Will Apple make a touch-screen iPod?

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Around seven patents have recently been filed with the US Patent and Trademark Office on behalf of Apple for touch-sensitive screens. In particular, US Patent Application No. 20060053387 from 9 March 2006 is for “operation of a computer with touch screen interface”. Patent No. 20060007222 filed on 12 January 2006 is for an “integrated sensing display”.

The touch-screen technology should have applications with the iPod. But how? Rumblings on sites such as Think Secret speculate on a new video iPod with a larger screen that could be released in April, to coincide with Apple’s 30th anniversary. Some expect to see two versions of the next video iPod: one that keeps the existing 60GB hard drive, and a slimmer, solid-state version that uses one or two 8GB or 12GB compact flash cards.

Source: C|Net


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