Sony Shows Off Blu-Ray Disc Products

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Sony Electronics has introduced an array of Blu-Ray Disc (BD) products, taking the wraps off of a high-definition DVD player, a BD-enabled desktop computer, and an internal BD drive.

Together, these products mark a concerted push by the Japanese electronics giant to put next-generation video into the hands of consumers and fend off a major challenge from Toshiba’s competing HD DVD format.

Sony’s BDP-S1 disc player, priced at $1,000, will ship in July with an output feature that will let those who have first-generation HD TV sets play Blu-Ray video content. In addition, according to Sony, the BDP-S1 will be backwards-compatible with standard DVDs and existing receivers.

Sony’s Vaio RC computer, the first announced with Blu-Ray technology built right in, will list for $2,300 when it is available this summer. Vaio RC users will be able to edit high-definition video footage, then archive it and share it on Blu-Ray discs. In addition, the Vaio RC will come with software that will give users the ability to convert video to standard DVD formants.

In April, Sony plans to ship 25-GB BD media, which will retail for about $20 to $25 for each disc. The 50-GB versions of the media will be dual-layer discs that will retail for around $50, according to Sony.

Later this year, Sony will release the internal BWU-100A drive, which will be able to handle both 25-GB and 50-GB discs, burning a full 25 GB disc in about 30 minutes. Retail pricing for the BWU-100A drive will be available later this year.

Sony Pictures’ Home Entertainment division recently announced it will start shipping eight movies on BD beginning on May 23, with additional titles being released in June. Sony has noted that film studios will deliver about 100 Blu-Ray titles by the end of the year.

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