U.S. Patent office launches new e-filing system

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The United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) on Friday launched a new e-filing system that allows patents to be submitted online. Unlike the previous online system, the new PDF-based e-filing system features complete support for Mac OS X.

鈥淭he great news for Apple is that USPTO listened to its customers and integrated Mac
OS X and Safari support into its new e-filing system,鈥? Susan Prescott Apple鈥檚 vice president of Pro Markets, told Macworld. 鈥淚nnovators around the world use Macs.鈥?

Part of Mac OS X鈥檚 core technology is an integrated PDF engine that allows users to easily work with documents based on this format. With the implementation of the new e-filing system, Apple has basically gone from not being supported to being one the best supported operating systems available.

Source: Macworld


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