Lung Cancer Alliance Launches Web Log

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Today, the Lung Cancer Alliance (LCA) launches a new blog for the lung cancer community. A growing trend in online communication, blogs continue to gain popularity among consumers, professionals, and across health care fields.

“This blog provides a forum for people touched by lung cancer to stay apprised of current news and events, while allowing for a two-way channel to flow information and ideas,” said Laurie Fenton, President of Lung Cancer Alliance. “LCA’s newest communications vehicle is right in line with our goals for elevating public awareness of the number one cancer killer, educating health policy makers and advocating for more funds for research, earlier detection and better treatments for lung cancer.”

Google Reader Lets You Share Items

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Google Reader’s sharing features let you share items you’re labeling or starring with your friends. To enable sharing for one of your labels or your starred items, first click on the “Share” link above the reading window and then check the “Shared” checkbox next to a particular label. You’re then shown two different ways you can share:

Tell your friends. A unique URL is created that links to latest items with your shared label. You can post this link on the web or send it to your friends. When anyone clicks on this link, they are taken to a public version of Google Reader (no login required) that shows just the items with your shared label. If you have a Gmail account, you can click the “Send email” button to automatically compose an email with this link.

Put a clip on your website or blog. A clip is a compact list of the latest headlines from items with a particular label that can be put on a website or blog. You can copy and paste the provided HTML code into your website or blog template and any visitor will then see the latest headlines from a label your sharing

Jumpstart Technologies To Pay to Settle Anti-Spam Charges

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Jumpstart Technologies LLC of San Francisco, an internet marketing company that offered free movie tickets in exchange for friends’ e-mail addresses agreed to pay a $900,000 fine to settle charges it violated federal anti-spam laws, authorities said Friday.

The company was accused by the Federal Trade Commission of disguising commercial e-mail as personal messages and misleading consumers about the terms of its FreeFlixTix promotion, FTC staff attorney Lisa Rosenthal said.

“This was a pretty cut and dry case of deception,” Rosenthal said. “The law enables consumers to block commercial e-mails if they want to, and this was subverting consumers’ ability to do that because it looked like it was coming from friends.”

he civil settlement was filed March 22 in federal court in San Francisco and prohibits the company from further violations of anti-spam laws. It does not include an admission of guilt.

Source: AP

Sony Ends PSone Production

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Sony officials have confirmed that the company has stopped production of the PSone console, in light of the existing PS2 backwards compatibility, the upcoming release of the PlayStation 3, and proposed PSone emulation for the PSP.

Despite the news, Sony representatives noted today that the end of production does not necessarily mean the end of availability. PS hardware and software are still selling in countries around the world.

Source: gamespot

Comcast To Increase Internet Speed To 16Mbps

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Comcast’s DOCSIS 2.0 upgrades, and the 16Mbps/1Mbps speed tier that users in Fios markets should start seeing sometime this year. Areas like Sarasota, Florida, Fort Wayne, Indiana, and Howard County,Maryland will see upgrades, while users in Qwest territory will likely have to wait. The speedier service was launched last month in the Reston, Virginia area.

The speed increases are in response to Fios deployment in the area, which has made northern Virginia one of the most competitive broadband markets in the country. Fios remains the better deal (if you can get it) - Verizon offers 15/2Mbps for $44.95, while Comcast’s 16/1Mbps tier is $52.95 bundled with television service.

Source: dslreports

EU Leaders Call for Lower Roaming Charges

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European Union leaders called Friday for mobile phone companies to reduce or eliminate fees for travelers who want to ring home from abroad, saying some of the so-called roaming charges are excessive.

Irish Prime Minister Bertie Ahern said he has persuaded two Irish mobile phone companies to stop charging customers in Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland after border residents complained they had to pay up when their phone signal picked up a foreign network even though they hadn’t left home.

He said the rest of Europe should follow Ireland’s example.

“Roaming charges are not necessary,” Ahern told reporters. “They are excessively costly.”

Source: AP

Trojan intercepts bank tokens

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A newly discovered Trojan is intercepting the TAN codes used as security tokens by customers of two major German banks, Postbank and Deutsche Bank, according to antivirus experts.

Trojan-Spy.Win32.Bancos.pw is changing the security landscape once again, as it is able to intercept HTTPS traffic and obtain the security token pass-code. When the customer tries to enter a TAN code, an error message appears. Phishing scammers, if they are quick enough, can then enter the code themselves.

Source: The Register

No Copying With First HD Video Players

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The initial models of high-definition video players won’t let you make copies of commercial content. Manufacturers expect to add this capability to later HD DVD and Blu-ray Disc products.

The recently adopted interim Advanced Access Content System spec protects prerecorded content in both formats contending to succeed today’s DVD. But members of the consortium that developed the specification were unable to agree on its so-called managed copy component, which will dictate how content providers will be able to authorize customers to legally copy content, whether for free or for a fee, to a home server, another disc, or devices such as portable media players.

Source: PCWorld

Starforce enforces DRM by instant reboot (no warning)

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Futuremark has uncovered a very dangerous anti-piracy system Starforce is now using. This copy protection system installs a driver that runs at the highest level of access on the system, which gives it low level access to the PCs hardware and any drivers and processes. This driver runs regardless of whether the game runs; keeping an eye out for any suspicious activity such as attempting to copy a protected disc. If something suspicious is detected, it forces the PC to make an immediate reboot, regardless of any other applications running and whether or not the user has any unsaved work.

Source: cdfreaks

Borland Will Not Kill Delphi And JBuilder

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Borland’s chief executive has stressed his company’s commitment to developers, by promising to pass the soon-to-be divested tools business to a “caring” investor.

Tod Nielsen told EclipseCon attendees that Borland is screening companies who will invest in and drive the IDE business forward, rather than looking for a “Lex Luthor” who will destroy products like Delphi and JBuilder.

Nielsen said “It is in Borland’s own best interests to ensure tools like JBuilder and Delphi continue to thrive. Borland really could use a healthy IDE component to complement its overarching application lifecycle management strategy”.

Nielsen made it clear Borland could not afford an IDE and an AML business, hence the costs and strategy associated with IDEs is shifting out of house. “We were [resource] constrained. We decided it would make sense to separate the businesses and… let the ALM business focus on overall lifecycle management,” Nielsen said.

Nielsen told The Register following his keynote that Borland is likely to have a financial stake in the new tools company. “We will have a tight relationship with them,” he said.

Sun Launches Site For Mobile Java Entertainment

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Sun Microsystems, Inc. (Nasdaq: SUNW) today announced the launch of mobile.java.com. Mobile.java.com offers mobile Java technology-based applications for purchase and download, along with information for consumers about Java technology and the Java brand. Subscribers on more than 250 wireless carriers worldwide can access the new site via a web browser on any Java Powered mobile device (cell phone, PDA, etc.).

The new mobile web site is a companion site to Sun’s java.com, the popular consumer entertainment site for Java powered games, productivity tools etc. and the global home to “Get Java Free” for the desktop. Upon its debut, mobile.java.com will already contain a range of Java Powered mobile applications including: action game Cannon Fodder, racing game Lotus Challenge, timed puzzle game Sudoku Solver, a winter wonderland-themed game called Snow Doku and NetChess that enables interactive play with live chess masters around the world. Developers of Java Powered games and other consumer content who wish to promote and sell their applications to a global audience are encouraged to submit their requests via the web site.

Sony says PS3 will be region-free

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Sony has confirmed that the PlayStation 3 will not impose a region-coding scheme on games. That the consumer electronics giant was considering such a move was first signalled in November 2005, but it was made official policy this week by the company’s head of games development, Phil Harrison.

Source: The Register

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