Digg.com Acts Like A Bully

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Digg.com is getting cocky and banning small web sites just because digg’s users submit them to digg and digg’s moderators don’t like it. Aviran’s Place is the latest victim of Digg’s “We are big, you are small and we can do whatever we want? attitude.

In response to people’s questions, that noticed that digg does not accept any more links from this site here is the full story.

Tip: Add The Recovery Console To Windows Boot Menu

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If you like to mess with your Windows XP installation, try different things and occasionally crashed your system, you have probably had to use the Recovery Console. However in order to use the Recovery Console you have to insert Windows XP setup disk, wait until all the drivers are loaded and the setup process begins, before you can go into the Recovery Console.

You can make your life easier by installing the Recovery Console directly on your hard drive, so it will be available to you even without the setup disk.

In order to install the Recovery Console on your hard drive follow these simple steps:

  • Insert your Windows XP setup disk.
  • Go to Start->Run and Type [CDRom_Drive_letter]:\ i386\winnt32.exe /cmdcons and click OK

This will start the setup program for the Recovery Console. After the setup has complete you’ll have another boot option on your system, that will take you directly to the recovery console

Mobile-phone cheating in exams on the rise

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The number of students penalized for cheating in school exams and coursework in England rose by over a quarter last summer, the country’s exam watchdog said on Monday.

Candidates caught with mobile phones in exam halls accounted for around 25 percent of the offences, the Qualifications and Curriculum Authority (QCA) said.

“Over recent years we have seen a noticeable rise in the number of mobile-phone related incidents in examination halls across the country,” said QCA Chief Executive Ken Boston.

Source: Reuters

Google seeks patent for ad-subsidized WiFi access

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The US Patent Office recently published a patent application filed by Google in September of 2004, describing a “Method and system to provide advertisements based on wireless access points.” In the redundant legalese that is typical of patent filings, the application describes a method of providing highly targeted advertising to end users of wireless access points and passing some of the ad revenue on to the WAP provider.

Source: arstechnica

Colo. Police Use MySpace to ID Suspects

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Detectives used profiles posted on the MySpace social networking Web site to identify six suspects in a rape and robbery that began when a party turned violent, leaving blood “in almost every room of the house,” officials said.

Six men were arrested in connection with the Feb. 23 rampage, and a seventh suspect was being sought, Detective Ali Bartley said Friday.

The victim, whose name was withheld, became acquainted with the suspects through MySpace, authorities said.

The group met for a party. “At some point, the victim was no longer aware of what was happening, and she was sexually assaulted,” Bartley said.

She knew only their first names but their pictures were posted on MySpace.

“Primarily, we pulled up her friends list. It helped us identify some of the players,” said Bartley.

Source: AP

Terrorist 007, Exposed

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For almost two years, intelligence services around the world tried to uncover the identity of an Internet hacker who had become a key conduit for al-Qaeda. The savvy, English-speaking, presumably young webmaster taunted his pursuers, calling himself Irhabi — Terrorist — 007. He hacked into American university computers, propagandized for the Iraq insurgents led by Abu Musab al-Zarqawi and taught other online jihadists how to wield their computers for the cause.

Suddenly last fall, Irhabi 007 disappeared from the message boards. The postings ended after Scotland Yard arrested a 22-year-old West Londoner, Younis Tsouli, suspected of participating in an alleged bomb plot. In November, British authorities brought a range of charges against him related to that plot. Only later, according Washington Posts’s sources familiar with the British probe, was Tsouli’s other suspected identity revealed. British investigators eventually confirmed to us that they believe he is Irhabi 007.

Source: washingtonpost

Yahoo to buy Toshiba’s online news firm

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Yahoo Japan Corp said Friday it will turn NewsWatch Inc into its subsidiary by acquiring a 69% equity stake in the online news company from its parent Toshiba Corp for 1.32 billion yen. Yahoo said the acquisition is part of its efforts to strengthen news services on its Internet sites.

Source: crisscross

Motorola Opens R&D Center in Hangzhou, China

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Motorola, Inc. (NYSE: MOT) announced the launch of its Hangzhou R&D Center, the company’s 17th R&D facility in China. The new R&D center is designed to provide Chinese operators with local access to Motorola’s comprehensive network technologies as well as to develop local talent while driving network innovation and the growth of China’s wireless communications industry.

The new R&D center will support both Motorola Networks’ technologies and products, helping to develop, test and launch software and hardware for final integration into commercialized product offerings for customers. It will also provide extensive R&D services for next generation technologies.

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