Comcast To Increase Internet Speed To 16Mbps

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Comcast’s DOCSIS 2.0 upgrades, and the 16Mbps/1Mbps speed tier that users in Fios markets should start seeing sometime this year. Areas like Sarasota, Florida, Fort Wayne, Indiana, and Howard County,Maryland will see upgrades, while users in Qwest territory will likely have to wait. The speedier service was launched last month in the Reston, Virginia area.

The speed increases are in response to Fios deployment in the area, which has made northern Virginia one of the most competitive broadband markets in the country. Fios remains the better deal (if you can get it) - Verizon offers 15/2Mbps for $44.95, while Comcast’s 16/1Mbps tier is $52.95 bundled with television service.

Source: dslreports


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