Microsoft Offers Free Xbox Live Gold Weekend

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Xbox 360 Owners Invited to Jump Into 72 Hours of Free Action-Packed Xbox Live Multiplayer Online Gaming Courtesy of Verizon

Microsoft Corp. (Nasdaq: MSFT) today announced the first Free Xbox Live Gold Weekend, presented courtesy of Verizon (NYSE: VZ). From March 31 through April 2, Xbox 360 gamers are invited to connect to Xbox Live and enjoy an action-packed weekend of multiplayer gaming in a community of 2 million players, free of charge.

The Verizon-sponsored Free Xbox Live Gold Weekend will feature 72 hours of nonstop events, constituting the largest programming effort of online Xbox multiplayer games ever. Events will include the following:

  • A 72-hour multiplayer schedule of the most exciting games on Xbox 360
  • Xbox Live Arcade leaderboard tournaments
  • Xbox Live Play and Win contests
  • Xbox Live veterans hosting new gamers on Xbox Live

In addition, the exclusive Verizon One Million Microsoft Points giveaway offers gamers the chance to win points to purchase the latest Xbox Live Marketplace digital downloadable content, including Xbox Live Arcade titles and the hottest game and entertainment content, while supplies last.

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