BLOCKBUSTER Sends Movie Lovers on Easter Egg Hunt

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BLOCKBUSTER Online is telling movie lovers about DVD titles on which they can find secret treats called Easter Eggs. The online movie retailer is presenting a list that includes some of the most popular movies with the hidden features and footage, as well as a special section on its web site devoted to movies with DVD Easter Eggs.

An Easter Egg is an entertaining hidden feature that can be found on a DVD by using your remote control. Some Easter Eggs are easy to find, while others take a little determination — and a lot of luck — to locate.

For example, on “The Matrix,” see if you can find and follow the white rabbit to reveal behind-the-scenes features. On the “Polar Express” DVD, you might get lucky and access footage of Tom Hanks playing five of the movie’s different characters in a performance-capture suit. Or, on the “Pirates of the Caribbean” DVD, you could track down an interview with Keith Richards, Johnny Depp’s inspiration for his role as Captain Jack Sparrow.

For Easter Egg hunting novices, BLOCKBUSTER Online presents a list of films with some of the best-known, easiest-to-find or most rewarding Easter Eggs, such as Finding Nemo, Flightplan, The Incredibles, The Lord of The Rings Trilogy, Lord of War, The Matrix, Monsters, Inc., Old School, Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl, Polar Express

For ambitious Easter Egg hunters, BLOCKBUSTER Online has a section on its web site devoted to more than 150 popular films that feature the special features and footage.


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