Company Touts Low-Cost Facial Recognition

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Security experts have long predicted that personal identification technologies such facial recognition software would someday replace passwords in the common business setting, and one firm is betting that the availability of cheap, effective hardware, along with its software, is making such systems more practical today.

Known as Sensible Vision, the company introduced a new product dubbed FastAccess that promises to deliver facial recognition identification to any Windows PC for $99 per user, plus the cost of a $25 USB camera it sell as part of the package.

While most people might doubt the ability of a low-end USB camera plugged into a PC to work consistently and effectively as a secure means of logging onto a corporate network, early testers of the program say it does work sufficiently well enough for them to recommend it.

Sensible Vision claims that its setup correctly identifies people in less than 2 seconds at least 75 percent of the time.

Source: eWeek


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  1. Menachem Sharron Says:

    Can you provide me more details on Sensible Vision?

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