One more update to Apple patch

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Apple released an update Thursday to its latest patch, a move apparently designed to address installation problems with a patch released earlier in the week, security experts said.

According to postings on Apple’s forum site, some users experienced networking issues after installing the Apple 2006-002 patch that was released Monday.

“The update appears to fix installation problems with the earlier patch, because it’s not addressing any new security issues,” said Johannes Ullrich, chief research officer for the Sans Institute, which released a security advisory Friday.

Source: News.com

China sentences Internet writer to 10 years in prison

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A Chinese court jailed a teacher for 10 years on Friday for publishing anti-government views on the Internet, continuing an official crackdown on Web-based dissidents.

Ren Ziyuan, 27, had been found guilty of “subversion of state power” after posting a tract entitled “The Road to Democracy” and other essays, his father, Ren Rusheng, told Reuters.

New York-based watchdog Human Rights in China said the tract asserted citizens had the right to violently overthrow tyranny.

Ren was sentenced by the Jining Intermediate People’s Court in the eastern province of Shandong. His lawyer, Zhang Chengmao, said he had pleaded not guilty and would appeal the sentence.

“I do know that whatever Ren Ziyuan wrote was totally within the scope of free expression,” said Zhang. “He was a teacher who had his own ideas, but he never acted on those ideas.”

Ren, a junior high school teacher in Shandong, was detained by police in May. At a trial in September, prosecutors accused him of posting other “subversive” essays on the Internet and planning to form a political group, the Mainland Democratic Frontline, said his father who also attended that hearing.

Source: Reuters

DRM Reduce Battery Life By Up To 25%

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Digital rights management technology is widely disparaged by techies. Now they may have a new reason to dis the software–apparently, it can significantly decrease the battery life of MP3 players.

A study by News.com sister-site MP3.com found that “heavy DRM not only slows down an MP3 player but also sucks the very life out of them.” The time spent looking up licenses and comparing them to the music on the player can reduce battery life by up to 25 percent in some cases.

Source: News.com

Asian police target movie downloaders

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South Korean police have begun to target people who download content from P2P networks not only those who make such material available. According to local reports, Seoul Jongo law enforcement officers have questioned 57 people after monitoring download activity on at least one P2P service earlier this month.

Police this week alleged they had all been found to have illegally downloaded copies of the movie Lord of War, released last year. The individuals were identified after officers examined log-in records seized from the unnamed local P2P service. Some 25 other individuals were also discovered to have downloaded the film. Their identities are currently being traced, police said.

South Korean police can only investigate copyright infringement claims when the copyright holder makes formal allegations, though a bill currently being discussed by the country’s parliament seeks to change that.

Source: The Register

Epic Records, Microsoft in Xbox 360 deal

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Xbox 360 gamers will get a year of free music videos and other content from artists signed to Epic Records under a promotion deal between the record label and Microsoft Corp., the companies said Thursday.

The arrangement calls for Epic Records to feature 12 of its artists on a program dubbed Artist of the Month, which users of Redmond, Wash.-based Microsoft’s popular gaming console can access over the Xbox Live entertainment network.

Financial terms of the deal were not disclosed.

Xbox Live members will be able to download exclusive music videos free and compete for a chance to play an online game against the Epic recording artists.

Source: AP

Microsoft Announces Release of Team Foundation Server

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Microsoft announced that its long-awaited TFS (Team Foundation Server) enterprise development tool will be released to manufacture on March 17.

Rick LaPlante, General Manager of Visual Studio Team System, Microsoft, announced the news at the SDWest (Software Development West) 2006 show in Santa Clara, Calif., on March 16.

LaPlante said TFS bits are expected to be available to customers on the MSDN (Microsoft Developer Network) early next week.

TFS is a workflow collaboration engine and serves as a centralized data warehouse for development project information. Moreover, TFS supports the reporting and auditing features of the Software Engineering Institute’s CMM (Capability Maturity Model).

With TFS, organizations can automatically collect the information necessary to generate customized reports that help address the increases in industry regulation.

Source: eWeek

Banks do battle with debit-card fraud

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Vaults won’t repel a new breed of bank robber, which apparently has learned to drain debit-card accounts via electronic thievery. To secure their customers’ cash, banks are searching for new high-tech watchdogs.

As part of a broader security initiative, Bank of America is offering to alert customers of any suspicious charges or changes to their account via e-mail or text messages almost as soon as they occur.

“We’re giving customers more ways to detect fraud and keep an eye on their accounts,” Sanjay Gupta, the bank’s e-commerce executive, said in a statement. “They can decide what they want to hear about and where they want to be told.”

Source: News.com

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