Websites Selling Malware Shut Down

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Panda Software and RSA Security Inc., a detected and helped to disable several websites used in a complex system for creating and selling custom designed Trojans — a threat that could be used for corporate espionage, and theft of confidential and financial data. As a result of Panda Software’s and RSA Security’s joint efforts, the Web pages that sell these Trojans are now inaccessible to hackers.

Panda Software’s TruPrevent(TM) Technologies recently detected a new Trojan, called Trj/Briz.A, which was previously unknown to security companies. PandaLabs experts conducted an in-depth analysis of this Trojan’s code, detailed to assist in scams, leading to the Trojan’s termination. Given the seriousness and sophistication of the attack, Panda Software contacted RSA Cyota’s 24/7 Anti-Fraud Command Center, which helped to disable the Web pages selling malware by contacting the ISPs hosting the site and identifying them as a source of these illicit Trojan services.

Due to this combined effort, three websites selling Trojans were shut down by the ISPs hosting them, as well as two others on which hackers find information about infections their malware cause.

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One Response to “Websites Selling Malware Shut Down”

  1. Paul Says:

    Antivirus companies profit from the malware-hype.

    Disgusting hypocrisy.

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