OpenBSD founder makes funding plea

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Developers at OpenBSD have admitted that the organization is running at a loss and want to increase annual income to continue funding the development of the project’s open-source operating system.

“OpenBSD for the past two years has turned a loss of approximately $20,000 (12,000 pounds),” Marco Peereboom, an OpenBSD developer, wrote in the OpenBSD Journal on Tuesday. “This is starting to seriously impede the development of OpenBSD and OpenSSH.”

OpenBSD is a secure Unix-like operating system that is popular among system administrators running firewalls.

Theo de Raadt, the founder and lead developer of OpenBSD, confirmed the loss figures to ZDNet UK and said the project currently has an income of around $100,000 (60,000 pounds), half of which comes from donations, with the other half coming from product sales.

Source: News.com


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