Intel Tips New, Revamped Microarchitecture

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Hoping to regain lost momentum in the microprocessor market, Intel Corp. on Tuesday (March 7) moved to renew its x86-based chip line by disclosing details of its new and long-awaited microarchitecture technology.

Intel’s new and so-called Core microarchitecture is one of the company’s most important technologies ever. The microarchitecture will eventually replace the company’s current Pentium 4-based NetBurst architecture, which was introduced several years ago. The technology is also aimed to compete more favorably against rival chips from Advanced Micro Devices Inc. (AMD).

Built around a 65-nm process technology, Intel’s new products based on the Core microarchitecture will show up in the third quarter in the Woodcrest platform for servers, Conroe for desktop PCs, and Merom for mobile PCs, according to the company’s road map. Details on these long-awaited chips have been out for some time, according to other road maps.

On Tuesday, Intel also disclosed more details about its next-generation processors for servers, including a pair of quad-core designs. It also disclosed the first details of its next-generation mobile platform.

Source: informationweek


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