Lawyer insists Microsoft infringed antipiracy patent

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A Texas lawyer named Kenneth Nash owns a patent on a method for detecting pirated software by assigning each program a unique ID and verifying it over the Internet.

Nash sued Microsoft over its product activation program and lost when a judge in Houston ruled against him. On Thursday, he took his patent claim before a federal court here in hopes of a victory on appeal.

The dispute involves patent 6,449,645. It describes how to collect the unique ID–such as a serial number or activation key–assigned to each computer in an Internet database, preferably without the user’s knowledge, and checking for multiple copies of the same program running. That could let it flag two friends who were illegally running, say, a video game with the same activation key.

If the software patent is found to be valid to apply to Microsoft’s software, other companies could be at risk. Adobe says it uses software activation technology that “uniquely” identifies the computer and sends the information “to Adobe’s Web server.” Symantec also uses product activation. And the patent is broader than just software: it also covers “digital music, digital movies, multimedia or the like.”

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  1. damn Says:

    some @$$hole to patent something that’s so obvious.

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