish in the world. Now I can bring anyone to court and take them for all they are worth, or they will have to stop breathing.

    The wonderful US Patent office will allow me to patent anything. Gotta love it :-)

  9. Zach Says:

    This site has posted bullshit before, so I’m a little skeptical.

  10. Weeva Says:

    Actually, our economy does so well because of the patent system - it gives people the incentive to invent since they can then claim ownership to their ideas (this is why the US has been the leader in technology for the past 100 years.)
    As you say though, it will be extremely difficult for him to prove that he in fact created the technologies in question. Just because he filed for a patent does not mean he gets it ;) Here’s hoping that it remains that way :)

  11. Xuarius Says:

    Sounds more like patent pending to me. That is such a rediculous claim, a patent is for a new invention, and I’m sure this hits somewhere on someone elses and would be obivous based on other patents.

  12. SL33PY Says:

    Has anyone actually have a link to the patent request in question? On digg they linked the patent requests of the nintendo revolution before, so the patent discribed here should be available somewhere too.

  13. bz Says:


    I clicked on the link and sure enough this is NOT a hoax.

    Can any one verify that this @$$hole has been awarded, i.e. the patent is NOT pending.

    If yes, what the hell is wrong with the dumb ass USpatent examiners. We should not be paying taxes for these dumb ass.

  14. web Says:

    I think the article kind of exaggerated a bit. I agree with Wazza above. The patent only covers technology that enables creation of rich media apps using an online design tool (which is pro:fx). It has nothing to do with ajax. The article might be just riding the ajax wave (ajax is a very popular search keyword nowadays).

    here’s the patent owner’s site:

  15. Chuck Says:

    Weeva: Uhhh, I don’t think we’re the leader in technology. Ever hear of Japan?

  16. Crazed376 Says:

    Actually, let them have their patent. According to claim number nine, a mute button is not a feature of this rich media thing. So make sure to add a mute button and you can’t be sued. Really, this patent is the last straw, EFF should be taking the Patent Office to court for gross incompetence. The patent was filed in 2001 and many of the “rich media” technologies existed prior to that. They can’t touch XML, Flash, Java Applets, JS or even AJAX for that matter.

    Macromedia can easily get this patent revoked by showing off their Dreamweaver software. Lame.

  17. FroogleMale Says:

    This is a joke and in fact, I am furious about this; as are many developers who have been using this evolving open source way of making the Internet an easier to use environment.

    Just read my microsite (kindly provided by Google).


  18. Weeva Says:

    Chuck: http://www.weforum.org/site/homepublic.nsf/Content/Nordic+countries+and+East+Asian+tigers+top+the+rankings+in+the+World+Economic+Forum’s+2005+competitiveness+rankings

    (long links suck) I’m humbled: Finland beats both the US and Japan.

  19. DavidK Says:

    [quote=Wazza]This sounds like an online system for building rich-media content online. So, the way I understand it, you have to have an account on the server, log in, use services on this particular server specific to designing rich-media, save and publish your design. Not suggesting that there is no prior art for this, but it doesn’t sound as broad-sweeping to me.[/quote]

    Then I have prior art. I worked for a subsidiary of NTL called Premium TV, and we produced a full WYSIWYG site builder in JavaScript, and with a backend that started on Vignette (TCL) and ended up on Java. The tool we produced built rich media websites (searchable video archives for sports websites specifically… but hey, it also got used for searchable porn videos ;)).

    You needed an account with us, to log on. To define the structure of the site (not the pages, just the vague hierarchy of content), the content for each area, the layout, and all of the rich media stuff like the searchable video archive, the ability to make movies on the fly using JavaScript to manipulate Windows Media playlists, etc.

    We were not even the first though… I think it was Major League Baseball who did something similar at the same time but got to market first. So they also had something that would be prior art and date back to pre-2000.

    The patent is a joke.



  21. Observ Says:

    Maybe you idiots spitting out knee-jerk reactions to this piece should read the patent first? It is in no way a patent on AJAX techniques.


  22. ForgivenSinner Says:

    I patented a method for clustering pixels together on a computer display into tangible and understandable patterns, such as letters, numbers, and pictures.
    Just kidding.

    You might be able to sneak a patent through like that in the US, but it won’t work in the EU. The EU has a lot of resistance against software patents. And this patent here is more of a business method than anything else.

  23. Ryan Says:

    Does that mean the Macromedia, who I believe made shockwave flash now has to pay a company the rights to pu thier own invention on thier own website? What’s next?

  24. Jimmy Says:


  25. XTC Says:

    I’m gonna patent real time chatting :P… no wait, chatting is also covered by this… hm, but wasn’t real time chatting what internet started for anyway? :P i couldn’t even an e-mail with some pictures in it!!! this is stupid, and the guy is also stupid.

  26. abadincrotch Says:

    funk this BS!

  27. Lachek Says:

    No, the patent does not cover Flash, Java, and many other “rich-media” applications. In fact, both Flash and Java are specifically mentioned in the patent as other technologies enabling rich-media applications on the Internet, so their legitimacy is not questioned in any way. It is unclear to me how the author could possibly have overlooked that.

    As for AJAX and similar technologies, it is unclear to me whether this patent is written broadly enough to challenge it. The abstract of the patent certainly is, but the technical details appear very pro:fx centric and as such I’m not sure if it could be used in court. Technically, a user can “build” a rich-media enabled website (or “application”) on a server which can be “saved” on that server and potentially used by others, using AJAX methods. Of course, AJAX as a whole does not fall under the patents’ coverage because there are many uses of AJAX that would not fall under the patent at all - for example, Google Maps would not as the user cannot customize it (yet).

    Still, the USPTO should get a big smack for allowing the abstract to be as broadly defined as it is. Further, for the record, I disagree with the concept of software patents in general. However, this article is definitely sensationalizing the impact of patent No. 7,000,180.

  28. Dude Says:

    Weeva Says:
    Actually, our economy does so well because of the patent system

    So you don’t know that the USA is borrowing 80% of the WORLDS annual profit? approx 2.2 billion dollars a day?

    The USA is a superpower not because of it’s wealth, or knowledge , but just because it’s the biggest bully…

  29. [[Neo]] Says:

    I like how no one apparently reads the comments before commenting themselves. And then hundreds digg it to the front page.

    I agree with Wazza about it’s coverage - it patents the idea of hosting such a service to protect their business model…not the use of such code/features on a website.

  30. George Says:

    That’s about the biggest crock of BS I’ve ever read.

    I use AJAX here: http://www.onlyriddles.com

    And I vow to NEVER get a license MUHAUHAHAHAHAHAHAHA AHAHAHAHAHA ocughcoughwheezcough….. AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAA …. HAHA.. ehem :)

  31. Anonymous Says:

    If you look at their site it is the application called Pro:FX, an online design system that they have made that allows a user to implement the said technologies thru their server. In no way am I understanding that no can now develop anything with the technologies listed. You just can’t duplicate the application that they have created. Which in my opinion is smart. It protects something that they developed from copycats. I think the person that posted the news is reading too far into this.

  32. Kill_roytx Says:

    Check out there web page! They use java? Now that’s funny!!

  33. Anonymous Says:

    There are too many idiotic people in this world.

  34. apex Says:

    they cant even code front-end to meet standards. spare me.

  35. Lucas Oman Says:

    Wow, this is some bad reporting. Whoever wrote this either a) doesn’t understand what the heck this patent is about or b) is purposely misrepresenting this patent for the sake of gaining site traffic. Either is enough to make me never come to this site again.

    Honestly, you should just pull this article. Innaccuracies, exaggerations, and blatant lies abound.

  36. MikeTuesday Says:

    I agree with #34. This web page does a very poor job of presenting the information. I doubt I’ll come back to this site.

    By the way, a patent could be awarded, but it would be voided if a challenge every proves successful. In other words, just because a patent was awarded, it does not mean that they truly have ownership. If someone else can prove that it is not an original piece of art, then the patent is null and void. In addition, they may have the patent but they may never be able to enforce it. Patents are a defensive legal mechanism, not offensive.

  37. web Says:

    The source of this article is http://www.informationweek.com but then this site had to change the title to “U.S. Grants Patent For AJAX” which makes it even more stupid.


  38. cde Says:

    First, the incentive to invent has long since been destroyed by huge companies (Like microsoft, sony, and hey, even aple to some extent) who not only patent anything and everything (patent pools) so that if an actual working product is invented by someone else, they can sue (Steal) for the rights by “previous art” (Which is why idea inventions should not be patentable, only working inventions with a even half assed prototype). And second, because they have the money to defend their patents. I could patent something today, that noone has ever even thought of and show proof of that, but if MS or the like come around and sue, I’d be SOL because I couldn’t defend myself in court due to hugely overprohibitive legal expensies.

    Second, people have been using sheel accounts for decades, which this patent tries to cover. Just because most shell accounts require command line apps, doesn’t mean there haven’t been java apps which allow logins with pictures and such.

  39. Anonymous Says:

    If you look at the actual patent you will see it is describing every possible gadget and component available to an internet webpage. I think these sneaky patent writers must have a brillant plan to wake up the patent community at large showing how completely ridiculous our patent system has become. It has become quite silly when anything can be patented even when one did not invent it. Another example would be patenting DNA sequences.

  40. It is quite useless to quote the Abstract Says:

    As you may know, the Abstract of a patent holds no legal weight whatsoever. It can describe something completely unrelated to the invention or even something already patented, but it matters not an iota. In fact, sometimes misleading Abstracts are written to confuse the or hide the patent from the competition. What is relevent are the Claims, and only the claims. Everything else may be considered rubbish.

  41. Anonymous Says:

    listen to yourselfs when you talk about a mute button… if you cant read, then dont write either…

    read the patent: it specifically states…

    “FIG. 118 is a decision table 993 of the steps performed by the local volume request processor that define the process for turning off a clip’s local volume.”

    thats a friggin mute button ass hat. so shut up. the patent is dumb and all the news sources making a big deal about this patent are also dumb (including this site, sorry but true…. change your title or issue a correction… AJAX has not been patented, nor CAN it be patented legally in the US or elsewhere.)

    i’m an American and i would kindly ask that if you are not, you please stop associating me with the tyrinnical government that has hijacked my contrymen. I am NOT a US politician, I am a prisionor in this debacle… so lets stop saying “americans this…” and “americans that…” also… peace out.

  42. Weeva Says:

    First off, being in debt has nothing to do with being a bully. Second, debt is not necessarily a sign of a crashing economy. In fact, in most cases it is not. A sign of a poor economy would be something like negative growth or massive education/wage gap. You’re right in that our economy does not do so well *solely* because of its patent system, but that doesn’t mean that it’s not doing well.


    Quote: “As of February 2006, the total U.S. government debt is approximately $8.3 trillion ($8.353,184,451,334 or in scientific notation $8.3×1012). Although it is an apparently gigantic figure, the debt to gross domestic product ratio is around 2:3 which is a median figure amongst many nations.”

    Now, if the US had more debt than GDP, there’d be a problem. But it doesn’t. And this argument has had 0 relevence to the patent problem in question.

  43. Manny from Africa Says:

    Weeva, PLEASE stop typing else I’ll get Chuck Norris to slap you. Either you’re demonstrating arrogant narrow-mindedness or you’re plain stupid. Typing crap like: “this is why the US has been the leader in technology for the past 100 years” shows your ignorance. Dude: the world is a far, far, far bigger place than the US. And no, we don’t aspire to your intelligence. Rather, we mock the lack thereof. Um… and this ‘patent’ is another example thereof.

    That notwithstanding, and more to the point, if the US patenting system is going to get as ridiculous as this then I take the view that such a patent, granted in the US, applies only to the US. And US people use their vote to change their systems.

    In short, the US can shove it! Does that work for the rest of you?

    B.t.w. Richard: it’s BOLLOCKS, not BOLLOX, but I hear you man, and Wazza too.

  44. Weeva Says:

    Manny: If you have any counterfactual argument to present, then do. Otherwise, please dont use insults as some sort of proof that I’m wrong; it just makes you look ignorant.

  45. Mulligan Says:

    You all jump on the one person Weeva who does not agree with you. Seeing that civil discourse is obviously lost on you lot, let break it down monkey level 1. Manny you and I are both from Africa and I also live in America. Last time I checked Africa is a shithole filled with disease and shortage, the pockets of relative civilization is hoarded by rapists, murderers, swindlers and thieves with militias and armies at their behest. The world is far larger, but America is that little haven that is relatively shit-free (I would settle for Monaco too).
    Back to the lecture at hand. Everyone here is worked up about some imagined infringement. Its call and response isn’t it? Someone does something and you all hurry off to chip in your two cents. Suddenly every hausfrau with a dial-up is an expert in Patent Law. This is how this will unfold. I will be promptly trolled, and tomorrow you will all forget about this. Right until the next offense comes along. You are all experts aren’t you? You all know the precedents and the statutes of relevance. My god I need never hire another lawyer, they all post their opinions online. Look its this simple, you hate patents, you hate rule of law, you hate private property, you hate those who don’t agree with you. If given the choice you would probably elect to systematically eliminate those who disagree with you. My challenge is thus: Stick to your guns and be consistent in your arguments. If you hate patents so much, stop using technology protected by them. If you hate America so much, wage your war against it. Put on your warpaint and beat your chest. Follow your argument to its final conclusion if you dare. Imagine a world with no patents, take it further, no property rights, no natural rights. Then when the mob is burning the house that once belonged to you, don’t cry out “I did not mean it to be this way”, no will care by then. So go ahead lets do away with patents, hell lets do aways with all forms of property.

    Go ahead troll me, I expect to hear how ignorant I am, how misguided I am, how I am missing the point. Throw your worst at me. Because you know what? It doesn’t matter, by next week you will forget, next week you will go to your job and cash your paycheck bitch about the weather. You will live until you are 80 and die and the world will never miss you. Take your arguments and do yourself a favor, kill yourself now, and spare us the agony of seeing your demise being drawn out any longer

    Oderint Dum Metuant

  46. Manny from Africa Says:

    Weeva: you have PROOF of the ‘fact’ that the US has been “the leader in technology for the past 100 years”? You call that a FACT. Interesting. Prove it. Please - that’s not factual, not even close - it’s Bollocks (as Richard would say)!

    Mulligan: I wasn’t “jumping on Weeva” and I don’t hate anyone, so chill. I was merely pointing out how bizzare his ‘facts’ are. That said, your projectional outburst is about as emotional as my passion for the wild, dangerous, ’shithole’ that is Africa. Love it!

    The discussion, although hardly passionate, is relevant to me since I’ve been working on most of the technologies referred to for much longer than half a decade.

    Sweet. Time to move on.

  47. Weeva Says:

    and http://www.ggdc.net/Maddison/Historical_Statistics/horizontal-file.xls
    if you want to look point by point. Basically, at the turn of the century the US became the leader in technology development, as is evidenced by the highest GDP per capita.
    One last link:

    That’s my proof, since I can’t haul out my books to show you. One thing you will have to take my word on though: I’m not a “him.”

  48. neal Says:

    I’m going to apply for a patent that covers all sites that use text on the internet.

  49. PiT Says:

    а вот пу?ть хуй по?о?ут

  50. Manny from Africa Says:

    Weeva: apologies on the incorrect gender. My VERY bad.

    Pointing me to US websites and articles and books by US authors… nah. I was hoping for more IMPARTIAL sources. And I must tell you that having the highest GDP per Capita DOES NOT MAKE YOU TECHNOLOGICALLY ADVANCED. Either you are confused, or it is arrogance and ego that leads you to inaccurate judgements, as opposed to simple, accurate observation.

    If you’re not confused then it’s probably that same egotistical arrogance that annoys mediocre minded people about the US. Nothing personal, you understand? Yet this planet hardly needs ANOTHER arrogant, controlling, super-power wannabe. History is brutally clear on ultimately what happens to those.

    Not that I’m a socialist - quite the opposite in fact. Yet even (especially?) in capitalism there is a line to define and respect. I think the patent in question crosses that line, and I won’t have any of it.


  51. Weeva Says:

    You should take a class in economic growth, or any other macroecon class. Highest GDP per capita is directly linked with education and technology (and before you jump on that education bit, please, admit that it’s reasonable to assume most inventors are educated.) As to the links… if you think a federal reserve is going to be especially “partial” as you say, then may you never have dealings with a bank. It’s only advanced countries that have been so for years that have the funding to keep records like this. However, if you’re looking specifically for diversity, the excel sheet was from the UK (and quite nifty I thought.) Again, calling me arrogant does nothing to disprove what I’ve said; neither does nitpicking.

    Since you have not added to the actual debate (about patents, remember that?) and only post to insult me, I’m done responding to you.

    But you really should take that econ class. It’s good stuff.

  52. Clerk Kant Says:

    Ever heard of Japan? That’s that little place that’s done your auto industry up the bung hole because it manufactures more efficiently, more flexibly, and actually makes shit instead of reveling in the past. Maybe you’ve heard about that place that graduates more engineers than any other country in the world. It’s called India. You can look it up on something called a map. It would seem to me that Engineering grads would require quite high levels of education and yet.. maybe you can fill us in on why this long tradition of really smart people doesn’t correlate with your GDP yardstick/stinkpile.
    The last quarter century proves America manufactures consumers, advertising and shadowy finance records - and that’s about it. Massive bank failures (Savings & Loans) covered by government money (the general public) followed by the overall Enronization of American business. It is ground zero for the giant crap game called “financial services” due in large part to the dollar being the basis for oil. America doesn’t make anything the world doesn’t need less of - and that includes your armament industry - asshole.
    True, it has an excellent education system - but only at the graduate and post graduate level. American public schools are cesspools of stupidity and excellent recruiting grounds for your armed forces (with employees in 120 countries and counting!) You live in a broken democracy filled with morons deperate to remember the glory years when your country had a higher purpose than filling its wealthier citizens pockets with cash from clueless/semi educated (and dumber for it) rubes like you.
    Hope that helps.

  53. Weeva Says:

    Clerk: NO, I have NEVER heard of Japan…. where’s that? You might read up a few posts and then give me some proof for how India is relevent to the argument. Smart people come from all over… they don’t stay all over. Amazing to me that with all the “arguments” you and Manny have been presenting, you’ve given me no links, no proof, nothing. If you do feel the need to actually research your claims, please, no bright red countdown clocks of national debt or the like, I won’t take it seriously.

  54. Tom Says:

    Bola Rotibi should be ashamed of herself supplying a quote that lends any credence to this patent. She’s clearly angling for more coverage of her own name on the net to make her look more influential, or of course she’s very stupid…

  55. Manny from Africa Says:

    Weeva are you tagging me? Geez. First you assert that the US IS the most technologically advanced country. Then you say that the US WAS the most technologically advanced at the turn of the century. Well… which is? Then you send me to pro-US sites (2 of which didn’t load) and you call that proof? Shall I point you to a few anti-US sites as counter argument? For heaven’s sake Weeva!

    Clerk’s scathing yet poignant posting refers: sorry that Clerk was a bit harsh with you yet I warned you that your particular brand of arrogance would get people annoyed.

    As to my argument re the patent: in case you missed it I’ll say it a different way - for numerous reasons, most of which are mentioned above, I will NOT honour the patent. No let’s leave it there.

  56. Weeva Says:

    Tagging you? I’m just responding to whoever singles out my posts. So far you’ve been diligent in arguing with me. As I posted waaaaaaaaay at the beginning of this silly thread, Finland is currently top technological country. US is second. This has happened a few times over the course of the past century (if you were able to see my links you’d see this) but by and large the US has been leader. Arrogance has nothing to do with this, I’m looking at data. The only arrogance I see is in who people call me out with names and stupid statements like “Duh, ever heard of Japan??!?!”

    As to the links: They work for me, I’m sorry they don’t for you. Maybe if you lived in a more technologically advanced country they would…

  57. Weeva Says:

    Dudes, whoever’s tempted to try jumping on my case:
    It’s obvious to me that you either cannot or will not read my links. Therefore it’s proving pointless for me to continue this discussion when I am only addressed with insults and baseless arguments. I take the time to find proof for my arguments; you do not read them and present counterarguments without proof.

    So, in the words of the immortal Cartman:
    Screw you guys, I’m goin’ home.

  58. Ninad Says:

    I guess the rich media over the internet is nearly two decades old

  59. celli Says:

    i was looking for something related to AJAX and this new patent…. but i found a place where people talk about politics and wich country is the leader..oh man…and the best of it…over the INTERational NETwork….
    hope this page dies quickly…..

  60. Cambel Says:

    Clark Kent,

    India Produces many engineers, you are correct….then again, India has 4 times the population that the U.S. has. However it does not produce 4 times the number of Engineers. Japan’s auto industry and various companies are very consistant performers. Unfortunatly the rest of Japans economy has been in the toilette for a decade now and they have been unable to pull themselves out of it. I say unfortunatly because as an American I understand the value of having other strong economies in the world. When Japan does well, we do well, when India produces high quality engineers product quality goes up because of the numerous qualified people in the job market. You sound either like a self hating American or a European due to the fact that you are attacking anything American. Europens are so used to attacking each other (i.e. the British hate the French, the French Hate the Germans, The Germans Hate the Poles, The Belgin’s hate the French, etc…) that it never occures to you that in a vibrant economy we want other countries to do well. They will buy our goods and in turn provide us with quality goods in return. It is only in a Stagnant economy as France is fast becoming that you use agner against others, nations, companies, etc… to take attention away from the 11% unemployment rate and the fact that companies are fleeing the country in droves. So try to be a bit more civil. This is an Argument about Neil Balthaser claiming to have patented …everything. If you all know a bit about this guy, you would know that back in 2000 or 2001 he compared himself and his company to Jesus. Hopefully with that kind of ego he will attempt to walk on water….very deep water.

  61. craps Says:

    She had them biked over to me which made me think they were maybe a bit worried about the turnout.

  62. Elio Says:

    This patent has been granted solely for financial gain by the USPTO. They want the courts to decide while they collect patent
    application fees.!!

  63. SELIM Says:


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