EU Tells Microsoft It Hasn’t Obeyed Ruling

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The European Commission told Microsoft Corp. on Friday that it was “still not in compliance” with a 2004 antitrust ruling that ordered it to share information with rivals to make their software work with Microsoft servers.

“The Commission takes the preliminary view that this information continues to be incomplete and inaccurate,” the regulators said in a statement, basing their view on two reports from independent experts who looked at the latest version of documentation Microsoft had submitted.

“The letter sent today brings this information to Microsoft’s immediate attention, in order to provide Microsoft the opportunity to make its views known in writing,” the Commission said.

The man appointed to monitor Microsoft’s compliance with the ruling — computer science professor Neil Barrett — found that although the documentation had improved slightly, “nothing substantial was added.”

“The improvements required to the documentation are not merely refinements or improvements to the text: The documentation as it stands is unusable,” the Commission said.

Source: AP


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