Google Reader Lets You Share Items

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Google Reader’s sharing features let you share items you’re labeling or starring with your friends. To enable sharing for one of your labels or your starred items, first click on the “Share” link above the reading window and then check the “Shared” checkbox next to a particular label. You’re then shown two different ways you can share:

Tell your friends. A unique URL is created that links to latest items with your shared label. You can post this link on the web or send it to your friends. When anyone clicks on this link, they are taken to a public version of Google Reader (no login required) that shows just the items with your shared label. If you have a Gmail account, you can click the “Send email” button to automatically compose an email with this link.

Put a clip on your website or blog. A clip is a compact list of the latest headlines from items with a particular label that can be put on a website or blog. You can copy and paste the provided HTML code into your website or blog template and any visitor will then see the latest headlines from a label your sharing


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