AMD Readies Counterattack For Second Half

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Advanced Micro Devices plans its own mid-year counterattack as Intel begins to roll out new versions of its processors based on the Core architecture. AMD will refresh its entire portfolio with new chips that promise greater performance and new functionality.

The next-generation AMD processors for servers, desktop, and mobile computing will include the company’s first use of DDR2 (Double Data Rate) memory, and its embedded hardware-assisted virtualization capability, formerly known as Pacifica.

While Intel has previously used DDR2 memory in its processors, Brent Kerby, product marketing manager for AMD, says the company held off until now because DDR2 had been too expensive for the modest gains in performance it provided. As the memory has come down in price and increased in performance from 400 MHz to 667 MHz, Kerby believes the time has come for AMD to make the switch.

Source: InformationWeek


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