Yahoo: You Can Show Our Ads Only To US Visitors

Filed under: — By Aviran Mordo @ 5:16 pm

A post in BoingBoing tells a story about a user who use Yahoo Publisher Network, a beta program through which Yahoo provides text ads in much the same way that Google does. A couple of days ago Yahoo sent him a notice stating they’d revised their Publisher Policy. Item ‘11.l’ stated that I will not “display all or part of the Ad Unit to any user located outside the US”. In other words, he can’t allow users outside of the United States to view his pages if there is a Yahoo ad on the page!

Yahoo rep on their Publisher Support line, said the publisher could block either the ads or the pages, but said over and over again that they “couldn’t and wouldn’t” give me any information on how to accomplish such a task. The rep finally told him that he should just firewall or block off “everything but the US” to keep the Yahoo ads from being seen by anyone outside the US.


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