Adobe Bridges Flash, Flex with AJAX

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dobe Systems has released two new open-source libraries to help developers bridge Adobe Flash and Flex technology with the hot Asynchronous JavaScript and XML style of development.

Jeff Whatcott, senior director of Adobe’s Enterprise and Developer Business Unit, said San Jose, Calif.-based Adobe is making it easier for developers to use Adobe Flex, Flash Player and AJAX to create rich Internet applications, or RIAs.

The two new open-source libraries—the Flex-AJAX Bridge and the AJAX Client for Flex Data Services—will enable developers to easily add the capabilities of the Flash Player and the Flex framework to AJAX applications. And developers also can add AJAX functionality into RIAs built with Flex, company officials said.

“You can start with Flex and add a little AJAX, or start with AJAX and add a little Flex,” Whatcott said.

With more and more developers building AJAX applications for the rich client features without the page refresh issues associated with Web applications, the need for tools has grown, Whatcott said. However, what’s more is that as developers push the limits of AJAX, they tend to run into limits the browser places on AJAX applications.

The Flex-AJAX Bridge enables developers to call Flash Player Graphics APIs, and create Flex objects and other activities. In essence, the bridge enables things like passing data from an AJAX data grid to a Flex bar chart, or passing data to an AJAX widget from a Flex application, Whatcott said. The AJAX Client for Flex Data Services, which is expected to be available later this year, lets AJAX applications connect to Flex Data Services 2.0 and support publish/subscribe messaging and other data services.

Source: eWeek


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