Lung Cancer Alliance Launches Web Log

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Today, the Lung Cancer Alliance (LCA) launches a new blog for the lung cancer community. A growing trend in online communication, blogs continue to gain popularity among consumers, professionals, and across health care fields.

“This blog provides a forum for people touched by lung cancer to stay apprised of current news and events, while allowing for a two-way channel to flow information and ideas,” said Laurie Fenton, President of Lung Cancer Alliance. “LCA’s newest communications vehicle is right in line with our goals for elevating public awareness of the number one cancer killer, educating health policy makers and advocating for more funds for research, earlier detection and better treatments for lung cancer.”


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  1. Anonymous Says:

    Lung cancer was a relatively rare disease at the beginning of the century, but is now the most common cancer in the world. Different factors are suspected to be related to this disease, such as exposition to asbestos or to radon, or as food or genetic factors. None of them, however, are as important as tobacco in the incidence and mortality of lung cancer. A considerable increase in tobacco consumption in industrialized countries over the past century has been observed.

    Source and the whole article: http://www.disease-articles.com/category/lung-cancer

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