Anwers.com Suing Babylon

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Answers Corporation (NASD:ANSW), creators of Answers.com, has submitted a statement of claim with the Tel-Aviv District Court against Babylon Ltd., for infringement of Israel Patent Number 121,457.

The patent, entitled “Computerized Dictionary and Thesaurus Applications,” covers a computerized searching process of indicating a target word on a display screen and employing at least one word appearing in the vicinity of the target word in order to eliminate ambiguity in the meaning of the target word. The patent was first filed in 1997 and was granted in 2004.

Babylon is a privately held Israeli company, founded in 1997, that offers single-click information retrieval and translation services. According to its website, it has “over 30 million registered users of its software products.”

The remedies that Answers.com seeks, initially, are damages in the sum of NIS 1,000,000 (approximately $210,000), an accounting of revenues derived from the infringing use and an injunction. Following the accounting, the company may modify the sum it seeks in damages.


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