Windows XP on Intel iMac: confirmed

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Over the past few days, Infinite Loop has been following developments which seemed to indicate that a workable solution for installing Windows XP on Apple’s Intel-based computers had been developed. Reactions were, at first, mixed. Most people, jaded by months of fakery on just about every hot Apple rumor imaginable, dismissed the solution out of hand, but those who had been following the progress of the author of this particular hack were fairly confident that he had sealed the deal.

The first hint that “narf” may have figured it out came in the form of a set of photos on Flickr that seemed to show Windows XP on an iMac of some sort. Next came the videos and an acknowledgement from the contest administrators that a solution had been submitted. And finally, this morning, onmac.net announced that a proposed solution had been found and had been tested successfully. The contest had been won, and it looks like “narf” is about to almost US$14,000 richer.

Source: arstechnica


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